Thursday, October 09, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 23.5

In Las Vegas, Nevada, there existed another woman labeled trouble. Her name was Catrina ‘Cat’ Edison. She was Cami’s wayward mother.

Tonight Cat found herself without a place to stay yet again. She’d just been caught cheating…again. With nothing and no one to bargain with this time, she was told to leave by her soon-to-be ex-beau.

Used to this routine, Cat quickly packed her things and headed for the door. She could care less about the ranting man downstairs calling her everything but a child of God. By now she’d been called so many names that none of them ruffled her feathers.

Oh, well. On to the next man, Cat mused, counting on her looks to give her favor with yet another unsuspecting man as she descended the stairs with her designer suitcases in either hand.

What Cat didn’t count on was her current beau storming out the house behind her with a straight razor, intent on ruining her looks forever.

Suddenly a sharp pain.

A wide splatter of blood.

Fade to black…for this little Cat.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Anonymous said...

sorry for cami's mother but excuse me -did she call this curse on herself or what? she isn't dead rite? just passed out from the pain??

i really enjoyed the girl talk between cami and towanna, it was funny and informative - i didn't like how sneaky Millsap heard all that. he doesn't need a bigger ego than he already has. what will he do with this TMI...nothing it seems cuz once again he talked himself out of doing anything with her.

will towanna help cami with her materialism and loyalty issues - does she know cami even as these problems? when do we see interaction with cami and her little man and dad? that could be emotional or happy????

friday can't come too soon for this sista'!!

i hope Towanna's new beau is serious about our fine sista'. do we have a picture of her suprina? i like her alot! very supportive!


Suprina said...

Sharon: I can't answer the question about Cami's mother. You'll just have to wait and see. lol.

In Millsap's defense, he didn't intend to spy on the girls talking. It was just in the right place at the right time. lol. But don't worry, I'm going to help bring that brotha's ego down a notch.

Towanna knows all about Cami's past. I talked about that a few chapters ago when they were heading to the pool party.

Interactions with Cami and Little Man coming up next. It's another wait and see situation to know if it's an emotional or happy visit. Sharon, stop trying to get me to tell you the story. lol.

Towanna's lookalike picture was posted at the beginning of the story. Go back into the September archives to see that post and links.


P.S. Love the long comments!

Jrboss said...

ohh, sounds like trouble on the way - by way of mommy dearest. I'm so hoping she doesn't come back in Cami's life and stir things up. Cami has come so far with Towanna's help and the positive people like Mama.

Or maybe it could work out for the best. Maybe she can see what her life would be like if she continues down this materialistic road. This just may be that boost she needs....hmmm

Joy said...

I'm sorry that Cat is hurt, but I have to agree with Sharon, She brought this on herself.

If Cat does come back into Cami's life then Cami will need God's help to handel her mother, because it is just to hard of a thing to do without his help! To many memories. To much pain. To much anger. To much unforgiveness. God never created us to be able to overcome such things without his help (cover them up maybe, but not overcome).

If Cami is able to lean on God and reach a place of peace with her mother and with the help of the Holy Ghost even forgive her ... THEN SHE WILL HAVE SEWN SOME AWESOMLY WONDERFUL SEEDS TOWARDS RECEIVEING FORGIVENESS FOR HER OWN DEEDS... and Cami neeeeeds to be forgiven for ALOT of things.

Give and IT (what you gave) will be given back unto you.
Forgive and you will be forgiven.
Love and you will be loved.

Good luck Cami! I am rooting for you girfriend!

On another note:

I am finding it interesting how in life when we alow God to direct our steps we have to walk things out ONE STEP AT A TIME. There is not 'speedy check out line'; there is no 'drive through lane'. Day in and day out we get up and we work to forgive. We work to have faith. We work to love. We work to believe. We work to become better then we were the day before. And we hope against hope to see the fruits of all our labor before long.

That is what I see while reading this book. With each post you see Cami becoming more likeable. Milsap becoming more humble. But there is no 'quick fix' just like life. There is no magic wand that we can wave and say....


I am a better person now. Nope... it is a step by step. Day by day. Post by post process. And we just have to believe that....


Okay... I started rambeling. Sorry bout that folks.

Much Love
God Bless