Thursday, October 09, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 24.3

When Millsap and Mike-Mike finally left the kiddy track, Millsap couldn’t stop talking about Cami’s son. About how smart Little Man was. How well behaved and mature he was for his age. About how he truly acted like a ‘little man’.

“No disrespect, but with a mama like the old Cami, that boy probably didn’t have no choice but to grow up fast,” Mike-Mike said after listening to his friend in silence for the last ten minutes.

“You’re right.” Millsap nodded in agreement. “Matter of fact, I’m the kind of man that I am today because of my mother.”

“Yep,” Mike-Mike agreed. “The kind of man that always has to be the one in control in a relationship. I’m surprised you can keep any woman with all the hoops you make them jump through just to be with you.”

“They keep coming back ‘cause they know a brotha is worth it,” Millsap replied conceitedly, even though every word was true. He treated all of his women well.

“Whatever.” Mike-Mike rolled his eyes in the driver’s seat.

Millsap chuckled. “Anyway, did you notice how Little Man never looked away from Cami when she talked to him? It was like he couldn’t get enough of staring at her face.”

“If your mama was locked up for five years and now lived way across the country, you’d keep looking at her while you could, too,” Mike-Mike replied, as usual sprouting wisdom that came from being raised by a mature person who’d learned a lot from life and poured those lessons into him.

“I guess so. Makes me kinda want to go holla at my own mama today,” Millsap said, craving a closer relationship with his own mother, despite how greedy she still was. “Mind if we swing by there after we visit your grandma?”

“I’m up for some extra socializing today.” Mike-Mike nodded, consenting to the extra visitation. “By the way, did you notice that Cami and Tonja were both wearing thongs again today?”

Millsap burst out laughing. “Man, the only woman whose thong I noticed today at that park was Cami’s. I don’t look at Tonja like that for some reason. She seems more sisterly to me.”

“Well, neither Cami nor Tonja is sisterly to me. I check them both out on the regular. Ain’t never seen a panty line yet with neither one of them. I don’t think they own regular draws.”

Millsap burst out laughing again. “Okay, first of all, women don’t wear draws or bloomers anymore, Mr. Pick-Up-Too-Many-Words-From-His-Granny-At-Times. Today’s women wear panties, thongs, tangas, and even briefs, but never draws. Secondly, you need to keep your eyes on your own woman. Thirdly—”

“Oh, so you have finally staked claim on Cami?” Mike-Mike interrupted.


“It sure sounded like it to me.”

“Then I must have misstated,” Millsap said, quickly backing out of that possessiveness he’d just felt for Cami.

“Yeah right, college boy.” Mike-Mike chuckled knowingly.

“What about Tonja? Are you claiming her now?”

“She’s mine when we’re together.”

“So you really don’t mind her being and living with her baby-daddy?” Millsap asked, getting the attention off of him for the moment.

“I ain’t gonna lie. Most days it irks the heck out of me ‘cause the girl is just that good in bed. Plus, I’m really feeling her in other ways, too.” Mike-Mike stopped just short of admitting his love. “But since I’m still seeing other people, too, I realize I can’t be too mad about it. Does it bother you about Cami dating other people?” he concluded, smoothly shifting the conversation back where it belonged.

“Cami’s not dating anybody right now,” Millsap replied, avoiding the question he’d been asked. “There are a few dudes tryna holla at her where she lives, but she’s still so hooked on me that she ain’t giving them the time of day.” He smiled with satisfaction about Cami’s preference for him.

“And how do you happen to know all that?”

Millsap grinned and then shared the conversation he overheard in the grocery store parking lot.

“What are you gonna do when Cami does finally start dating somebody? You know, when she gets tired of waiting for you.”

Millsap’s smile drooped into a frown. Leave to Mike-Mike to ask all the hard questions. “When that time comes, I’ll take it like a man like I do everything else in life. I won’t like it, but I will suck it up and get over it.”

“That’s good to know, ‘cause Cami’s onion alone is probably gonna keep those dudes in her neighborhood sniffing around behind her for a long time to come. At the club, too, based on what Tonja told me.”

