Monday, October 13, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 29.3

The day Cami and Millsap went to select bedroom furniture for her new house; they ran into none other than Leza. She worked at the upscale furniture store they’d chosen to peruse today.

“I didn’t know she worked here, baby. We can go to another store if you want,” Millsap said as soon as he saw Leza making her way towards them.

“No. I want to look around here first. See what they got,” Cami replied, even though she knew she was not going to buy anything from a place that employed one of her former rivals. Leza didn’t have to know that though.

Leza eventually got the message after Cami spent the next forty-five minutes pretending to be interested in bedroom furnishings only to leave the store empty-handed. She might have stayed longer to rub Leza’s nose in her victory had Millsap not put a stop to her peacocking by suggesting they look elsewhere.

Just outside the store, Millsap pulled Cami aside for a brief talk. “I understand your need to gloat and all, baby, but I’m a very busy man. I don’t have almost an hour to waste trying to make an ex-flame jealous. You’ll do well to remember that the next time we run into one of my exes. Okay?” he said in a stern, yet discreet voice.

“Okay, Millsap,” Cami replied humbly, not feeling so victorious now. Her cheeks burned with embarrassment at the knowledge that Leza was probably watching her get reprimanded right now.

“Good.” Millsap smiled. “Now come give your man a kiss so we can make that heifer jealous one more time before we go,” he added, promptly restoring Cami’s victory and her smile.

Their kiss was long. Deep. Hotter than the Fourth of July. Leza was quickly forgotten as Cami and Millsap melted into each other right there on the sidewalk.

“Get a room!” someone shouted from a passing car.

“That’s not a bad idea,” Millsap said, after reluctantly breaking the kiss.

“What’s not a bad idea?” Cami asked breathlessly, still trying to get her bearings back after that hot smooch.

“Us going to get a room.” Millsap kept one arm about her waist as he escorted her to his car.

“I thought you were a very busy man,” Cami teased.

“I am.” Millsap grinned. “But there’s always time for productive tasks. And sex with you is always productive,” he added, reaching down to squeeze her bottom.

Cami moaned. “I know that’s right,” she replied, ready for whatever he had in mind.

Millsap was about to respond with something sensual when a passerby stopped and asked him the usual question that most strangers did – ‘What gym are you a member of?’ – on account of his outstanding muscular frame.

* * *

Back inside the store, Leza fumed with jealousy after witnessing that tender moment between Millsap and Cami on the sidewalk.

I hate her! she thought, projecting her anger solely towards the woman and ignoring the man’s part in her ire like many misguided women before her had done.

If the truth be known, Leza hated a lot of things these days. She hated her boring new job, her difficult new classes, and the fact that Cami still got Millsap in the end. Leza especially hated that there wasn’t anything that she could do about any of those things...right now.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Paula said...

Oh how men should not play with a woman scorned.

Leza is back and out for blood. She is in the same category as Daysha (OLD CAMI).

This is going to be very interesting to see how my girl eats the Humble Pie.

Carrie said...

First thing, Cami should not have insisted on staying in that store to rub Lezas nose in her good fortune. I would have left immediately, Milsap wouldn't have had to ask. She needs to know that he who laughs last laughs loudest.

Secondly, I give kudos to Milsap for getting on her about that. He peeped her game and was right on time with the reprimand because she was down right wrong. She needs to know that she is not out of the line of fire just yet, especially with that warning that he just gave her about losing it all.

Third and last- For every new level there's a new devil. There are a lot of women from his past that still care about him. On one hand you have Daysha, and on the other there's Leza and both of them hate her guts. She needs to get her nose out of the air and watch her back. It's to soon to do a victory dance.

Anonymous said...

Hello Suprina,
I was just going to say concerning these two…BOUT TIME!!!

I knew all it’d take for Millsap to see some light is another man tryna’ to “holla” at Cami.
Served him rite, see how fast this brotha’ changed his sorry song? LOL!!!

But I understand that he was very wary of having her as his main woman and I also think that Cami realizes that she is on trail and that she needs to put her best foot forward…and keep it there. Let’s just hope she does just…but I know something serious is going to go down for her to come lookin’ for the Lord but maybe it’ll be like for Autumn, the abundance of good things in her life brings her to awreness of the very hand of God in her life…so it’s going to be neat seeing how this sista is gonna meet her maker…..

