Saturday, October 11, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 27.3

After that long kiss, Cami quickly undressed again, leaving her boots on like before. While Millsap tended to his own clothes and their protection, she walked over to the skybox railing and peered down at the people exiting the club below. Suddenly she had an idea.

“I want you to take me right here, baby,” Cami said, looking back at him as she leaned against the railing with her onion arched in invitation.

“You ain’t said nothing but a word,” Millsap replied, in full agreement with her spontaneity. “I’m just glad this room is soundproof because I’m about to make you lose your mind up in here, up in here.” He smiled, advancing upon her with nothing on but his designer black socks and doubly applied latex.

Cami chuckled at how he’d matched his words up with the classic DMX song currently filtering in through the intercom system. “And I’m gone make you act a fool up in here, up in here,” she said, bouncing her bottom as she put her own twist on the song, too.

“Yeah, you definitely gone make me lose my cool up in here, up in here.” Millsap grinned, pleased by their easy rapport. It was so refreshing to have that with a woman.

Suddenly all jokes were put aside as things turned very serious between them. The switchover occurred the instant Millsap joined her. That’s when Cami tightened her grip on the wide railing and received him to the hilt with one hard backwards thrust.

“I see you want that thug passion tonight,” Millsap replied, moaning at her aggression.

“You got that right.” To prove how much she wanted that side of him, Cami pulled away a few inches and forcefully thrust backwards again.

Millsap moaned. Thrilled that she was so eager for that side of him again, he began to give her what she needed. For as long as she needed it. It was what he wanted and needed, too.

Squealing with delight, Cami relished Millsap’s long strokes, his circular grinds, the way he kept pressing himself against her hot cross buns at the end of each advance as if he was addicted to their sweet softness.

He was.

Behind each squeal were sentences. Sentences too erotic to pen. Sentences that had Millsap hammering into Cami like he was personally trying to build her a house.

And the way she moved.

Cami met each stroke with a welcoming thrust and a vise-like squeeze, using her inner muscles like a pro. She rotated her hips with each grind. And when Millsap pressed into her yet again, she heated the oven up even hotter by arching her onion all the more in invitation.

Oh, this woman knew exactly how to press his buttons. Millsap wanted her to press them all. There was definitely no need for that under-the-mattress picture now. Now he had the real thing.

Knowing that Cami was finally his, Millsap moved closer and went for broke, taking her possessively, branding her with his fervent loving.

Did Cami complain?

No. She gave as good as she got, causing them both to go over the edge quickly and with a chorus of howls.

* * *

It would be much later before Cami got to formally thank Millsap for giving her the idea to start a business of her own and for also providing the financial backing for that business.

“I thought you thanked me already,” Millsap said, giving her a sensual smile as they lay in his bed after yet another round of fervent lovemaking. This time in the shower of his apartment.

“No, I didn’t,” Cami replied, snuggling against him.

“Well, I definitely feel thanked. Thoroughly.” He chuckled.

“Glad to hear that.” Cami yawned. “And Mike-Mike thought I would wear you out. You wore me out instead.”

Millsap yawned, too. “I think we wore each other out tonight. By the way, did you call and let the ladies at the boarding house know you weren’t coming home tonight?”

“Yeah.” Cami yawned again. “I did that on the ride over. I knew once I got here, I wouldn’t want to leave.”

Millsap smiled at her words and at the adorable way she looked drifting off into a full doze in the crook of his left arm. Oh, how he loved her!

You don’t know it yet, my queen, but you ain’t never going back to that boarding house to stay again, Millsap mused, lifting the covers up slightly to get another good look at that onion before he dozed off, too. I got to keep all this close, he thought, reaching down to squeeze that plump vegetable one more time.

So consumed with thoughts of Cami, Millsap forgot all about Daysha and the other women on his roster. Women who would not take the news of his exclusivity well at all.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

That's all for tonight, y'all. More tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon.


P.S. Remember that I have Sunday's off. So no threatening emails...or phone calls (you know who I'm talking about).

Paula said...

I can sense the drama coming.....LOL

Cami's theme songs for hose haters.

He's Mine By Mokenstef

He's mine, you may have had him once
But I got him all the time
(You can't sleep at night)
He's mine, you may have had him once
But I got him all the time
(Don't try to dry your eyes)
He's mine, you may have had him once
But I got him all the time
(I got him all the time)

Suprina said...

Paula: Oooo...that's another good theme song. Somebody listens to a LOT of music. lol. I do, too, girl. All kinds.


Prettybrowneyz said...

I know you're talking about me Suprina (lol). That only means you got to give me enough to keep me occupied until Monday.

I know it's about to get crunked up in here with the other women finding out about Cami, Cami finding out about her mother, Reno finding out about Tonja and Mike-Mike.

Is the drama going to bring the other playas out of retirement?

What's going to draw her to Christ?

Pri, there are just to many questions that need to be answered for you to be off on Sunday.

Suprina said...

Prettybrown: Yes, you and another nameless person who won't even talk to me on the phone for very long right now because she wants me devoting all my time to posting on the story. LOL!

I'll try to hook y'all up with a lot more posts today, but it all depends on how much needs to be written. The story is changing that fast from the original plot.

I can't answer any of those questions you posed. That truly would be telling the story and too much of it at that. So you'll have to just wait and see like everybody else.


Suprina said...

By the way, I wonder how many of you picked up on Millsap's hidden nuances when he made his love connections. I wasn't going to bring this up (because I wanted you to interpret the story on your own), but I figure why not use this as a teachable moment.

Here goes...

When Millsap confessed his love, he said:

1. You have my heart - meaning, I'm giving you something precious here. Don't blow it.

2. I love you hear me? - meaning, I need to make sure you understand what I'm doing and saying because this is very important to me. I need for it to be just as important to you.

3. I can't be in this love thing by myself - meaning, I'm scared, so I really need you to meet me halfway to help ease my fears about loving a woman at all.

Lesson to be learned: Listen to what people are REALLY saying and how they say it. If you do, you'll be able to see right into their hearts and hopefully avoid certain mistakes that Cami is definitely gonna make because she didn't catch all the nuances of her man(spoiler).

Okay, teachable moment is officially over. (giggle)


Paula said...

Yes, I picked up on Millsap's nuances. It was obvious Cami did not because she looked at is as she won the game that was being played.

Just like when a man tells woman that he loves her. She missed that fact the he never said I am in love with you. They are two different things.

I pay more attention to the meaning than what is actually being said. I am guilty for thinking that there is always a hidden meaning to everything people say.

I love deciphering the puzzle of words.

Suprina said...

Paula: Cool! I'm glad you picked up on those things.

And for the record, Millsap is IN love with Cami, too. Yet the fact that he said, "I love you," means that his feelings were not based on changing conditions. That he would continue to love her even if things weren't perfect between them.

Being IN love is more based on situational things. The whole goosebumps deal. Which makes you wonder if that person is going to stay with you when the goosebumps are gone for the moment? When you're no longer so cute or so fine? Or so young?

Love, TRUE love, goes far beyond the goosebumps in my opinion. It's that I will be there with you when you're sick, poor, and old stuff.

Just my 2 cents.


Paula said...

I agree with you 100%.

I know that Millsap is IN love with Cami from this statement.I can't be in this love thing by myself.

I was just saying that because so much women fall for the I love you crap that they never think about what the man is actually saying.

Suprina said...

Paula: You're so right, girl. I see what you're saying much better now. Keep sprouting that knowledge, girl.