“Whose tryna get with Cami at the club?” Millsap’s nostrils were flaring now. Hot jealousy singed his insides. His hands balled into fists at his sides.

“Every man with eyes it seems, customer and employee alike, despite our no-fraternizing rule. Cami has turned down so many of them by now that Tonja asked me if you have done what prison couldn’t do - turned the poor girl gay.”

Millsap’s smile returned. “Believe me, Cami is far from gay. Like I said before, she’s just stuck on me right now, that’s all.”

“And like I said before, it is only a matter of time before that changes,” Mike-Mike reminded him and then wisely switched subjects altogether.

For the rest of the ride they talked about how well his grandmother was adjusting to the luxury nursing home she was in. About how she was even starting to walk around again. About how Mike-Mike hoped to one day bring her back to their home so that his grandmother could finish out her days surrounded by the things she loved.

Yet despite their change of conversation, Millsap continued to ponder what his friend had said about Cami. How much longer would she wait for him? Another week? A month?

And once Cami eventually moved on, would Millsap truly be able to handle it? Especially when he still wanted her for himself.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

Going to take a break now. Be back after dinnertime to post more. Love scene directly up ahead (spoiler).

Stay tuned...


Joy said...

(Joy shouts to the universe...)

Tonja..... Let goooo of that soooory man, what are you doing??

Mike-Mike....... Tell Tonja you love her and her daughter and you want to be her ONLY man.

Cami... grabe two hand fulls of that FINE man Millsap and give him the kind of kiss that will melt the REST of his ice.

and Millsap....

Millsap... you KNOW that you LOVE Camie so...LET IS GOOOOOOOOOO! All this time apart is a waist of QUALITY time TOGETHER! Life is to short and love is to rare!

Okay, I feel better now... Giggle

God Bless

Jrboss said...

Great post. Can't wait

Joy said...


I was going to send this post to you privately, but later decided to post it on your blog incase you thought it would be a blessing to your readers as well.

I am glad that you invited me you read with everyone, and I am even more glad that I accepted the invitation, because God is showing me sooo much stuff! And I love an opportunity to grow! (giggle)

Here is another lesson that I just got from this book….

I trust God! I TRULY trust God!

Normally, I am only trying to trust him, or hoping that I trust him, or even choosing to trust him…

but now I can honestly say with my whole entire heart that:

I lean on… confidently rely upon… and trust God!!!

Wooo Hoooo!

How liberating it is to ACTUALLY trust him and not only WANT to trust him!! I feel a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

Okay, you may be wondering… how has my book helped you to better trust God??? Well I will share…

After reading your last post I went back into my room and contemplated how UTERRLY IRRITATED I was with these characters and how the answers were RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR FACES and yet they just could not seem to find their way out of their problems. I felt like jumping inside the book slapping each of them in the face, turning them in the ‘right’ direction and kicking them in their respective butts to get them moving!!!

Then I wondered… is that how God feels?

Does he get frustrated with me because I have answers right in front of my face but don’t even realize it? Does God want to kick me in my but to get me moving in the right direction? But because he has given me a free will and therefore a right to choose, he must constantly watch me make bad choice after bad choice, when all that I have ever wanted for my life is just two feet…heck…two inches from my grasp!?!?

Nooooo… SURELY, I am NOT as CONFUSED as Prina’s characters…. I mean… I am WAY better off then they are. Right? Or… maybe I just THINK that I am.

All this time I thought that I was waiting on God to change some things in my life!!! BUT NOW I REALIZE THAT HE IS WAITING ON ME!!!! OMG! God is waiting on me! What don’t I see? What haven’t I let go of? (Like Tonja) Where is MY pride? (Like Millsap) Where is MY vanity? Where are MY wrong motives? (Like Cami)

So what does this mean??

It mean I need HELP! I need help to see what I don’t see!

It means from now on I am going to RELAX! I am going to listen to the Holy Ghost. I am going to trust God to show me what I don’t see. Essentially, I am going to allow God to turn me in the right direction and get me on my way.