Millsap is turning out to be just the gentleman ain’t he? and so generous to boot....Sweeee-eeet.
But suprina always has her men generous and that is soooo refreshing and endearing to read about. if a man loves a woman he should be free to treat her rite...rite?!!
Proposing to help her start a businees of her own, shows that he recognizes her talents and believes in them. He got a brownie point in my book there.

Daysha and Leza are makin’ me nervous………

All the help Mike-Mike is giving these two makes me want to see some good for him!!! When is he and Tonja gonna declare their love for each other already?!

Franco sounds like the perfect negligent father, only interested in getting his freak on forgetting that that act is producing more kids then he can handle. How many kids does he have by the way?!! Sheesh!! he’s making me mad, I know how it is to be at an event hoping your parent is gonna show up like other parents are for your friends but no show, only ;ame excuses when one gets home…. Noone to cheer you on or praise you when you need it is never good for a child so I’m glad he was smart enuff to take Mike-Mike’s good advice.


Jrboss said...

Sorry Leza

Suprina said...

Paula: You're going to be surprised by what I do with Leza.

Carrie: Great quote, "She needs to know that he who laughs last laughs loudest."

Yes, Millsap recognized what she was doing from the jump. And he was fine with it for the most part until Cami went on for too long. I like how he gave her one last victory after his reprimand. Now that's a man after my own heart.

And yes, it is too soon to do a victory dance. Much too soon.

Jrboss: I kinda feel a little sorry for Leza, too, even though she sowed into her own misery.

Suprina said...

Sharon: Yes, it is about time those two got together. But why must some men be motivated by competition in order to get the woman they know they wanted all along?

Yes, Cami is on trial basis due to her past. She intends to put her best foot forward, but remember, she is her mother's daughter (spoiler).

Sadly, everybody don't get saved like Autumn, who was converted simply by all the great things that were happening to her. Some people have to go through the fire before they reach out to God.

Millsap is a gentleman and very generous. The reason I have all my male characters so generous is due to my hubby. He's like that with me, is even quite willing to turn over his whole paycheck. Keep in mind that I had to EARN such trust over the years by showing him how trustworthy I was and by showing him how much of a good steward I could be with that money and his heart. In short, the brotha ain't stupid. He would have NEVA extended such privileges to me if I was materialistic and disloyal.

Millsap got mad brownie points for helping Cami start a business.

Daysha and Leza SHOULD make you nervous, especially DAYSHA (spoiler).

I got something great in store for Mike-Mike, but it comes after something not so great. Bomber. In the end, he'll be all right though. They all will.

That scene with Franco and Mike-Mike was newly minted. It wasn't in the original plot. Just as the story is evolving online, I realized that I needed to explain why Franco is MIA all the time and why he's such a negligent father.

How many kids DOES Franco have?! Let me check my notes right quick.

The man has TEN kids! That is a 'sheesh' moment.

Btw, I wrote that scene out of my own pain. I don't know who my father is, as I've said many times on the blog, and so that was a void at my athletic events. Combine that with the fact that my mother didn't deem it important enough to show up either and there you have it - straight pain and disappointment.

I WISH somebody had pulled either parent aside and told them to step up their game.

Thank God I was a different kind of parent to my children. Even when I was sick, I still tried to show up for their special events.


Joy said...

Two things:
I know Cami deserved the reprimand for her behavior in the store, she was definitely over the top, but the way Millsay did it makes me feel rather uncomfortabel. I guess I like to know that my relationships are equitable. If you can get on me when I am wrong, then I can get on you when you are wrong. But with Cami trying to keep her 'only squeeze' status, I just wonder how equitable things are going to be.

second thing....

Suprina says: "But why must some men be motivated by competition in order to get the woman they know they wanted all along?"

AMEN!!! Prina, that REALLY bothers me too!

All this competition between Cami, Daysha, and Leza is leaving a sour taste in my mouth. When I am in a relationship with someone I want to feel safe and comfortable in that love. I don't want to wake up each day afraid I might loose them and ready to fight the next woman that looks the wrong way. To much work.

And to Leza and Daysha...

God bless