Saturday, October 11, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 28.3

At the banquet, Millsap’s mind kept slipping back to Cami, who’d gone back to the boarding house to collect her things and say affectionate goodbyes. She was moving in with him as of tonight. He gave her a key to the apartment so that she could let herself back in with her belongings while he was away.

Millsap could hardly wait to see Cami again. He’d never met a woman whose stamina and sexual appetite matched his own so perfectly. That had been yet another reason Millsap had relegated himself to the life of a ladies man. He honestly didn’t think one woman could handle him.

Cami could.

Furthermore, Millsap thought that he would only become monogamous if he ever fell in love. But that in doing so, he would have to settle for suppressing his wild side. Now he saw that it was possible to have both – one woman and his sexual needs effectively met. Cami proved that to him.

Now every minute apart from her was torture to him. Millsap could barely concentrate on the special meal that had been prepared for the team and their parents.

“Where your mind at, playa?” Mike-Mike leaned over to whisper to Millsap. He whispered because Daysha was only three people away where she made sure to plant herself today.

“Guess.” Millsap grinned.

Mike-Mike chuckled. “That girl put it on you strong after you left the club last night, huh?”

“Did she ever. This morning, too.” Millsap took a deep breath and blew it out. And although he was tired and in need of a nap right now, he couldn’t wait to get back to Cami so she could put it on him again.

“I ain’t mad at that. This brotha got a little special something last night himself.” Mike-Mike smiled at the memory of his latest tryst with Tonja.

“Coach Millsap, what’s in all those bags on the table?” Daysha asked, breaking into the men’s whispered conversation.

Millsap looked to the left. “Goodies,” he replied, fighting not to frown.

Daysha knew exactly what was in those bags. She was the one that suggested that they have goody bags for the banquet attendees in the first place.

“Goodies?!” the kids at their table echoed excitedly, causing kids from other tables to look their way.

“Yes, goodies. Toys and such for the kids. DVDs, CDs, and gift certificates for the adults,” Millsap expounded, deliberately turning away from the open interest in Daysha’s eyes.

A collective cheer went up from the kids and parents alike.

Millsap and Mike-Mike smiled.

“But no one can touch them until everyone has finished their meals,” Mike-Mike told the crowd, using a technique that he’d learned from his grandmother in order to get kids to clean their plates.

Collective groans resonated now, some even from the adults.

“Groan all you want. But I, for one, am eating all my food because there’s a gift bag over there for me, too,” Millsap said, setting a good example by diving wholeheartedly into his meal.

Thoughts of Cami were put on the backburner for now. But they wouldn’t remain there for long.

* * *

After the banquet, Daysha tried to talk to Millsap alone by his car. But he wasn’t having that. Not today.

Thinking quickly, Millsap motioned for Jeremiah to come over. He intended to give the lad one more hug goodbye and discreetly use him as an impromptu chaperone since Mike-Mike was already gone.

Disappointment shrouded Daysha’s features as her son hurried over.

Millsap smiled on the inside at how he’d thwarted her plans. That stunt Daysha had pulled earlier showed him a side of her that he hadn’t known before. A manipulative side that he didn’t like at all.

Outright lying to get his attention was something Millsap expected from Cami, not Daysha, who’d oozed with class up until now. Now that he knew what Daysha was capable of, he was going to keep his distance from her, despite the fact that he was still so fond of her son. The fact that Millsap had no love for Daysha made it even harder to overlook her manipulative side.

“Coach Millsap, will you be coaching us for basketball?” Jeremiah asked after getting a hug from his mentor.

Daysha smiled at their close bond and at her son’s timely question.

“Mommy told me to ask you that earlier, but I forgot,” Jeremiah continued, inadvertently telling on his mother, causing her smile to freeze on her face.

Millsap smiled on the outside now. It was funny how Daysha kept getting caught in her deception. “I’ll think about it and get back to you,” he told the innocent lad.

“Yes, you do that,” Daysha replied huskily, recovering quickly from her embarrassment.

I know she ain’t trying to seduce me, Millsap mused, smiling at the absurdity of Daysha’s actions as he waved goodbye to them and finally got into his car.

Didn’t she know that Cami had her beat? That the opportunity Daysha had to show herself superior to all his other women in every way was over?

Yes, Daysha knew all that. She just didn’t care. Unfortunately, that very attitude would cause Millsap a load of trouble in the future.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Paula said...

Oh so Daysha is the old Cami when she was after Bonz.

Girl you do not know who you are messing with. My girl Cami might have changed but not that much.

Oh Suprina I am not liking this. She is going to cause my girl some heartache. I feel it deep down inside.

I dislike like losers........

Suprina said...

Paula: Good comparison between Daysha and the old Cami. But hey, it's only fair for Cami to reap what she sowed, right?

You dislike losers? Or sore losers? lol. I wasn't sure. lol


Paula said...

I dislike losers period........

Suprina said...

Paula: Got it. lol.


Joy said...

Daysha really needs to just let it go. Why spend the time fighting for someone who is not fighting for you.

God Bless