Thursday, October 09, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 23.2

For a big girl, Towanna could dance forever it seemed. She also had flirting down to a science. Men flocked to Towanna’s bubbly personality quicker than they did to Cami’s shapely frame.

Surprisingly, none of that bothered Cami. She was still too caught up with thoughts of Millsap to be jealous of Towanna or to crave the attentions of other men. Plus, she was genuinely happy for her friend, who was teaching her daily how to be a true friend outside the prison walls.

Towanna was teaching Cami something else tonight – how to look beyond a man’s body and wallet for other virtues. Virtues that would sustain a relationship long after the body changes and the wallet empties. Virtues like kindness, loyalty, wit, and ingenuity.

It was wit and ingenuity that caused Towanna to single out one of her admirers as the man that she would not only give her phone number to, but actually go out on a date with tomorrow night. That man was a tall, slender, very articulate fellow by the name of Roe.

Roe was fair-skinned with intelligent eyes and graying sideburns, which suggested that he was much older than Towanna, although she didn’t seem to mind their age differences at all. In fact, she told Cami in the ladies room that she found the handsome man so intellectually stimulating that she was probably going to ask him out if he didn’t ask her out first.

But what put Roe over the top was when he had the seven people at his table each memorize a different digit of Towanna’s phone number to make sure he didn’t forget it. It truly was an ‘ahh-that’s-so-sweet’ moment. Such originality brought instant tears of joy to Towanna’s eyes and was just one of the things that made her quickly accept Roe’s subsequent dinner invitation.

Again, Cami was happy for her friend. What she wasn’t happy about was how much Roe reminded her of Millsap. Not in personality or even overall looks. It was the color of his eyes. Roe had the same brownish-green eyes as Millsap.

Girl, you either drank too much tonight anyway or Millsap really got you sprung, Cami told herself as she and Towanna exited the club several hours later. It’s got to be the second thing, she mused, recalling that she’d only had three drinks tonight. Plus she was walking just as straight as ever.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Joy said...

Giggle! I lie the way Roe Towanna's number....its remminisant!

God Bless

Suprina said...

Joy: You should 'like' it. lol. I believe you're the one that gave me that idea. Didn't that happen to you once?


PS. I bet you thought I would never use that idea, huh? Fooled you. tee-hee.

Jrboss said...

I love Towanna personality.. the confidence she has being a big girl is great. That's a life lesson in itself.