Thursday, October 09, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 23.3

On the way home, Towanna stopped off at a twenty-four-hour grocery store. She’d gotten a text message from Mama Ingram at the club and had been asked to bring four gallons of milk home for the residents’ weekend usage. She would be reimbursed from the boarding house’s petty cash fund.

Cami went into the store with Towanna to fellowship and to see if there was anything she wanted out of the store, as well. She ended up buying two bags of fresh fruit and a whole platter of crab cakes from the deli department.

As the two women pushed their cart to Towanna’s Buick, they paid little attention to a black Jeep Commander parking two cars away. Inside that tinted window vehicle was none other than Millsap.

Like them, Millsap decided to stop at the store for a few food items before going home. Now he wished he hadn’t.

Just the sight of Cami made him want to make his presence known, invite her into his jeep, and take her right here. Especially after the disappointing night he’d had with Daysha.

It seems that all these unexpected feelings for Cami were starting to mess with his love life. Millsap thought about her all the time, compared every woman to her, and was now just going through the motions with his dates.

None of their kisses moved him like Cami’s had. His body craved her touch only, her snug depths. Millsap missed all that energy Cami brought into the bedroom. Her rowdiness. The way she let him be rowdy, too.

Only one night, remember? Millsap reminded himself in order to beat down his strong urges. That night is long gone. Move on, man.

Those were some of the same things Millsap told himself last Friday after he dropped Leza off. It had been a dogfight to keep from seeking Cami out that night. Especially after seeing her in that body paint, after hugging her, and definitely after she extended that discreet invitation to him.

And yet Millsap had successfully resisted temptation that night. He planned to do it again tonight even if it took a bit more effort. Last Friday, all he had to do was get rid of Leza before haul-tailing it out of town. Tonight he was going to sit still in the car, be quiet, and wait until Cami left before putting some much needed distance between them.

Thankfully, Millsap’s car had black tinted windows. Plus, it was a vehicle that Cami wouldn’t recognize since he only drove the jeep when he was going to the country, which was his next destination tonight.

Now stop dilly-dallying and get on in the car, woman, Millsap willed to Cami, unaware that she and Towanna was about to linger just long enough to tax his restraint near to the breaking point.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

Going to bed now.


Joy said...

Man... okay Prina, sleep tight.
God Bless

Carmel Beauty said...

Wow! I love hearing what Millsap is thinking how hard he is fighting his feelings. I also would be Towanna's friend she is just awesome. I hope Tonja gets over her whatever she wants to call it soon because her and Mike-Mike need to be together. Also Millsap messing with Cami schedule like that is just wrong, he the one with the problem if he can't handle it he needs to take his date's somewhere else not mess with Cami money.

Suprina said...

Carmel B: I love hearing what the heroes in stories are thinking too. For me it gives a more well-rounded picture of what's really going on. Not just from one person's POV.

Towanna is awesome.

Tonja...well, she does need a wake up call. Gonna get one...eventually. Got lots of ground to cover before then though. However, I did like how she was against Millsap messing with Cami's schedule like that. But he's her boss, what can she do about it?

To keep him from messing with Cami's money too much, I may have him approve Cami working more hours during the week and giving her a raise. Yeah, that's it. Let me go back and tweak a few things now.

Thanks for the idea, Carmel B.!


Suprina said...

Okay, I went back and tweak that section of Ch. 23.1 so that Cami's $ is not affected by the change in her work schedule. Thanks again for having my back on that, Carmel B.