Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 31.1

Frank watched Cami and her new beau interact over dinner. A dinner that Cami cooked for everyone with the groceries that she and Millsap had gotten from the store after leaving the airport.

The first thing Frank noticed was their potent attraction. Although he’d seen plenty of men lust after his daughter (even some of his now former friends) on account of her extraordinary beauty, Frank had never seen Cami lusting after a man before. At least not to this degree.

Every time Cami looked at Millsap, her eyes blazed with desire. She did her best to hide it by focusing most of her attention on Little Man, but whenever her eyes returned to Millsap, there was undeniable heat present. There was also an abundance of love and not just on Cami’s end either.

He loves her, too, Frank realized, seeing the potent love in Millsap’s eyes even now as the young man’s gaze settled upon Cami and softened with a smile.

And that nickname Millsap had given Cami.

That nickname almost had Frank’s eyes welling up with tears. He never thought he’d live to see the day when a man called his unruly daughter ‘Queen’. And Millsap said it with such conviction, too, as if he really meant. As if he really saw Cami as his queen.

He did.

“Cami, who taught you how to cook such delicious crab cakes?” Frank asked, thoroughly enjoying his meal as well as the new revelation he’d just had.

Cami smiled. “Mama Ingram. The secret is to use three different kinds of crabmeat.”

“I have to remember that,” Frank replied, looking impressed by his daughter once again. “Now tell me more about this business you’ve started.”

As Cami began to talk animatedly about her event planning business, she actually saw tears well up in her father’s eyes. Tears!

Cami had never, ever seen her father cry before. Not even while he was going through that cancer scare a few years back. If staying on the right track created this kind of closeness with her father, this kind of approval, Cami never wanted to get off track again.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

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