Monday, October 13, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 30.2

“That black Beemer Mama just pulled up in is flyyyy!” Little Man said excitedly as he and his grandfather stood in front of the large picture window, watching their new arrivals stop in front of the house and park.

“Excuse me?” Frank asked in a stern tone.

Little Man nodded and looked up at his grandfather. “I meant to say that black BMW sedan Mama just pulled up in is great. It’s from the 760Li class, right?” he quickly amended.

Frank smiled with approval. “Yes, it is, grandson. That class of BMW has a V-12 engine and 438 horsepower to boot.” It’s also very expensive, he added to himself, estimating the price tag somewhere in the hundred thousands.

Now Frank started to wonder how prosperous Millsap really was to be able to afford to even rent a car like that. Okay, what does he do for a living again? he mused, trying to make sure Cami wasn’t bringing some drug dealer to his home again. Especially since he knew how attracted she’d always been to men with fast money.

Frank sighed with relief as he quickly recalled Cami mentioning that her new beau owned some nightclubs and a lot of real estate. If he only knew where Millsap still got most of his money from.

“Mama looks good, doesn’t she?” Little Man asked, turning back to the window as his mother exited the vehicle and headed for the trunk.

“Yes, she does,” Frank agreed, noting how elegantly Cami looked in the toffee-colored turtleneck sweater dress she had on. Not an ounce of unnecessary flesh was showing on her body. His heart swelled with pride. His wayward little girl was finally turning into a respectable lady.

Frank also noticed the fact that a black suit wearing Millsap had walked around the car and opened the passenger door for his daughter upon Cami’s exit. A gentleman. That’s always a good side in a potential son-in-law, he mused, heading for the door. It was time to greet their guests.

Little Man was already three steps ahead of Frank. So excited to hug his mother, he’d run outside to greet her and Millsap after his last comment.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

* * *

To see the car Cami and Millsap rode in (except theirs was black):

To see Cami’s dress (except hers was toffee-colored):


Suprina said...

Going to take a break now. Need to eat dinner and just chill with hubby for a while.

Be back around 10 or 11pm my time.


Jrboss said...

That was a bad dress Cami had on. I'm so happy and proud of the progress she has made.

Suprina said...

Jrboss: That was a bad dress Cami had on. Fierce!

I'm right proud of her myself.