Because if Tonja, Mike-Mike, Cami, and Millsap are too foolish not to see what is right in front of them… then I AM PROBABLY JUST THAT FOOLISH TOO… I just don’t know it and need God’s help to see it.


I trust God. I trust that he will give me the desires of my heart. I trust that he is perfecting those things that concern me. I trust that I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

So why am I not there yet??

I don’t know? Maybe there is something I don’t see. Maybe there is something that needs to be worked out in me. Maybe there is a situation coming that he is preparing me for. (Like Cami and her mother). I know who does know though…. G-O-D! and I trust him to show me. I trust him to lead and guide me in the way that I should go.

What ever it is… I trust that God loves me. I trust that I will come out. I trust that I will overcome. I trust that I will be victorious. Most of all I trust that I will get everything I have ever asked of him, if I just hold on and allow him to REVEAL to me what I may not already see!

(With tears in my eyes) Thanks Prina… now I understand why you always say…. “I just trust God”. I get it. Thanks! “I just trust God too!”

Much Love Always
God Bless

bambi said...

i love how you weave different examples of relationships together. how you show the different obstacles each are facing and trying to overcome. when i read you stories its like watching a movie. your extra touch of providing us with celebrity pictures to go with a character really helps with the imagery. its awesome!!!

Subrina said...

Oh Joy you are bring me such JOY by reading your comments. Your words are weaved with wisdom and the anointing. What you just said spoke directly to me and I praise God for you sharing your feelings with us.

Now back to the comments Suprina I'v tried to post about 5 comments this morning but there seems to be a problem because it wouldn't let me preview it nor post it.

Anyway do Franco have a love because there's not much said about his love life nor changing his ways or will he be the next spin-off you write back?

Suprina said...

Joy 1-2: You're on a roll now, girl. OMG!!! You really blessed my soul with both posts, especially the second one. I may have to cut/paste it for further meditation. I encourage everyone else to do the same. That second post was fire!!!!

Jrboss: I'm coming with the next post around 8pm my time.

Bambi: Thank you for saying that. I try to give y'all a real 'show' so to speak when you comes to my blog. That's why I put in so much research to enhance the sotry.


Suprina said...

Subrina: Joy got down then, didn't she?

As for Franco, his romantic life will be highlighted soon enough. No, I will not be spinning off on his story. I will cover everything in this story.


P.S. Is anybody else having posting problems like Subrina?

Paula said...

Joy thank you for sharing your revelation with us. WE ALL GREATLY APPREICIATE IT!

I felt the same way when I first started reading Delia's Story. I have become addicted to Suprina's Sermons. I love how her stories always manifest some truth in my life and has caused me to become a little more humble.


SUPRINA has brought me closer to GOD than anyone else. I am still a work in progress but I am now a believer in GOD.

Thank you Suprina!

Anonymous said...

Joy thank you for sharing what God revealed to you through this story.
I totally agrre that the reason I keep coming back to Suprina's inspirational stories is that the Lord uses this sister to help or advise us in many different ways. Some things are just tiny others are big breakthrough's liek what Joy just went thru and I am so happy for her and for all who get to participate in this experience. See Suprina how your work is turning more sisters toward the Lord Jesus and teaching so many leesons for Christian womean and even non christian women. much can be learned thru your stories even if just relationship tips!!
you defintely go girl!!

i am still mad that Cami is so stuck on Millsap to give him a runfor his money. It would much benefit his conceited self! shoot!

i'm soo glad Millsap and little man connected like that, way to go Suprina! It always amazes me the research you go into to to prvide so much variety on all kinds of topics of interest for your characters and us readers!!
As you can see i'm late with my comments but hope you get time to read them.


Suprina said...

Sharon: Thanks for saying all those things. It feels so good to know that God is using me to be such a blessing to others. I'm truly honored by that and do not take it lightly.

As for Cami and Millsap, stay tuned. She's going to give him a run for his money and he's going to be humbled.

Yes, Millsap and Little Man had a wonderful connection. I didn't want to take Cami through what Delia went through with her son.

Sharon, I'm so glad you appreciate the research I do. That means a lot since I really put so much time into it.


PS. I welcome late comments.