Monday, October 13, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 29.4

On Friday, Millsap spent a quiet evening at Cami’s now fully furnished place. Besides making fervent love twice in her new cherry wood high-post bed, they didn’t do anything else exciting. Instead they simply enjoyed each other’s company over takeout food and watched a couple of hours of cable television.

Around 10pm, Millsap took another shower, dressed in the changing clothes he’d brought over and hung up in the second closet that was designated his, and then made ready for the club. He was hanging out with his friends tonight.

“I have only one complaint about you going to the club tonight,” Cami said, lounging on the bed watching him try to tame his long locks with a thick black rubber band.

Millsap turned away from the mirrored dresser to look at her. “And that complaint is?” he inquired with a raised left brow.

Was Cami about to turn into a nag already? Was she going to be like some other women and try to limit the amount of time he spent with his friends?

“That you ditch that Mr. Wrestler #2 belt.” Cami chuckled, sitting upright in bed. “That gold buckle is so big that it looks like you just won a world championship title or something.”

Though shock initially entered Millsap’s eyes, his funny bone quickly took over, causing him to throw his head back and laugh. Oh, how he loved Cami’s sense of humor. Oh, how he loved all that was her.

“Whatcha know about Mr. Wrestler #2?” Millsap replied, chuckling in between words. And yes, his oval-shaped belt buckle was a bit too big for the outfit he was wearing tonight.

Cami grinned. “I know that his real name is Johnny Walker and that he is my daddy’s favorite wrestler of all time.”

“Right, right. But he had nothing on Tony Atlas. That was my boy there. Me and my cousin Kenny couldn’t wait to get old enough to have muscles like his.”

“Yeah, Anthony White was fine,” Cami replied, revealing that she knew even more wrestling trivia by calling Tony Atlas by his real name. “I had the biggest crush on him until I saw Hulk Hogan punk him out a few times in the ring.”

“But to his credit, Atlas was the first man to ever press slam and pin Hulk,” Millsap debated good-naturedly, loving this easy rapport between them.

“True that, but Hulk’s foot was on the rope at the time. The referee just didn’t see it,” Cami countered, loving their rapport, as well. Come to think of it, they were fluent in nearly every area of their relationship. The hardest part had been getting together.

Millsap burst out laughing again. “You got me there,” he conceded, removing the belt that started this lively discussion. “I guess you do know a little something-something about wrestling after all.”

“I couldn’t help but know about wrestling.” Cami laughed. “My father took me to every major match in the city during my visits and we watched it on TV all the time. That’s probably why I’m so attracted to men with big muscles.”

“That you are,” Millsap replied huskily, remembering how she’d traced his chest muscles with her tongue earlier. Now he may never give up weightlifting. “Who’s your favorite wrestler now?” he asked, walking to the second closet to exchange the belt in his hand for another.

“I’m still kinda hooked on The Rock, although he hasn’t wrestled in years.”

“Dwayne Johnson is cool,” Millsap replied, calling The Rock by his real name. “Even I was going around quoting that crazy slogan he used to say all the time.” He grinned.

“Me, too.” Cami chuckled, springing to her feet. “Let me see how it went.” She paused briefly to get in character. Then she said, “If ya smelllllll…what The Rock…is cooking!”

Millsap threw his head back again and laughed until it hurt this time. The sight of Cami standing there in a black lacy bra and tanga set, acting like her favorite wrestler, complete with the trademark rolling of the L’s and the one arched brow at the end was hilarious. Beyond hilarious.

Cami couldn’t help but laugh, too. The sound of their joint mirth filled the room just as much as their cries of passion had earlier.

“Girl, you are truly a trip,” Millsap said, bringing his chuckles to a satisfied end as he moved to hug her. “Sexy as all get out, too.” He tapped her lightly on the bottom before giving her an affectionate squeeze there. “I should be back home no later than 4am, okay? Then if you’re up for it, we can do a little wrestling of our own on them sheets over there.”

“Oh, I’ll definitely be up for it,” Cami replied, thrilled that he’d called her place home. She offered her lips to him for a goodnight kiss.

If that kiss wasn’t enough to make Millsap second guess his decision to hang out with the boys tonight, the sight of Cami’s onion in that tanga as she walked back to the bed was. That flimsy piece of material barely covered the top of her generous derriere, which left plenty of jiggling room at the bottom.

