Saturday, October 11, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 28.2

After their early morning tryst and joint shower, Cami changed the bedding in Millsap’s master suite while he cooked bountiful omelets and toast for them in the kitchen. They both hummed to themselves while they worked.

Oh, the bliss of being in love and having that love reciprocated. It was a wonderful thing.

Wonderful indeed, Cami mused, stuffing the soiled sheets in a nearby black wooden hamper. Next up on her agenda was the mattress.

Though most people simply changed the used linen on a bed, not Cami. She flipped the mattress, too. It was what she did at the hotel. It was what she’d been doing for years.

Cami learned how to thoroughly clean a place from those summer visits with her father. Her mother had enjoyed living in a pigpen, as if their house had been a representation of Cat’s state of mind. If their place was clean, it was because of Cami.

Cat had also been a horrible cook. Thus Frank had to teach Cami how to fix decent meals, as well. Cami learned how to cook fabulous meals under Mama Ingram’s tutelage. Towanna, too, since they’d all spent time in the boarding house kitchen together, especially on Sundays.

In flipping Millsap’s mattress, Cami discovered a little treasure he had hidden underneath – one of her body paint photos from Mike-Mike’s pool party. She smiled with satisfaction.

It looks like that body paint idea ran a bunch of women out of his life, Cami mused, placing the photo back where she found it. Including Daysha, she added with a smirk, having only pretended to be asleep while Millsap broke things off with his number one ex-flame.

A part of Cami was still angry about him giving Daysha the heads-up concerning her possible banquet attendance today. Especially since he never extended that courtesy to her when he brought Leza to Mike-Mike’s party. Which meant Daysha’s feelings still mattered to Millsap on some level.

I wonder how much she still matters to him, Cami thought, straightening the mattress on the bed. On second thought, don’t sweat it, girl. He still chose you in the end, remember? she mused, deciding to bottle her feelings on the matter, the same way she did a lot of things that bothered her in life.

“You ‘bout done in here?” Millsap suddenly asked from the doorway, breaking into her thoughts. “If so, breakfast is ready.”

Pushing the rest of her negative feelings aside, Cami turned to him with a sensual smile. “And so am I,” she flirted, acting as if nothing was wrong or ever had been wrong with her.

Millsap moaned at those flirtatious words. “I’m starting to think that you are always ready, Miss Energizer Bunny,” he said, entering the room more fully. Food was the last thing on his mind now.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Joy said...

They dooo have alot of energy... More then me right now. going to bed now!

God Bless

Suprina said...

Joy: Yep! Rest easy.