Saturday, October 11, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 27.2

“The club ‘bout to close down and y’all ain’t through yet?” Mike-Mike asked from the doorway, startling the kissing couple. “Man, how much of that girl you tryna get?”

“Tryna get it all.” Millsap chuckled after reluctantly ending yet another succulent kiss. His hold on her bottom was released just as reluctantly.

Cami laughed, too, and tried to move off his lap.

“Uh-uh. You good right where you are, my queen,” Millsap said, hindering her departure with an arm about her waist.

Cami nodded and stayed put, pleased that he liked keeping her close. Most men didn’t like clinging vines. Millsap seemed to be the exception.

“Oh, y’all make such a cute couple,” Mike-Mike cooed, closing the door behind him.

“Whatever, man.” Millsap chuckled. Suddenly he sucked air through his teeth, groaned loudly with need, and let out an elongated expletive as Cami shifted positions in his lap in an effort to face forward.

And oh, what a shift it was, too.

Showing off her agility, Cami had lifted her right leg over to where her left one was. Then she smoothly turned around in Millsap’s lap, grinding her bottom across the entire surface of his pelvis in the process.

“Whoa! Dude, did you just get some kind of fancy lap dance?” Mike-Mike asked, looking impressed by Cami’s agility once again as he moved to take a seat across from them.

“I just got something,” Millsap replied a bit on the husky side. He leaned in to Cami’s left ear and added in a whisper, “You lucky we got company. Otherwise…” He deliberately left his sentence open-ended.

“Otherwise what?” Cami challenged in a return whisper, turning her face towards his at the same time that she grinded against him again.

Forgetting all about Mike-Mike for the moment, Millsap captured Cami’s lips in a ravenous kiss, pressed himself closer and grinded out his response. She would soon learn that if she teased him in public, she would get teased right back.

Mike-Mike noisily cleared his throat. “I’m still in this room, people,” he announced in a booming voice.

Millsap and Cami broke apart laughing.

“Finally!” Mike-Mike said with feigned irritation.

“Before we go any further, let me first say thanks for making me finally see the light about Cami. A brotha feeling happy right about now.” Millsap said, wrapping both arms about his woman’s waist as he spoke. “Real happy.”

“Anytime, partner.” Mike-Mike smiled, looking pleased that his matchmaking efforts had worked.

“Yeah, thanks for putting in a good word for me,” Cami said.

“You’re welcome. Just don’t make me regret it,” Mike-Mike warned, giving her a serious look that spoke volumes.

“I won’t.” Cami nodded, receiving his subtle message loud and clear. Fear scratched at her insides because of it.

Cami knew that this was a whole different crew from the last Enfield drug cartel. That not only were they younger than Bonz, E-Blade, and Racker were when they came into power, but were a bit more ruthless in some ways. Especially when it pertained to their enemies. The only people Millsap and his crew feared were those who’d had longevity in the drug game due to their higher connections. They didn’t even fear the police.

Surprisingly, the new crew didn’t have many enemies. They treated everyone they encountered with the utmost respect…until they crossed them. Then things became very different. Dangerously so.

Even now Cami remembered the rumor about how Millsap and Mike-Mike violently squashed a rebellion. Although she had no proof that they’d killed the two captains who did that drive-by on Mike-Mike’s house, she did learn via internet news sources that his grandmother suffered a heart attack the same night of that incident. A heart attack that Mrs. Duggar never fully recovered from.

Thus it was quite possible that Mike-Mike enlisted Millsap’s help to take care of that matter themselves in order to get revenge, make an example of those wayward captains, and squash future rebellions against the new crew.

Starkly aware that that rumor could very likely be true, Cami had even more incentive to stay on the straight and narrow with Millsap. Fortunately, she planned to do that anyway.

“Cami’s gonna be a good girl,” Millsap said, standing in the gap between her and his overprotective friend. “Ain’t that right, my queen?”

“That’s right, baby,” Cami replied, relaxing again. She smiled back at her man, pleased that he’d put so much confidence in her. She would have to make sure not to let him down.

“Sounds good to me.” Mike-Mike smiled, instantly returning to his jovial self. “Anyway, Tonja was so blowed with me about firing you tonight that for a minute there, I thought she was gonna quit.”

“It’s good to know that Tonja was in my corner like that. I’ll have to take her and Rena out to dinner or something to thank her. By the way, I was mad, too, until I realized what I was getting in return,” Cami replied, falling in step with the lighter mood, as well. No need to focus on rumors and negative what-if scenarios.

“Well, here’s something that should make everybody happy,” Millsap said. “It’s the second something that I meant to tell Cami before she distracted me again.” He chuckled, deliberately delaying his announcement even more.

“What is it, baby?” Cami asked impatiently with piqued interest.

“I was thinking that the club didn’t have to lose you completely now that we are a couple. That I could help you start your own event planning service so that you can be our independent consultant. That way, you’ll get paid for all those great ideas you have and we won’t be setting a bad example for the troops,” Millsap said, smiling at Cami’s shocked expression. He knew that announcement would catch her off guard.

“Y…you’re gonna help me start my own business?” Cami sputtered out, grinning excitedly.

“That’s right, my queen.” Millsap grinned. “That’s if my partner is willing to go for something like that,” he added, looking at Mike-Mike now.

“I’m cool with that,” Mike-Mike replied. “I know Tonja will be happy to hear that Cami will still have ties to the club. Matter of fact, how ‘bout I go tell her the good news right now.” He stood to his feet, ready for any excuse to see Tonja again.

“Yeah, how ‘bout you do that,” Millsap agreed with a knowing smile. “How ‘bout you lock the door behind you, too.”

“Will do.” Mike-Mike laughed. “Try not to wear my boy out too much, Cami. He got a little league banquet to attend tomorrow,” he said, referring to the team of young boys that they’d led to the regional tournament over the summer. Though they didn’t win, Coaches Mike-Mike and Millsap wanted to honor the boys’ hard work with a large banquet.

“I wo—” Cami never got to finish that sentence because Millsap claimed her lips in a deep kiss that ushered them into the next phase of lovemaking. The thug passion phase.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Paula said...

I am really loving this side of Millsap.

Suprina said...

Paula: Me, too.