Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 31.4

Around 3am, Millsap felt familiar hands upon his torso. Soft hands. Cami’s hands.

Moaning with need even as he stirred from his slumber, Millsap pulled her closer to him on the sofa bed. “I love you, my queen,” he said in the dark room. His own hands touched her high. Low.

“I love you, too,” Cami replied in a whisper. “Now keep your voice down.”

Millsap’s hands stilled as he suddenly realized where they were. “You can’t be in here, baby,” he whispered, now fully alert. He moved backwards a bit, putting some needed distance between them.

“I need you, baby.” Cami moved closer, reaching for him again.

Millsap moaned as she touched him low this time. “I need you, too, but we can’t disrespect your daddy’s house like this,” he replied, removing her frisky hands from his body and holding them for safekeeping.

“He won’t know. He’s asleep,” Cami negotiated, needing to feel something good instead of all the bad things currently going through her head about her mother.

I’ll know,” Millsap insisted. “Now go back to bed, Cami, before we blow this good thing we just established with your daddy.”


“But nothing. Gone back to bed, woman,” Millsap interrupted, before she actually convinced him to take her right now. Especially since he desperately wanted to. “I promise I’ll hook you up with what we both need on Sunday, a’ight?” he added, finally releasing her hands.

Cami took a deep breath and blew out some of her frustration. “All right. I’ll go. But the least you can do is give me a kiss.” Even as she spoke, she reached into the top of her pink satin gown, retrieved the two soft peppermints she’d hidden there and popped one into her mouth. The other one went in his.

“Sure,” Millsap said, speaking around the small mint he’d been given to combat morning breath. “We kiss standing up though,” he replied, fully aware of what she had in mind. Like Cami, he knew that if they started kissing on this bed, they would end up doing more than that on this bed. He couldn’t allow that, no matter how much he wanted it.

Cami sucked air through her teeth in frustration. “Okay,” she replied, willing to settle for anything right now. Then she exited the sofa bed and stood to her feet.

Standing to his feet soon thereafter, Millsap kept the kiss short and sweet, frustrating Cami all the more. He chuckled, pleased to see her so riled up with desire, so ready to break a rule for him even though it was not required.

Unfortunately, Millsap was too wrapped up in his own passionate thoughts to discern what else was motivating Cami’s deep need to give and receive pleasure tonight. If he had, he would have turned on the nearest light and urged her to spill the contents of her heavy heart.

Then with a light tap on her satin covered bottom, Millsap bid Cami goodnight.

Unknown to either of them, Frank had been listening to their exchange via his slightly ajar bedroom door. Had been ever since he heard Cami stirring in the room next to his and then exit it.

What Frank heard had brought a frown and a smile on his face. The frown had been because Cami was still up to some of her old tricks by trying to seduce a man right under his roof. The smile was because that man stood strong against temptation and insisted that his daughter adhere to the rules of the house.

I sure hope he becomes my son-in-law one day, Frank mused, liking Millsap all the more as he eased his door closed before Cami entered the hallway again. What father wouldn’t like a man that was so capable of helping his rebellious daughter stay on the right path?

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Jrboss said...

Another 10 pts.for Millsap. Way to get

Paula said...


But, I wish men would be more perceptive of their women behavior. I am a firm believer that people's actions speaks louder than words.

PS. On another note.....

I wanted to share something that I heard this morning on the Steve Harvey Morning Show here in Tampa, FL.

He said that a man is supposed to Provide, Prosper and Protect.

Do you guys agree that this is true of a man?

I believe it to be true and Suprina has given us all 3p's in Millsap.

**Just wanted to share a bit of knowledge coming from a man**

Suprina said...

Jrboss: I'm with you. Millsap doing the dang thing. lol.

Paula: First of all, I LOOOOVE Steve Harvey. Secondly, I agree wholeheartedly with what he said. The only thing I would add is for the man to do those very 3 things on a spiritual level as well. You know, be their women's spiritual covering in every sense of the word.

And yes, Millsap got all 3p's in my opinion.

Thanks for dropping that knowledge on us. I, for one, appreciate all the wisdom and knowledge I can get.


Joy said...

Hay everyone,
I am really liking Millsap at this point to. I love a person who is honest and straight forward. Once he embraced the truth about how he felt about Cami, he just became a more likeable person.

I agree I think that a man should Provide, Prosper and Protect. However I do not belive that that is all a man needs to do in order to have a successful relationship with a woman. There are some men that feel as long as they provide a good home, and a safe environment for thier family that there job is done. (Unfortunately, alot of women accept this too) But I think there is so much more. Quite frankly... providing, prospering, and protecting is a whole lot easier then. Listening, communicating, and understanding.

God Bless