Thursday, October 09, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 23.4

While Cami waited at the trunk with the grocery cart, Towanna opened the driver doors and pressed the internal button for the trunk to open. While doing so, she turned on the radio just in time to hear the middle of a Michel’le song entitled Something In My Heart.

Cami instantly squealed with delight, immediately recognizing that familiar old school tune. “Oh, girl, I love that song.”

“I do, too,” Towanna replied.

“Well, turn it up then,” Cami urged, removing a carrot from one of the bags to use as a makeshift microphone.

In the dark jeep several feet away, Millsap groaned in protest. His loins stirred with desire. His body instantly hardened with need as he watched Cami wind her sexy hips in that formfitting black mini-skirt while she sang along with the slow tune.

Baby, please stop. You really hurting a brotha over here, Millsap mused, even as his body now ached to the point of distraction. It was as if he hadn’t had sex at all tonight. As if he’d gone months without it.

Unfortunately for him, Cami didn’t stop winding her hips until the song stopped. That’s when Towanna turned the radio down again and proceeded to help her finally load their groceries into the trunk.

However, Millsap did have the good sense to look away and even duck down in his front seat to make sure Cami didn’t see his silhouette beyond the tinted windows while she twirled with her dancing.

“Girl, you sang that song like you meant it. Like you were in love or something,” Towanna remarked. “You had your eyes closed and everything. Forgot all about the groceries.” She chuckled.

Cami laughed, too. “Sorry, girl. As for being in love, I’m definitely close to it…if not there already.”

With who?! Millsap raged from several feet away. He wasn’t aware of Cami dating anyone. And how could she be in love so fast? She’d just been with him a mere two weeks ago.

“With who?” Towanna asked, unaware that she’d just echoed Millsap’s thoughts.

“With Millsap of course,” Cami replied, stating the obvious. “Who else have I been talking about for weeks now? Daydreaming about from sunup to sundown?”

Millsap smiled in his car. He liked hearing those words, even though he didn’t intend to do anything about them.

Towanna chuckled. “I just wanted to make sure. There are a lot of guys in the neighborhood trying to get with you.”

Cami frowned and shook her head. “And if you notice, I turn them all away. I ain’t got time for nobody but Millsap right now.” She smiled. “That fine chocolate brotha with the pretty eyes and the long dreads is the one I want.” She licked her lips and dreamily added, “With his fine self. And did I mention he was fine?”

“Several times.” Towanna laughed. “Girl, that man got your mind gone. No wonder you didn’t dance too much at the club tonight. And here I thought it was PMS or something. It’s a good thing you haven’t slept with Millsap yet or else you’d really be strung out.”

Cami suddenly grew silent, grabbed the handles of the shopping cart and turned to quickly push it away.

“Uh-uh. Slow down, little red Corvette,” Towanna said, pulling on the back of Cami’s pink blouse. “You’re going a little bit too fast.”

“What?” Cami asked, paused and turned around with an innocent look on her face.

“Don’t try to look all innocent now. You slept with him, didn’t you?” Towanna asked, releasing her shirt.

Suddenly conscious of their immediate surroundings, Cami looked to and fro before responding. It was a good thing Millsap was reclining in his car or she definitely would have seen his silhouette by now.

After making sure the coast was clear, Cami took a deep breath, smiled and nodded. “Yes, girl. We shook some sheets together…all night long.” She giggled. “But you can’t tell anybody though. I wasn’t supposed to tell anybody,” she added, turning serious again.

“You didn’t tell anybody. I guessed.” Towanna grinned. “Was it good?”

Cami nodded with a smile. “The best, girl. That man ain’t no joke. He knocked every boot I had and then some. Had me springing leaks up top and below.” She pointed to her eyes with emphasis when she said ‘up top’. No need to point below since that was a no-brainer.

“The man actually had you crying from his loving?” Towanna asked, quickly deciphering her friend’s slang.

“Oh, yeah,” Cami admitted without shame. “But I wasn’t alone. He shed at least one tear of his own.”

No, I didn’t! Millsap denied, lying to himself.

“Wow! You guys really made a connection, didn’t you?” Towanna said.

“I’d like to think so, but that stupid club rule keeps us from being together. And jobs are just too hard for me to come by to up and quit like Leza did,” Cami replied, giving her assessment of what was keeping her and Millsap apart. She forgot all about her materialism and loyal issues.

“Girl, you are in a dilemma.” Towanna’s eyes were sympathetic.

“Who you telling? My dilemma gets worse at times like these when I get hot just thinking about Millsap.” Cami fanned herself even now. “When just the sound of his name makes me want to pop.”

“Millsap,” a mischievous Towanna said, testing out her friend’s theory.

As if on cue, Cami moaned.

Towanna giggled. “Millsap,” she teased, causing her friend to moan again.

“Stop, Towanna,” Cami complained. “Or I’m never gonna tell you another secret.” She started to push the cart away again.

Towanna giggled once more. “All right. I won’t call his name again…tonight.” She chuckled and started towards the driver’s seat. “By the way, is Mr. Nameless…big and tall all over?” she asked, playing on words.

“Is butter yellow?” Cami replied, answering her question with a question as she put the cart in the designated area.

There were more giggles from Towanna. “Can he work it?”

“Are leaves green in the summertime?” Cami giggled now and started back towards the car. “Is the sky blue? Does the sun set in the west? Rise in the east?”

Towanna burst out laughing, even as Cami continued to add more questions to her list to confirm how talented Millsap was in the bedroom.

Millsap smiled from his covert place. On one hand, it was good to know that he’d pleased Cami so much. On the other hand, it was torture. Because now he wanted to please her all over again. Even more so than before.

No! Millsap told himself, wiping the smile off his own face. That girl is trouble, remember? he mused, once again talking himself out of a serious relationship with Cami.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

* * *

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Jrboss said...

That was awesome. I hope Millsap is taking all this in and really listening.

Joy said...

(Sorry yall for all the typos lately, combination of tiredness, and stress)

Anyway.... I REALLY like this post, because Millsap has a rare opportunity to truly hear Cami's heart. He can know that eventhough she still may have some growing up to do in some areas. She really does care about him. Therefore I am a bit irritated with him for purposefully convincing himself that she is still nothing but trouble. I know that they still have a way to go, but I think he is just being difficult and overly defensive now. I think the real problem for Millsap is NOT how she feels about him, but rather about how HE feels about her.

God Bless

Paula said...

Can you here his theme songs playing while he waits. Lol