Thursday, October 09, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 25.1

Millsap got up bright and early on Sunday morning, showered, dressed, and headed to the local superstore. He was on a mission today. A mission that involved the woman who’d kept him up for most of the night thinking about her.

Around 10am, Millsap parked in front of the large boarding house that Cami resided in. He couldn’t help but notice how well-maintained the property was. Though this home wasn’t in the best part of town, it looked like it should be.

Bonz don’t play about his properties, Millsap mused, concerning his former mentor.

Because of Bonz, he’d dabbled into the real estate market. Heavily. Now Millsap earned millions buying fixer-uppers, restoring them, and then selling or renting them out.

From the looks of things, someone was doing those very things to Bonz’s old neighborhood. This street and the four directly surrounding it had been experiencing a lot of renovation and refurbishing lately.

I wonder if Bonz is behind all this revitalization, Millsap mused, unaware that he was wondering correctly.

The ex-general was solely responsible for the renewal of his old neighborhood. Bonz started on this revitalization project several years ago by renovating the boarding house him and his mother used to live in. Unable to just leave the rest of the neighborhood in disrepair, he bought a few more houses on this street. Once they were sold or rented, he bought a few more houses.

Soon other investors got involved. As a result, what used to be a low income, high crime area was now several blocks of decent family homes priced just right for blue-collar workers with dreams of home ownership in a quiet neighborhood.

Ringing the doorbell with one hand, Millsap held the large paper bag of NASCAR games he’d bought for Little Man in the other hand. That had been his excuse to come over to see Cami today.

Millsap inhaled sharply when he saw Cami a few short minutes later barefoot, makeup-less, and wearing a midriff t-shirt and a pair of hot-pink boyshorts. Heat instantly shot through his body.

Cami’s natural beauty.

Her innate sexiness.

Both of those two things equaled the girl being fierce even when she wasn’t trying to be.

“H…hey, Millsap. What are you doing here?” Cami asked, looking startled to see him.

Millsap swallowed hard over the lump in his throat before speaking. “I came to give Little Man a few things before he left town.” He held up the bag in his right hand. “I know how much he likes Carl Edwards, so I got him some Edwards games to take back to Washington with him today.”

“That’s sweet, Millsap. Thanks.” Cami smiled, looking truly touched by his thoughtfulness. “Only thing is, Little Man and Daddy left on the 7am flight. They’re probably halfway home by now.”

“Oh.” Millsap looked disappointed for more reasons than one. Now how was he going to spend some quality time with Cami without actually lowering his pride or making a commitment he wasn’t ready for? “I guess you’ll have to send them to him then.” He extended the brown bag towards her, still trying to think of a way to get inside that house with her.

“I’ll be glad to. But right now my hands are kinda full,” Cami said, reaching to the left for the wicker clothes hamper she’d placed in a chair before answering the front door. “With everybody at church, I’ve been using this time to wash everything I even thought about wearing this week.” She chuckled. “So if you can bring the bag inside and up to my room, I’d really appreciate it,” she added, allowing the opportunist in her to seize yet another chance to finally make Millsap hers. Only hers.

Inside? Up to her room? Everybody’s at church? Millsap couldn’t nod fast enough.

“That basket looks kinda heavy. Let’s trade. You carry the bag. I’ll carry the basket since my muscles are bigger than yours,” he suggested with a sensual smile.

“Yes, much bigger,” Cami replied, giving his biceps a heated once-over before making that trade.

Game on.

The fact that non-relatives of boarding house residents could visit until 2am in the morning meant that Cami had quite a bit of time to convince Millsap that she was the one…the only one for him.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Paula said...

I am going to use this time and use some restraint with my mouth.

Cami and Millsap are ticking me OFF. This is very disrespectful what they are thinking about doing.

Suprina said...

Paula: You might not want to read the next post then, because those 2 got some things to work out of their

Also just to maybe cool your temper a bit, the boarding house rules allow for guests in your rooms. If they are relatives, they can even stay overnight for a week (Remember Cami's father and son stayed for a couple of days).

However, non-family members can not stay overnight and they have to be gone by 2am. So really Millsap and Cami aren't being disrespectful to anyone, except maybe to each other (and also God) since there is still no commitment of any kind involved.

Just my 2 cents.


Suprina said...

P.S. Paula, if I'm way off about what could be ticking you off let me know. I ain't trying to have you blow up with all CAPS anytime soon. Believe me, you're going to use plenty of CAPS later in the book. Me, too, for that matter. lol.


Paula said...

I thought only family was allowed.

Thanks for clearing that up! LOL

Suprina said...

Paula: No problem. And to clear up the whole boarding house thing for others, I'll go back into some of the earlier chapters and tweak them about the house rules. But first I need to finish this love scene.

Stay tuned...

Prettybrowneyz said...

I agree on your last statement Suprina. It is definitely time for Cami to allow God into her life. She has to see that he has proven His love for her by now and she is worth more than the material things that she is seeking. I mean, come on now, This girls first name was skank, her middle name was trouble, and her last name is hell bound.

Suprina said...

Paula: I just tweaked this post and so readers will know that it's okay for Millsap to be in her room until 2am...I hope.

Prettybrown: Here's a spoiler for you...and everyone else. The story will go to the other blog after the very thing that you mentioned comes to pass. Meaning, when y'all see Cami getting saved, it's time to leave the free blog and go to the VOD.

Because from there all kinds of stuff is about to go down (bad stuff) and she's going to need her faith in Jesus to help her out of it...literally.


P.S. Prettybrown, that was a clever name you gave the old Cami. Skank Trouble Hellbound. Very clever indeed...and sadly, so true.