Thursday, October 09, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 24.1


Cami took the first weekend off in September from the club in order to spend that time with her son, who was in Enfield for a surprise visit. Little Man had wanted to see her before he started another school year in Washington. His grandfather happily obliged him that request. Frank wanted to see Cami, too, especially after all the good reports he’d been getting from her and about her via others.

Fortunately, Tonja gave Cami no problems about taking off Friday and Saturday at the last minute. The club had more than enough staff to cover those nights this weekend. Plus, Cami had come in to work for so many other waitresses at the last minute that it was only fair to extend the same favor to her.

In appreciation to Tonja for being such an understanding supervisor, Cami invited her and Rena to the local amusement park to hang out with her and Little Man on Saturday morning. They were going to eat lots of junk food, enjoy the park’s waterworks while the weather was still warm outside, and practice go-cart racing on the supervised kiddy track at the rear of the park.

Tonja readily accepted that invitation. Then she asked if a few of the other waitresses could come and bring their children, too. Cami agreed and so began another tradition for the club waitresses that were also mothers.

Since Saturday turned into a full-fledged mother and child day at the park, Frank opted to stay and rest in Cami’s room at the boarding house. Although Towanna was invited, even though she currently had no children, she had to work that day.

To Cami’s surprise, Millsap and Mike-Mike showed up unexpectedly an hour into the fun. They arrived while the kids were having water balloon fights under the park’s elaborate sprinkler system. Cami and Tonja were not in the field at the time. They were taking a break to rest and dry off after participating in the first shift of water balloon fun. The other two waitresses were fulfilling their shift of fun now.

“Why are they here?” Cami whispered to Tonja, who was sitting next to her on the wooden bench. The men were still quite a distance away.

“Michael overheard us girls talking about our plans for today last night at the club and mentioned something about maybe stopping by to meet everybody’s kids,” Tonja whispered back, unaware that she’d slipped up and used Mike-Mike’s given name in the wrong setting. “I hope it’s all right.”

Cami nodded. “It’s fine. I just wish I’d known they were coming, that’s all.” She looked down at her clothes and grimaced.

If Cami had known their bosses were coming, she would have dressed a little sexier for Millsap. She definitely wouldn’t have worn the plain blue t-shirt, black biker shorts, and sneakers that she had on now.

Unknown to Cami, that’s exactly why Tonja deliberately withheld that piece of information from her. She knew that if Cami looked even the slightest bit made up or prepared today, Millsap would think that he was being setup, which he was by subtle matchmakers Tonja and Mike-Mike. Thus everything had to be and look as natural as possible today, including Cami.

“Like I said before it was a maybe situation, so that’s why I didn’t mention it earlier,” Tonja insisted even though her own attire belied her words. The sexy red top and blue jean short-shorts she had on definitely had been worn with somebody in mind today.

“It’s cool,” Cami replied, smoothing her wet hair back from her face. “What I wouldn’t do to have my makeup bag right about now,” she said, having left that item in the car.

“Women with natural beauty don’t need makeup,” Tonja soothed with sincerity. “And, girl, even a blind man can see that you have plenty of that.”

Cami smiled and relaxed at those words. Maybe I don’t look so bad after all, she mused, sitting up straighter now.

* * *

Millsap hissed out an expletive when they were still a few yards away from Cami and Tonja.

“What’s wrong with you?” Mike-Mike asked, looking at him with concern.

“That girl did it to me again,” Millsap replied, wincing in pain.

“Did what?”

“Turned me on like a stock car engine. Man, I feel souped up and ready to go.”

“Don’t you mean ready to blow?” Mike-Mike chuckled.

“Whatever, man.” Millsap laughed, despite the ache in his body.

“I’m just curious as to what exactly got you so revved up,” Mike-Mike said. “I mean, Cami ain’t wearing nothing too revealing or sexy today. From what I can make out from here, the girl don’t even have on any makeup right now.”

“She’s wet, man. Seeing Cami’s hair slick back like that brings back some steamy shower scene memories,” Millsap replied, licking his lips. “As for her not having on any makeup or wearing something sexy, Cami don’t need any of that to turn me on.”

“Good genes must run in her family, ‘cause Dee got that natural beauty popping off, too.”

“You right about that,” Millsap agreed, recalling his former crush on Delia. That crush was obliterated by Royal’s heroic act. It was forbidden never to return by Millsap’s one night with Cami. Now his heart was like, ‘Delia who?

“Either way, I’m going to slide on over to that water fountain across the way to give myself a minute to calm down. I’ll catch up with you in a minute,” Millsap concluded, before veering off to the right.

“Cool.” Mike-Mike nodded and kept walking. He was eager to be around Tonja again. Even more eager to finally meet the little girl that he hoped would be his stepdaughter someday.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Joy said...

Ironic! How Cami thinks she is unattractive right now, and yet for Millsap she is even more attractive. Is that a sign of true love?

God Bless

Jrboss said...

Awesome post...more positiveness for Cami. Keep working on her girl. Slowly but surely she's getting it.