Saturday, October 11, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 28.1

Awakening some time before Cami, Millsap used that opportunity to make an early morning call to Daysha. Though he had other women to inform that he was officially off the market now, Daysha’s feelings mattered the most since she’d been his favorite and because they’d been together the longest. Plus, Millsap wanted to give her the heads-up about him bringing Cami to today’s banquet.

As expected, Daysha was livid about Millsap breaking up with her at all. And especially on the morning of the banquet. “How am I supposed to explain this to my son?” she demanded, sounding angrier than he’d ever heard her before.

“Explain what to him?” Millsap asked with a frown. “All Jeremiah knows is that we are good friends. I’ve never even kissed you in front of him. I definitely have never spent the night at your place.”

“My son is smart, Millsap. He’s seen the way we look at each other. He knows we like each other that way. He even asked me whether or not you were going to be his new daddy,” Daysha replied.

Millsap’s frown deepened. “When did he ask that?” This was the first he’d heard of it. Why hadn’t she told him this before now?

“He asked that after the last win. After he saw us sharing a victory hug,” Daysha replied.

“I shared victory hugs with a lot of mothers that day.”

“Did you reach down and squeeze their bottoms, too? Because that’s exactly what Jeremiah saw you do to me that day,” Daysha countered.

Millsap inwardly cursed his frisky hands and his extreme fondness for onion bottoms. Even now he was staring at Cami’s partially exposed onion as she continued to doze on her left side next to him in bed, having kicked out of the covers during the night. Suddenly feeling very self-conscious about his sexual preferences, Millsap reached down and reluctantly pulled the black covers fully upon Cami’s frame again.

“Besides, don’t you think it’s a bit disrespectful to me to bring your new girlfriend to my son’s banquet?” Daysha continued, revealing extreme pain in her words now.

“Daysha, you’ve seen me with other women around town before,” Millsap said, reminding her of their open relationship.

“I know, but none of them were serious contenders for your heart. The fact that this new woman has gotten you to clear your whole social calendar tells me that you really care about her…even more than you do me and I’ve been dating you for two years,” Daysha said, hating that she’d lost her favorite girl status in his life. That she hadn’t demanded the right to have first dibs on any plans he had of finally becoming exclusive.

“Who is this new woman by the way?” Daysha went on to ask. He’d told her everything but his new girlfriend’s name this morning.

“Her name is Cami Edison,” Millsap supplied, deliberately not addressing the other thing she’d said. No need to rub it in Daysha’s face that Cami meant much more to him than she ever did or probably ever would. That, in fact, he was in love with Cami.

“Cami? Is this the same Cami that waitresses at the club?” Daysha inquired, starting to put two and two together.

“She’s one of our ex-waitresses now that we’re together,” Millsap corrected, confirming his ladylove’s identity at the same time.

“I knew there was something going on between you and that girl!” Daysha hissed, recalling countless times she’d seen Millsap pay too much attention to the shapely waitress. “Please don’t bring her to the banquet today, Millsap. It would ruin the whole event for me.”

Millsap sighed in exasperation, wishing he’d never gotten involved with the mother of one of his team players now. “All right. I won’t bring her to today’s banquet. But know this, Daysha, if Cami is still in my life next season, she’s probably going to be coming to every game and every game event…on my arm. So please do me and yourself a favor by accepting the fact that I’ve moved on and that you should, too.”

“Thanks, Millsap.” Daysha sighed audibly with relief. “As for moving on, I think I’ll wait and see how things progress with you and Cami first. Especially since I suspect that you’re going to wake up one day and realize that this little waitress is not good enough for an ambitious businessman like you,” she added in a condescending tone.

“Believe me, she’s good enough,” Millsap replied, stifling a moan of pleasure even now as Cami stirred from her slumber, stirring his loins at the same time by sensually brushing her naked body up against his.

Quickly concluding his current call, Millsap decided to phone his other ex-lovers with the news later. Right now, he needed to be inside of Cami again. Especially with her now fully awake and touching him in all the right places.

The last thought Millsap had before things spiraled out of control was the fact that being with Cami was the best decision he could have ever made. Not only because he loved her, but also because other women ceased to please him a long time ago.

Cami was it. She was the one.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Joy said...

I am happy that Millsap is being honest with Daysha - but I can't help but feel sorry for her.

(Reading Delia's story now.... goooood stuff)

God Bless

Suprina said...

Joy: I feel ya on that Daysha tip. It's a sad thing not to be chosen, especially after you've been with someone for so long.

About time you read Delia's story all the way through instead of just knowing parts (poking my tongue out at you). LOL!


Paula said...

I feel just a little compassion for Daysha as a woman.

I know that is a little harsh.

Feeling sorry for a woman who allowed a man to use her willingly is uncomfortable to me. I do not believe in allow a man to have me without rules and regulations.

1. I will be your one and only, if not you can get the stepping.

2. They must treat me with respect when their with and without me.

3. I must know all that I am dealing with (no secret life that I do not know about).

3. Do not have me believing their is more between us than there is.

Just to name a few. Daysha wants a man that she does not even know. She only knows him on a sexual level and even that according to Millsap is not all that.

I am sorry, I know that is a little harsh but I believe in respecting one self. She did not respect herself enough because she allowed herself to be his favorite flavor out of all the many that he has been tasting.

Suprina said...

Paula: Sometimes you have to be a little harsh to get people to see themselves, to understand the severity of their actions.

Yes, I feel bad for Daysha, but really she let her own self down by agreeing to be with a man under those terms when she KNEW she wanted more probably all along.


Joy said...

You are right Paula, Daysha should have never agreed to that situation.

God Bless