Friday, October 10, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 26.5

That kiss!

Millsap skillfully used that hot smooch to make up for any kisses he failed to give Cami the last time they were together. All the kisses he wanted to give her from the moment he saw her at that gas station until now. Maybe even further back to that fateful Playas Ball.

Either way, Millsap ravished Cami’s mouth for the old and the new. His large hands roamed over her body. His hips moved fervently beneath her bottom.

Cami responded with equal fervor. Kissing him like she wanted to taste his tonsils. Grinding hotly in his lap like she wanted to melt into his body.

Passions ran high. Emotions started to run even higher. Soon the contents of their hearts bubbled to the surface and demanded to be confessed.

Breaking the heated kiss, Millsap cupped Cami’s face tenderly in his hands. Then he began to say the most amazing things to her as Musiq Soulchild’s Teach Me played in the background (thanks to a DJ request by matchmaking Mike-Mike).

“You got my heart, girl,” Millsap confessed, staring into her eyes with an intense stare. “I love you, Cami. Do you hear me?” he reiterated in an impassioned tone. “I love you,” he echoed, as if he couldn’t say it enough now that had it had been released.

Cami’s eyes instantly filled with tears. Her body instantly stilled upon him. “I hear you, Millsap. I love you, too, baby. I have for awhile now,” she confessed, telling him what he already secretly knew.

“You better,” Millsap teased, blinking his shiny eyes dry. “‘Cause I can’t be in this love thing by myself,” he added in a more serious tone, letting her know that he wanted her just as committed to the relationship as he was.

“I’m in this all the way, baby,” Cami promised, starting to move again.

Moaning loudly, Millsap captured her lips once more, tasting her deep as his hips moved in unison with hers again. “Take your clothes off,” he rasped, breaking the kiss a few short minutes later. He couldn’t wait any longer to have her. He desperately needed her…now!

“Right here in the club?” Cami panted out, on fire with desire. “What about your pre-sex shower rule?”

“Yes, right here in the club. Plus, it ain’t like this is the first time I broke a rule for you, baby,” Millsap replied, reminding her of that day in her room. “Now get these clothes off while I go lock the door.” He tugged on the bow of her top to help her along.

Cami leaped up from his lap with even more excitement in her eyes. She understood the significance of this moment. Knowing that Millsap trusted her enough to forego a personal rule again made her love him even more. Made her want to really rock his world again.

Cami undressed quickly, eager to get this show on the road.

Millsap was just as quick with his clothes, discarding items from the table to the door and back again. One would think his clothes came from a local discount store instead of an exclusive Armani collection by the way he flung them casually aside.

“Leave the boots on,” Millsap said as he returned to the table, donning their protection in the process.

Cami smiled with an adventuresome gleam in her eyes. “Done,” she replied, after swiftly re-zipping her boots. “Any other requests, baby?” She stood upright again and draped her arms about his thick neck, pressing her naked torso snugly up against his.

Millsap moaned at her softness. “Yeah. Get in these arms,” he said, scooping her up in said arms even as he spoke.

Giggling gleefully, Cami felt like Cinderella or some other fairytale princess as she was carried over to the long black leather sofa near the skybox’s fireplace and gently laid down. Yet it was Millsap that gave her the title that she deserved the most.

“I love you, my queen,” he said, giving her a nickname inspired by the movie 300 right before his lips descended upon her frame.

Starting from her forehead, Millsap kissed a trail down Cami’s body as Love, another one of Musiq Soulchild’s tunes, played in the background. His movements were deliberately slow. His touch gentle. His words sincere as he heaped praise upon her, ministering to her very soul.

Cami couldn’t help but feel like a queen beneath this man’s tender ministrations. When Millsap finally joined with her, she cried tears of joy and clung to him as he slowly stroked her to ecstasy.

“You don’t have to cry no more, baby. At least no more sad tears. Millsap got you now,” he whispered, continuing to stroke her slow even as he watched her go over the edge. “I love you, Cami. I’m gonna take care of you. Put some more smiles on that pretty face of yours. Help you bring that boy of yours home. Okay, my queen?”

“Okay,” Cami replied through her tears, feeling beyond happy now. And safe, so safe, which is something she hadn’t felt in a very long time.

Millsap gave her a loving smile in response. Then he leaned down to capture her lips as he finally joined her in ecstasy.

This had been the perfect occasion for Millsap to express the gentleman in him. The thug in him would emerge soon enough.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

* * *

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Joy said...

Ahhhhhhhhh! I like it. I like it alot.

God Bless

Suprina said...

Sorry it took me so long. I had to write the scene first since it's totally new. I also had to monitor some drama with a neighbor. Her violent ex-boyfriend came over and started tripping. I stood in the front door to let that brotha know that I would quickly call the folks if he laid a hand on her, giving them his full description. After he finally left, I finally ate dinner and then returned to the computer.

Y'all remember to pray for my neighbor. She's single and very promiscuious. I'm trying to win her battered soul over with the love of Christ, but it's taking a while. There are so many layers to get around. So many strongholds to overcome.


Subrina said...

Your neighbor is in my prayers and that scene was wonderful...I can't believe that Milsap will tell her how much he love her so fast. There love story is becoming my favorite. I enjoyed listening to the music in the background and it set the mood just right. He's getting closer and closer to making her FOREVER MY LADY (one of Jodeci classics).

Suprina said...

Joy: I hoped you read it while listening to the music. It enhances the experience in my opinion.

Or were you just so eager to read that you couldn't wait for the music? lol.


Carmel Beauty said...

WoW that was great you got me forgiving my hubby without him saying a word.

Suprina said...

Subrina: That was a part of my humbling Millsap. I scared him into thinking he was about to lose Cami just to get his guard down, then had Mike-Mike talk to him, and the feel of Cami in his arms again did the rest.

I also did that for Cami's sake. She needed to know that this man loved her. She also needed to have the memory of him saying it first (especially since she still don't know that he overheard her declaration a while back). It's all a part of me helping Cami's self-esteem to rise.


PS. Thanks for praying for my neighbor.

Suprina said...

Carmel B: Glad I could help on that marital issue. *smile*