Friday, October 10, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 26.1

On another costume Saturday, Cami once again willed herself not to think about Millsap. It had been a week since their last tryst and she hadn’t stopped craving his body yet.

Let it go, girl. Move on to the next baller, Cami told herself as she adjusted the bottom of her camouflage military costume in the break room mirror.

But who would that next baller be? Franco?


Cami didn’t want Franco, despite all the attention he continued to give her. He just wasn’t her type for one thing. Every time she saw him, she kept expecting him to break out into song. Start singing They Don’t Know – a popular Jon B hit.

For another thing, Cami still had hopes of eventually getting back together with Millsap, the man she really wanted. Had, as in past tense. After the long week she endured, Cami now realized that trying to have anything solid with Millsap was a hopeless situation. Especially after he paraded a different woman in front of her every night this week at the club.

On second thought, maybe it’s time for me to move past ballers, too, Cami mused, now ready to concentrate her efforts on rich men of the legal persuasion. Maybe she’d get more respect from them.

Unfortunately for Stefan, who had expressed open interest in Cami every day since that pool party, he was no where in the running for her favor. It was nothing personal since he was a very nice guy and handsome to boot. It was all financial.

Cami didn’t want an average Joe with an average paycheck, no matter how nice and handsome he was. She could struggle to make ends meet all on her own.

No, any man that wanted to be with Cami Edison had to have his bank account right from the jump. Her Mr. Right had to be able to make some, if not all, of her financial woes go away.

As soon as Cami clocked in and went into the main area of the club, she saw a man that satisfied her financial requirements to the tee. That man was Kobe Thurman.

What’s a few lousy kisses? And sex ain’t ‘everything’ in a relationship, Cami thought, remembering some of Kobe’s shortcomings and excusing them away in lieu of the financial security he could provide.

Too bad she couldn’t seem to recall countless conversations she’d had with Towanna and Delia at the moment. Conversations that included how Cami should stop setting her standards so low and how she should stop focusing so much on a man’s wallet. Yes, too bad…and also so sad.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Joy said...

I understand how Cami feels, I really do, but in reality is is such a BAD decision to run to another man when things are not working out for the one you really want. [*sigh] Good luck with this Cami.

God Bless

Suprina said...

Joy: So true. What's wrong with you and another man can't be fixed by adding a new man to the picture. That only adds more stress to the situation and makes it worse than before.


prettybrowneyz said...

Cami's if one won't another one will attitude is all wrong. She will never get her mr. right if she keeps settling for mr. right now. She really has to get her act together before the financial stability she seeks gets her more heart ache than it's worth. I've seen it happen.

Suprina said...

Prettybrown: Another true statement. Y'all preaching today!