Friday, October 10, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 26.4

Cami entered the skybox with wariness pricking at her heart. Being summoned to see the bosses so unexpectedly was not a good thing in her book. Plus Cami had the sneaking suspicion that she’d been banned from the skybox since Tonja hadn’t asked for her help up here in weeks now.

Had that suddenly changed? If so, why wasn’t a drink order attached to this summons?

“Y’all asked to see me?” Cami said, addressing Mike-Mike and Millsap in turn as they sat at the round table in the middle of the room.

“Yes,” Mike-Mike replied, looking and sounding very serious. “Have a seat.”

“If it’s bad news, I’d rather stand,” Cami insisted, chancing a look at Millsap. He, too, looked very serious. He was also wearing another blue shirt, causing desire to join her anxiety.

“This news can be good or bad, depending on how you look at it,” Mike-Mike replied, continuing to be the more vocal one tonight.

“What is it? Did I do something wrong?” Cami asked, wondering if maybe she did need to sit down. She quickly found a seat at the round table and settled into it.

“Yes,” Millsap accused, finally speaking up. “You let a customer touch you.” His nostrils flared even as he said that.

Cami saw the jealousy upon him as if it had been painted on in neon green, despite his attempts to hide it. It was easy to recognize an emotion she felt every time he came to the club with a different woman.

Millsap’s jealousy pleased Cami immensely. She took it as a sign that he cared. About time! she mused, wishing she had thought to make him jealous before now.

Cami had been so busy with her own jealousies that she’d forgotten to return the favor. Was she losing her man-catching skills? Or had she simply retired them when she fell in love with Millsap? Most likely the latter.

“Well, aren’t you gonna say anything?” Millsap prompted when she remained silent for too long.

Kobe is no regular customer. He’s an old flame of mine,” Cami explained, sending Millsap a defiant glare. She couldn’t let him know how she really felt about him since she doubted that he felt the same way about her.

“An old flame?” Millsap asked. “How old?!” he demanded, not even trying to hide his jealousy now.

Mike-Mike remained silent. Watchful.

Cami briefly debated about whether she should lie or tell the truth.

Kobe’s a guy I hooked up with when I first came to town,” Cami said, deciding to tell the truth. It had gotten her farther than lies ever did based on her personal and professional successes this summer alone. “I hadn’t seen him in months. When I saw him in the club tonight, he talked about hooking up again.”

“Are you gonna hook back up with him?” Millsap asked, clenching and unclenching his fists on the table.

“That all depends,” Cami replied, holding his gaze.

“On what?” Mike-Mike asked, speaking up after his long silence.

“On whether or not I have a better offer,” Cami replied, keeping her eyes on Millsap, who seemed to let out a breath of relief at her answer.

Mike-Mike smiled. “That’s all I need to hear.” He stood to his feet. “Cami, you’re fired.”

Fired?!” Cami’s head snapped to her other boss. “You’re firing me because I’m thinking about hooking up with an old flame?”

“No, I’m firing you so you can hook up with a slightly newer flame,” Mike-Mike replied, letting Cami know that he was aware of her secret relationship with Millsap as he headed for the door.

Cami’s gaze snapped to Millsap this time. “You told him about us?”

“He guessed. I confirmed. Now do you want to be my main squeeze or what?” Millsap said, speaking blunter than usual as his need for her grew in leaps and bounds.

“No,” Cami countered.

“No?!” Millsap and Mike-Mike echoed simultaneously – one from the table, the other from near the door.

“Main squeeze is not enough for me anymore. I want to be your only squeeze, Millsap,” Cami negotiated, seizing yet another opportunity.

“Done,” Millsap replied, desperate enough to agree to even that now. Blame his eagerness on that sexy outfit she had on tonight. Or better yet, on the unexpected outpouring of love flooding his heart right now.

Cami smiled at his scrumptious response. At the passionately loving way he was staring at her right now. She could just eat him up.

Millsap moaned at her ravenous look. “Girl, come on over here and kiss your man before I have to spank that—”

“Done!” Cami interrupted, rushing over to him upon eager legs as the third party in the room opened the door and exited it. As their lips finally met for a volcanic kiss, the door to the skybox closed behind them.

I just hope Tonja won’t be too mad with me about losing one of her best waitresses, a grinning Mike-Mike thought as he walked down the hallway to the elevator. He wasn’t too worried. Why else would he be whistling as he walked?

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

Going to take a break now. Be back online after my dinnertime.

Another love scene coming up 'cause you know I got to let them make up all the way. lol. Plus Millsap needs a little more humbling. Cami a little more healing.

Stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!! That was a really sweet sceen!

God Bless

Jrboss said...

Awesome - you almost there Cami...

Subrina said...

I'm giving Cami 5 stars for not settling for just being his main squeeze. You have to let a man know from the start that you're not sharing (I guess that why I'm manless) lol...oh well...Can't wait to read the next chapter...Great Job Suprina.

I read a lot of books but it's nothing compared to reading a live ebook with friends and feedback from the author in real time. I'm loving this so much until I'm in the bathroom on my blackberry reading the new posts and comments.

Suprina I can't wait for you to be recognized for your talent like Brenda Jackson & Francis Ray who are 2 of my favorite authors too.

Girl you have Towanna character down to a tee and she was such a beautiful woman inside and out. She would encourage and motivate you just like that and she also loved to party and eat're bring her back to life before my eyes if on for moment. November will be a year and she's still terribly missed. Thanks again and God Bless.


Suprina said...

Subrina: I like how Cami stood her ground as well. Btw, some men like for a woman to be upfront with them from the jump. So obviously that's the kind you need. Bump them punks who want a sista to share!

Yes, reading a live ebook with friends and feedback from the author in real time is the bomb. I'm glad I followed behind authors like S. Hubbard and J. Petersen to actually stick my neck out there and do it too.

LOL!! I smiled wide about you reading in the bathroom on your blackberry, trying not to mess any new posts and comments.

I'm excited about one day that kind of recognition, too, but I'm not holding my breath for it. Right now I just want to help change lives for the better...and keep a roof over my head in the process. Maybe I'm aiming too low, but my motives are good.

*Smile* Every time you talk about Towanna, a warm feeling goes over me. I'm so glad I'm representing her well. I know you miss her deeply. Hope this book is helping ease some of that pain.


Paula said...

Cami has me grinning like the Grinch!

I am proud of her for not settling for less. The way she told Millsap NO was awesome because he never saw that answer coming.

I hoe Mike-Mike and Tonja can get it together.

I cannot wait to read the next post!

Suprina said...

Paula: Millsap definitely didn't see that 'no' coming. lol. He thought that just because Cami loves him, that she would jump at the chance to be with him now. I guess she showed him. LOL!!!


PS. "grinning like the Grinch?" lol. Too rich!