Monday, October 13, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 29.1

Cami initially thought she would live with Millsap in his luxury apartment now that she was his woman. She soon discovered differently, spending a total of three days at that location before he moved her into one of his other properties.

Millsap set Cami up in a charming three-bedroom ranch-styled house in a suburban area of Enfield. The neighborhood was friendly and welcoming. The schools zoned for that area had the highest test scores in the whole city.

“This is the perfect place for me and Little Man,” Cami said, looking at Millsap with tears of joy in her eyes after dragging her gaze from the manicured lawn of the brick home.

Millsap smiled. “I thought it would be,” he replied, removing the keys from the car’s ignition. “Ready to go inside and see just how perfect it is?”

“You bet!” Cami said excitedly, hurrying to get out of her seatbelt. “But first I need to give you this,” she added, and then leaned over to give him a deep kiss right there in the car. Right there in broad daylight for all the neighbors to see.

“Thanks, baby,” Cami said when the long kiss ended. “Now let’s go see my new house!” She reached for the door handle.

“Here,” a breathless Millsap said, handing her the house keys from his right pocket. “You go in first. I need another five minutes or so to calm down.”

Cami’s eyes quickly traveled down his body. “Sorry ‘bout that.” She laughed.

“Sure you are.” Millsap chuckled.

“Want me to stay here and wait for you to pull yourself back together?”

“No.” Millsap adamantly shook his head. “The only way I’m gonna be able to calm all the way down is for you to be far, far away from me.” He chuckled again. “So skedaddle, my queen. I’ll be in shortly,” he concluded, leaning away from her even as he spoke.

Cami laughed even harder at the way he posted up against the driver’s side door, like he was afraid of her or something. Or rather afraid of what he might do to her out here in full view of neighboring houses if she didn’t put some needed distance between them.

“You’re a mess, man.” Cami grinned. Then after finally receiving the house keys, Cami opened the passenger door and exited the vehicle alone, oblivious to the sly smile on Millsap’s face.

Ten, nine, eight, he started to count as Cami turned the key in the door.

Seven, six, five, he continued when she swung the front door open.

Four, three, two, one, Millsap concluded, ending his count just as a loud squeal of delight resonated from the house.

Cami had seen it.

It was a welcome home basket full of long stemmed red roses, a bottle of expensive wine, and various picnic items.

And that’s just the first basket, my queen. Millsap grinned knowingly from his place in the car. There were baskets in every room of that house. All had something different inside for the new occupant.

Within seconds, Cami was back at the front door. “Get in here, you wonderful man, you,” she beckoned excitedly with her words and her waving hands.

Chuckling, Millsap opened the driver’s side door and finally exited the vehicle. I owe you one for this, Tonja, he mused, concerning the woman who’d given him the basket-in-every-room idea.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Paula said...

I am loving the way Millsap is treating Cami.

Carrie said...

My, my, my, we woke with a good start.

Jrboss said...

That was so wonderful of Millsap. I'm so happy for Cami

Suprina said...

Paula, Carrie, and Jrboss: Yep, yep, YEP!

Joy said...

That is really sweet. really romantic. I likes' it.

God Bless