Though tempted to stay, Millsap decided to keep his word to his friends after all. However, he made up his mind to end the evening a few hours earlier than expected. The sooner he got back to Cami, the sooner he could rip that bra and tanga off her body and get to the supple treats underneath.

Who cares that that lingerie set cost him just over five hundred dollars at a fancy boutique in town? Millsap could afford to replace it several times over…and would tomorrow.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

* * *

To hear The Rock’s famous slogan:


Suprina said...

*Insider secrets*

1. I am the one with the childhood crush on Tony Atlas. lol.

2. I am also the one that loves loves wrestling period. The old wrestling, not the new over-the-top stuff they have out now that reminds me of a soap opera. ):P


See y'all later this afternoon. Going to bed now. Hopefully that was enough posts to hold the ones that like to read over breakfast (I remember Carmel B). *smile*


Paula said...

I love how easy they are able to communicate together. They have a lot in common and that is a good thing to have in a relationship. I also like the way Cami did not directly try to get him to change his mind about hanging out with his friends.

Cami wanted him to stay home with her and not got to the club. She started out by using his belt as an avenue to get him so caught up that he would stay. Then she turned on the charm with a subtle sexual advance.

Doesn't she remind you guys of Aisha and Bonz? Remember Aisha had his nose so open that he was not going out much with his friends. LOL

Thanks for the early post.

Carrie said...

I feel ya Sis, but you will be in me and Rocks wedding, and we'll make sure Tony Atlas is there. LOL. I've been up since 3:30 this so you go ahead and get a nap. I'll be anxiously awaiting your return. (smile)

Jrboss said...

Girllll, wrestling is my thing. My husband got me back involved when we married years ago. We would take our two girls as babies to main event matches. They love wrestling too.

My favorite old school wrestler was JUNK YARD DOGGGGG. Now he was the hero of my youthful days and he was from Mississippi so to me he was family.

Girl, don't get me talking about wrestling. That's my passion.

Suprina said...

Paula: Yes, Millsap and Cami have quite a rapport. And yes, Cami did want him to stay home with her and not got to the club...or at least come home early. I was wondering if anybody else picked that up. lol. That sista was smooth with the charm this time, wasn't she? And it was actually genuine. She really does like wrestling and that belt buckle really was too big.

Aisha and Cami have a lot of similarities. That's probably why they didn't get along so well at first. Too much alike. One main difference though - Aisha's self-esteem was much higher.


P.S. You're welcome about the early posts.

Suprina said...

Carrie: You are wild, girl!

Jrboss: Nice to meet another wrestling fan. lol. I asked my hubby about JUNK YARD DOGGGGG (since I wasn't a fan of his)and he was feeling him too. Told me JYD was the bomb! If hubby says it, then it must be true because he's a bigger wrestling fan than me.


Carmel Beauty said...

I am so flattered that you remembered about me. (BIG kool-aid smile) Good posts girl I am throughly addicted you got my husband talking about me but happy at the same time from all the great ideas. :-)

Suprina said...

Carmel B: I remember a lot of things about my readers as I do all my friends, on and offline.

You hubby talking about you? Because you're on the computer so much? lol. Join the team.

Good you're appeasing him with those great ideas so he can't stay too mad. lol. There are more to come.


Subrina said...

I was a wrestling fan back in the 80's & 90's but this stuff there showing on tv is a soap opera like Suprina says so I don't watch it anymore. My favorite wrestlers were Ric Flair, Tommy Rich, The Anderson Brothers, Sting, I like the Junkyard Dogg too plus I can't forget the 4 Horsemen who I loved to's a bonus to have alot in common with the man or woman you love especially when both of you don't mind getting your clown on (like I do)...It's the simple things like that makes you love that person more and more. Carrie you must mean that you're coming to me and Rock the best woman win...rofl...Just kidding.

Suprina said...

Subrina: Girl, you named some folks up in that response. Wow! I forgot all about The Anderson Brothers and Rich Flair. What?! Tommy Rich. What?! LOL. Girl, I loved all those guys.

I agree that the simple things mean the most in a love relationship. Good call, Subrina.


P.S. Don't be inciting a blog riot over The Rock now. lol. That man was too cute for words, which means you'll probably have to fight a line of women (not just Carrie) to get next to him. LOL! Thanks for the laugh, girl.