Thursday, October 09, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 25.3

Cami moaned aloud. Her knees grew weak at Millsap’s powerful grind. At his unexpected plea to be with her.

Should she make him beg some more? Especially after all he’d put her through lately.

Cami wanted to humble him a lot more, but she was just…

So weak for him. So in need of him. So hungry for his loving.

Giving Millsap her response with actions, Cami leaned forward, grabbed hold of the nearby dresser to steady herself, and cast him a naughty look over her left shoulder.

Groaning with need, Millsap took that as an invitation to not only stay, but to go for broke. All of his rules quickly went out the window. Cami would be the first woman that he made love to at her place and without a pre-sex shower. However, Millsap hadn’t lost his entire mind yet. He would not take her raw. He would take no woman raw.

Dropping to his knees again behind Cami, Millsap quickly removed her shorts and began to feast. Ravenously.

Cami gripped the dresser even tighter as he tasted her treats through the lacy thong. He’d gotten rid of her shorts, but seemed to want to leave her underwear on.

Cami was down with that. She was very adventuresome in the bedroom. Cooperative, too, willing to follow where he led as long as it was to a good place. Which it always was with Millsap.

What Cami wasn’t prepared for was the level of Millsap’s greed. The man went from being hungry to ravenous to downright insatiable. He couldn’t seem to get enough of her as he feasted upon her frame from various angles, sending her quickly over the edge.

No words were exchanged. How could they be? Millsap’s mouth was too busy right now and Cami didn’t even know her own name at the moment.

And his hands.

Millsap’s large hands were all over Cami’s body, behaving just as insatiable as his mouth. He couldn’t seem to get enough of touching her. Squeezing her. Kneading her.

And then suddenly he was inside of her.

Because of the thick fog Millsap had her in right now, Cami didn’t know when he removed his shirt, lowered his own pants and underwear or when he’d donned protection. But she knew the instant he stepped inside of her cove. It was hard not to notice all that.

Standing semi-upright now, Millsap joined her to the hilt, maneuvering around her thong that he intentionally left in place in order to fulfill a secret fantasy of his.

Cami let out an elongated squeal of delight as her body happily adjusted to his presence. “Oh, you feel so good to me. I missed you so much, baby,” she confessed, ready to bear her soul to this man.

“Oh, yeah?” Millsap said, leaning close to her right ear. “Show me how much.”

Cami needed no other incentive to slowly work her hips in a way that suggested that she knew exactly how to please a man. A way that had Millsap getting rowdy within seconds. He couldn’t help it. She was thrusting against him too hard, yanking that thug passion out of him.

Things quickly spun out of control.

Deep moans.

Long groans.

Short grunts.

Constant exclamations of, “Yes,” spilled from Millsap’s lips because he was finally having sex the way he really liked it again. And with the woman his body craved most in the world.

Then everything suddenly slowed down.

Millsap became gentler, though his advances were still just as strong. He talked to Cami some more. Said erotic things in her ear. Had her giving him more of those naughty looks that he loved so much in the mirror as she continued to move her hips in perfect unison with his.

Going over the edge again, this time with a violent shudder, Cami found Millsap trailing right behind her in ecstasy. He held her close to him as their breathing patterns regulated again and their bodies stopped trembling.

“You were right. This time was even better than the last,” Millsap muttered when he was able to speak again. “You definitely got that come-back, girl,” he added, understanding a lot better now how E-Blade got caught up with Cami. Sleeping with her just once made a man want to come back for more…and more…and more.

“If it was that good to you, then maybe it’s time for you to make me your main squeeze,” Cami replied, eager to boot the rest of the women off his social calendar like she’d done Leza.

Unfortunately, that was the worst possible thing she could have said at this moment. Millsap immediately began to withdraw from her in every way.

“What did I do wrong now?” Cami asked, noting how quickly he redressed.

“You got greedy again. Instead of just seeing today as a bonus to our one-nighter, you want to use sex to lock a brotha into a serious relationship. If you recall, that was something I specifically said I wasn’t looking for at the very beginning of this thing,” Millsap said as he tugged his shirt down his glistening torso. His pants were already pulled back up, but not zipped because he needed to take care of a few things in the adjoining bathroom first.

Cami frowned. “So exactly what am I supposed to be to you, Millsap? You can’t date me openly because of that club rule. You don’t want me to be your main squeeze because you ain’t ready to settle down yet. Whatcha trying to do, turn me into a h—”

“No!” Millsap interrupted, not wanting her to include herself even in the same sentence as a prostitute.

“Well, I’m definitely starting to feel like one. A po' one at that since you ain’t broke me off a quarter either time we hooked up for sex,” Cami persisted, allowing her slang to get even thicker.

Millsap scowled. “So you want to get paid for having sex with me now?”

