Thursday, October 09, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 24.4

For the remainder of that day, Millsap continued to think about the very real possibility of Cami moving on without him. It was still on his mind when he went to bed that night.

The picture Mike-Mike gave him before they went their separate ways today didn’t help matters either. That picture was from the scrapbook that Tonja maintained of all the waitresses at the club. It revealed Cami in that scrumptious body paint outfit that she’d sported at Mike-Mike’s party.

Mike-Mike thought Millsap might want to have the photo for his personal collection. He’d been so right…and so wrong at the same time. The fact that Millsap couldn’t stop pulling it out from underneath his mattress and looking at it both excited and infuriated him.

Unable to sleep after another whole hour of thinking about Cami nonstop, Millsap got up and put one of his favorite movies into the DVD player across the room. Soon the opening credits to 300 were scrolling across the large television screen.

Yes. Nothing like a little guts and gore to take a man’s mind off a woman, Millsap thought with a relieved sigh, settling against his big fluffy pillows.

Everything was going fine until the love scene between the Spartan king and his queen emerged on the screen. The zealous way that queen received the untamed passion of her warrior husband had Millsap thinking about Cami once again. About how accommodating she’d been to his passion. About how she allowed his aggressive side to just roam free in her presence.

I wanna be free again, Millsap mused, feeling anything but that right now.

Then just like he’d done the other thirty times tonight, he reached underneath his mattress and pulled out Cami’s photo yet again. Fantasies of making love to Cami while she was wearing a thong ushered Millsap right into dreamland.

In the morning…well, let’s just say that he would stop dreaming come daybreak in more ways than one.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

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