Saturday, October 11, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 28.5

When Millsap made it back to his apartment, he heard the funniest thing. It was the hilarious She’s Your Queen To Be song from the movie Coming to America. The song clip started the second he closed the apartment door.

“What?” Millsap chuckled, loving Cami’s unique sense of humor.

Noting from whence the song resonated, he followed the sound to the bedroom. There he found Cami waiting for him. The fact that she was waiting for him in bed pleased Millsap tremendously. He expected her to be sleep after the fervent morning they’d had and with all the packing she’d done today.

But what pleased Millsap even more was how Cami was waiting for him.

While he was away, she’d gotten a toga-like Egyptian queen costume from somewhere. Upon Cami’s head was a golden tiara-styled crown. In her left hand was a black stereo remote. In the right was another golden crown, a thicker crown…for him.

“Good evening, my queen,” Millsap said huskily after she turned the stereo off with the remote. Just the sight of her in that sexy costume made him want to tear both of their clothes off and get extremely busy.

“Welcome home, my king.” Cami smiled, putting the remote down before rising to her feet with the crown in both hands now. “I hope the banquet went okay, but even if it didn’t, your queen is here to serve you today.” She licked her lips and added, “In every pleasurable way.”

Millsap swallowed over the thick lump in his throat. “If I never tell you this again, know that I am so glad I chose you as my queen.”

“I’m glad you chose me, too.” Cami tiptoed to place the crown on his head. Then she kissed her way down his face after her honorable task was done.

“As for the banquet—” Millsap never got to complete his sentence before Cami reached his lips and literally attacked his mouth.

That kiss was hot. Fervent. Succulent, too.

Cami’s greedy hands roamed Millsap’s torso freely, squeezed his large biceps through his blue dress shirt before working to remove the garment altogether. She had to feel that dark chocolate skin of his. Had to touch all that hardness first hand. Taste it.

Flinging his shirt aside, Cami’s lips descended to Millsap’s torso and beyond. Like a pit-bull, she latched onto key parts of him and didn’t let go until he surrendered to ecstasy.

Howling like a coyote with his head thrown back, Millsap went over the edge quickly in the presence of such fervor. The crown on his head was lopsided by now and his body sagged against the large dresser behind him.

Cami had conquered Millsap with her hands and lips and he knew it. She knew it, too, which would explain the triumphant smile on her face.

“Get your fine self on that bed,” Millsap rasped out, determined to even the playing field even as he fought to bring a sense of equilibrium back to his body. “And take them clothes off while you’re at it. But leave the crown on though. I want to see and hear you scream my name with it on,” he added, reaching into the large box of condoms on the dresser behind him.

“Whatever you say, my king,” Cami replied demurely, standing upright again. Though her words were humble, her eyes were still anything but that. In fact, they were downright prideful about reducing him to putty so fast.

Since pride always comes before a fall, Cami soon found herself humbled to the point of downright whimpering as Millsap brought her to ecstasy twice in ten minutes. And he’d done it with his gentle side, too, saving that thuggish side for her third trip to the mountaintop.

Much later, as they lay in each other’s arms, Millsap told Cami how the banquet had gone today. He omitted any mentioning of Daysha, unaware that in doing so, he would inadvertently feed into Cami’s insecurities and jealousies.

If Millsap had known the damage his omission had caused, he would have told Cami everything, including how he thwarted every attempt Daysha made to get him back.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

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Suprina said...

Okay, that's all the posting for tonight. I'm going to response to comments now.



See you on Monday!

Paula said...

So Millsap's omissions is whats going to cause the problems in their relationship?

Why did he feel he had to omit the Daysha incident?

Suprina said...

Paula: Millsap didn't tell Cami for the following reasons:

1. He didn't want to make a big deal of it and ruin their current good mood by talking about his ex.
2. Because he handled the situation adequately and didn't feel the need to talk about how some woman tried to flirt with him. Especially since he wouldn't be telling Cami about all the other women that come on to him on a daily basis.
3. He didn't want to feed into any of Cami's jealousies, even though that happened anyway.

Btw, I practice #2 myself when it comes to my hubby. I don't tell him every time some man flirts with me, only about the men that get too far out of hand. And then just so that he'll be alert in case those men try to approach me again.

I did have to tell him about a relative of his that stepped out of line once. I needed him to know how disrespectful the man was so he would get him to stop and to explain why I didn't want the man around anymore.


P.S. There were be a lot of things causing problems with Millsap and Cami's relationship. They both will be at fault.