Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 30.3

“Hey, Millsap. Hey, Mama!” Little Man greeted cheerfully, giving Cami a hug with one hand while waving at her new beau with the other.

“Hey, Lil Homie,” Millsap said, removing suitcases, shopping bags, and grocery bags from the trunk. He sat them one by one on the manicured lawn beside the car.

“Hey, baby.” Cami squeezed her son close. “And how are you doing?” She withdrew to get a good look at him from head to toe.

“I’m fine,” Little Man replied with a smile. “Growed another half an inch.”

“I can see that.” Cami nodded, her eyes welling up with tears.

“Don’t cry, Mama,” Little Man soothed, instantly hugging her close again with both hands this time.

At those words, Millsap paused from his unloading and looked their way. “You all right, baby?”

“Yes.” Cami nodded, blinking her eyes free. “I was just caught up in the joy of seeing my son again, that’s all.”

Millsap and Little Man shared a knowing look. They both had the innate ability to pick up on Cami’s moods, which means they also knew that she was only telling a half-truth. That some of Cami’s tears were tears of sorrow because she was missing out on so much of her son’s life, including his growth spurts.

“I’m fine now,” Cami continued, trying to reassure her concerned menfolk.

“Hello, Cami,” Frank suddenly said from behind them.

Pulling herself together for real now, Cami withdrew from Little Man and slowly turned around to greet her father. Nothing could have prepared her for what happened next.

Not only did Frank look at Cami as if he was extremely proud of her, but he actually pulled her into his arms for a warm hug. A hug! Something that she hadn’t gotten from her father in years.


Cami was officially a goner at this point. The tears flowed freely down her cheeks. Her body trembled like a leaf as her father held her like a precious treasure in his arms. She couldn’t even bid Frank hello in return due to her current emotional state. All Cami could do was just cling to her father, relishing this unexpected display of affection.

Those steady child support checks, regular phone calls, and active participation in Little Man’s everyday life even from afar had all softened Frank’s heart towards Cami. The fact that she had held down not just one job, but two and for this long was an added boon in her favor.

Millsap and Little Man stood quietly in the background with wide smiles on their faces. What a great way to start off a visit!

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

Sorry about the slower posting, but these are all new scenes. I have to write, research and then edit before I post...so there you have it.

Be back with more once I'm done.


PS. For those subscribed to the blog feed, would you rather read the full posts via email or on the blog where you can see the comments and respond to them? Just wondering.

Suprina said...

Chapter 31 is now written, but not edited. My eyes are tired, so I'm going to go to bed early. Come daylight (in my part of the world) I will edit that chapter and post it for your enjoyment.


Anonymous said...

Shoot! Suprina, no fair getting me all emotional this early in the morning!! I absolutely loooo-ved the interaction with cami and Millsap, they seem to get along so well and their conversation is fun and flowing!! What made the tears well up in my eyes was the scene first with her boy then with her daddy. Uh-uh girl…you can’t have a sista’ all taery and thangs early in the morning like this! That was soo sweet! But I was nervous when daddy started asking himself about Millsap’s occupation…if he ever finds out will he find it in him to forgive and understand or will this cause additional friction again??? Yikes!!! I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy that cami sincerely loves her son because that is the major thing that spurred on all this positive change in her….
I’m also soooooooooo glad that cami is starting to dress more respectable and all, y’know…? That dress was cute and I love how you add images and all to your blogs suprina, it’s always fun seeing outfits cars, and all that good stuff!! LOL!!!

When i subscribe, i'd actually love receiving it by email where i can make my comments and go over into blog where i can paste and also read other comments! why? it helps cuz at work our internet activity is now being monitored (that gets me sooo mad but organization policies are what they are) sooooooooo it's easier for me to read at leisure from my yahoo account then after writing my comments quickly go into blog and respond....if this is a future option that's cool idea!

Lovin’ every blog, sharon

Jrboss said...

Girlll, you had a sista tearing up. I had to swipe away a few tears there. Anyhoo, I'd prefer to read it on the blog and see the comments but I'm open to anything.

Suprina said...

Jrboss: I'm responding to your comments first since Sharon's is much longer and requires more time.

Yes, those were emotional scenes. I didn't realize how much until you guys said something. I was just so focused on writing it that I kinda had my emotions turned on low just to get it all out of me. Otherwise I'd be bawling at the computer again. lol.

As for reading the story on the blog or via email, do what works best for you. Some people like Sharon are unable to stay on the blog long and thus should read it via email. What do I prefer? I prefer everybody come to the blog (where they can read all the comments and look at all the pictures firsthand), but I understand about work issues, so again, do what works best for you.

Sharon: It couldn't be helped, girl. A sista was t-i-r-e-d earlier today. Would have made too many mistakes had I stayed on any longer. This story is too precious to me to screw it up. Plus, y'all deserve my best efforts.

Oh yes, that interaction with Cami and Millsap was great. The scene with her son and daddy was a tear-jerker. Even more than I thought it would be (see my comments to Jrboss above).

Dad finding out the truth about Millsap is gonna be a dilemma...much later though. Much later.

Cami always had mad love for her son, she just didn't know how to show that love like she should before. But after being around a good mother like Delia and then after being locked away from her son for so long, she is more willing to try harder.

You liked that dress Cami was rocking? Me, too. I love adding images and sound to the blog because it enhances the story so much.

About subscribing to the blog, I've decided to let it be a full posts via email instead of the shorts versions for people in your situation. Just don't stop coming to the blog (even briefly) to commment, okay? That's the best part of the fun for authors - reader feedback.


Carmel Beauty said...

I have had a long hard day week month and your story has given me a much needed stress reliever. Thank you. Now you got me crying because I could almost feel the love in that hug.

Suprina said...

Carmel B: Your comments are part of the reason I believe I'm called to this unique ministry. We all need positive stress relievers in this day and age. Especially since there are too many negative things to cling to in today's society.

Y'all keep it up and you gone have me bawling for real...about your wonderful comments.