“No, I want a real relationship now. I’m tired of these booty calls, Millsap. I want a boyfriend. A man I can call my own. Somebody I can go to the movies with. Out to restaurants with. Somebody I can slow dance with in front of other people and know that I and only I have a right to be in his arms.” Cami said everything but the fact that she loved him, which she was now convinced that she did.

“I can’t give you that, Cami,” Millsap replied, deeming her too untrustworthy for main squeeze status.

Main squeezes were highly trusted women that had wife-like status in a hustler’s life. They were taken care of financially. They could also reside with and start a family with the hustler if they so choose. And though it was extremely hypocritical, main squeezes also had to be exclusive, even though their men could stray on occasion and sometimes did.

“Well, I can’t give you no more of this then,” Cami replied, smacking her bottom with emphasis as she turned her back to the man who hadn’t even bothered to kiss her on the mouth before trying to have sex with her today.

Millsap’s nostrils flared with ire and desire at that smack and subsequent jiggle. “Fine. Have it your way.” He headed for the bathroom for a quick wash up.

“I think I will for a change,” Cami countered over her shoulder right before he entered the bathroom. “‘Cause we definitely been having things your way since we met.”

Now that Cami knew the depth of her feelings for Millsap, she also knew that she couldn’t continue settling for their current arrangement. She knew that beyond the financial security that being his woman would provide, she now needed emotional security with Millsap, as well. In short, Cami needed to know that he saw her as more than just a great piece of tail.

When Millsap exited the bathroom a few minutes later, they didn’t exchange a word of goodbye. But they did look at each other.

Yes, those looks revealed anger. But they also revealed sadness. Especially since being separated again was the last thing either of them wanted right now.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Prettybrowneyz said...

Oh no he didn't, It's okay for him to screw her, but making her his woman was asking to much because of her past. I believe she would be loyal to him and I believe she would be good for him.

She needs to cut him off, quit working at the club, distance herself from the whold scene and get herself together. It may hurt her for a while but in the long run he'll feel the effects.

He's in love with this woman and won't admit it because of his hustlers creed and how his mom did his father. His feeling came out when he wouldn't allow her to call herself a harlot.

Now it all can't fall on him because her motives were all wrong when going after him. She has to re-vamp some things. In the words of Kanye West, "I ain't saying she a gold digger but she ain't messing with no broke n*****".

Paula said...

I have to say that I am a little stunned how this whole scene played out.

Cami made me very proud of her today. I am a firm believer that a woman should not settle for less with no MAN. In order to get respect she has got to respect and love herself first before someone could return those feelings.

Millsap is funny as heck. He is in love and to scared to do anything about it. Who would have thought that a thug like Millsap would be a chicken?

They better work it out fast because I see both of them getting hurt by both of their actions.

Suprina said...

Prettybrown/Carrie: What?! LOL. Girl, you are wide opened tonight. Your wit is as impeccable as ever. LOL. Loved that reference to Kanye West.

And for the record, I'm mad as fire with Millsap right now. I don't appreciate no man doing a woman that way. I only wrote that scene to stay true to his current character and to show women what NOT to let happen to them. Especially since sometimes we can get lessons better when we see it demonstrated in the lives of others.

I'm about to send Millsap some intervention real soon. It'll probably be in tomorrow's post because I don't want to overwhelm myself tonight. But the brotha definitely needs a nudge in the right direction.

Suprina said...

Paula: How did you think it would turn out. Just curious.


P.S. I was proud of Cami myself. Right now I'm still too mad with Millsap to find him funny. Now I wish I had made him beg. But to be true to Cami's 'old' mindset, she was just so desperate to have him that she was willing to settle for anything. Not so anymore.

Even so, she still loves him...just not willing to be such a fool anymore. And she definitely won't be giving up anymore of that body until he bends on a few things (spoiler).

Joy said...

Men! Millsap! I am highly irritated with him too. The real problem is that men never process how they think for feel about anything they just react! If he wasn't so busy reacting he would notice that Cami is not really trying to control him as much as just love him. I am proud of Cami too. I would cut that man off dryer then the Sahara desart. I am very glad that she has enough respect for herself to not become just another lover.

God Bless

Paula said...

I actually thought that they were going to cuddle before they actually got into the fight.

I am still happy for the way things turned out.

Suprina said...

Joy: I agree.

Paula: Cuddling would have been nice if Millsap hadn't been so focused on his lust at the time. Remember, he didn't even kiss Cami on the mouth before he tried to get up in her!

Okay, I need to calm down. I'm getting even madder at Millsap now and I need to finish writing this next scene with a neutral heart and clear head.

Be back soon to close this chapter.


Paula said...

I know Suprina, it is just that I was praying for it to be different.

I just want to say that I dislike men who use women and then throw them away like used tissue.

I also hate women who allow themselves to be used by men this way.

Suprina said...

Paula: I agree. But don't worry, Millsap and Cami will get to the love part of their relationship soon enough, cuddling included.

In the meantime, I have to break down even more barriers that are separating them. I don't want this man to have any excuse NOT to be with this woman.