Monday, October 13, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 29.2

Cami found herself overwhelmed with emotion during the tour of the inside of the house. All the baskets, the architectural treasures discovered within the home, and the spacious floor plan had her teary-eyed on more than on occasion. Yet it was the brand new washer and dryer that finally sent her over the edge.

What hadn’t the man thought of today?!

Instead of outright bawling at his thoughtfulness, Cami flung her arms about Millsap’s neck and literally attacked him with passion right there in the large laundry room. Loud moans and groans echoed in the empty house as they made fervent love atop of the front loading washer.

When their passion was sated, Millsap carried Cami to the master suite’s bathroom. There they had a refreshing shower thanks to his forethought to have all the utilities on and a basket full of towels and toiletries handy. Millsap even thought to have a change of clothes waiting for them in the closet just in case passion arose during their visit, complete with new underwear. An air mattress was in the other walk-in closet, just waiting to be pumped up if necessary.

Again, what hadn’t the man thought of today?

“Answer me this,” Cami said as they dressed in their new garments in the bedroom. “If you had this place all along, why didn’t you just rent it to me? You knew I was looking for a house for me and Little Man. You had to know how hard it was for me to find one with my criminal record.” She adjusted the straps of her new lacy black teddy upon her shoulders, amazed that he’d gotten the right size without her having to tell him.

“I didn’t trust you, first of all,” a shirtless Millsap replied truthfully, zipping up his new semi-baggy designer jeans. “I still have trouble trying to separate the new Cami from the conniving old one sometimes. So why would I rent any of my properties to someone I didn’t trust? Secondly, even with both your jobs, I knew you couldn’t afford to live here. As you can see this is a very nice neighborhood. Rent ain’t cheap around here.”

“If I don’t do anything else, I’m going to prove to you that you can trust me in every way,” Cami promised, moving to drape her arms about his strong neck.

“You better, Cami, or all of this is gonna go away,” Millsap told her in a somber tone and with an intent stare. “And I mean all of it.”

Cami nodded. She understood that she had to prove herself in this relationship. That he’d taken a great leap of faith to settle down with one woman only and especially one with her track record.

“I won’t let you down, baby,” Cami replied, laying another promise on him and a warm smack on the lips before moving to put on her red silk dress.

Millsap smiled. “That’s what a brotha likes to hear. Now about your car.”

“What about my car?” Cami turned to look at him again.

“I ain’t mad at your Honda or anything. But any woman of mine got to floss a little better than that. So when we’re done here, we need to ease on over to Mike-Mike’s car lot and get you something real nice.”

Cami’s eyes bucked. “I’m getting a new car today, too? A Lexus?” she asked, fully aware of the brand of cars Mike-Mike sold at his dealership since that’s where Tonja’s new car had come from.

“Yes, on both accounts.” Millsap chuckled at Cami’s excited reaction, continuing to love every second of surprising her today. Pleasing her had brought him unbelievable pleasure, as well.

Cami squealed with delight. “Does it matter which kind I get?”

“No. Mike-Mike got all kinds. Sedans, coupes, utility or hybrids. Just pick out the one you feel the most comfortable in.”

Cami squealed again and then attacked him all over again. No time to pump up the air mattress. She cow-girled him right there on the plush bedroom carpet.

Unfortunately, they didn’t make it to the car lot before it closed for business that day. Yet because they knew the owner, Cami was still able to drive her new vehicle off the lot and park it in the driveway of her new home that day. Per Millsap’s suggestion, her old car was given to charity for a needy family to use.

The only thing Cami needed to do now was pick out furniture for her new house and fill out a change of address form. Interestingly enough, not doing the latter right away was going to save her a world of trouble.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Paula said...

Dang, a house and a Lexus.

I am not liking Millsap statement at all. He will take all of the possessions he gave Cami away. Now this is where I get upset about the things women let men do for them and to them.

1. He has now bought her everything she owns.

2. He has rules that will allow her to keep or loose these possessions.

3. She let him give her car to charity and bought her a new one.

Questions for women:

1. Why do you allow a man to own you by possessions?

2. Is it such a bad thing with being a little independent?

3. What is going to happen when he takes everything away and you are left with no home or car? (I know Cami still has a place to go, but she has no car)

Carrie said...

He thought of everything that would make a sister happy. There's no way I would mess that up, but then again ????

Jrboss said...

Dang, I need a Millsap...LOL

Suprina said...

Paula: You have just touched on a BIG issue that I'm going to cover in this book. It was nice of Millsap to bless her with all the goodies, but Cami should have insisted that he sign over some things so that SHE would have ownership and not HIM.

Carrie: Yes, he thought of everything. And I'm truly happy for Cami, but I wish she was being a little wiser in accepting it (see my comment to Paula above). I could have made her wiser, but that would have diluted the message I'm trying to send in order to help other women AVOID this trap.

Jrboss: LOL!!! I hear ya, girl.


Joy said...

I have to agree with Paula on this one too. I love what Millsap is doing, but I can't stand gifts with strings.. that is bondage! I don't like bondage.

Quite frankly, despite how tempting it all looks I would back away and say... "if it is not a out right gift... I don't want it" and even then I would still be uncomfortable.

But for Cami, that is what she was after in the first place. A man with money to fund her lifestyle, she just got LOVE as an added bennefit.

God Bless