Thursday, October 09, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 23.1

It was Friday again. Cami had just gotten off from her day job, didn’t have to report to her night job, and thus had some extra time on her hands. Instead of going home to do-nothingness, she agreed to go out with Towanna tonight.

Since they both had taken to bringing changing clothes to work, the two ladies exchanged their work clothes for clubwear before they left the hotel. Then they headed to a club in Littleview to unwind.

“I feel kinda funny being off on a Friday night,” Cami said as her friend guided them through Littleview’s evening traffic. They’d carpooled in Cami’s vehicle earlier in the week.

“It’s about time you were off on a Friday. Now that I think about it, you’ve been working every Friday since you started at that club,” Towanna replied.

“That’s because I’ve requested those days. Not only does Millsap come to the club every Friday, but tonight is a big tip night.”

“So you were trying to knock out two birds with one stone, huh?”

“Yep.” Cami chuckled. “I offered to work again tonight, but Tonja outright refused for the same reason you stated earlier. She said I’ve been working too many Fridays lately. That she didn’t want me to get burned out.”

“Kudos to Tonja. I knew there was something about her I liked.” Towanna smiled. “By the way, I’m the designated driver tonight, so if you want to get blitzed, you can.”

Cami shook her head. “My days of getting blitzed are over. The last time I got drunk was in Washington. I’ll never forget the look of disappointment in my son’s eyes when he came out of his room and saw me staggering down the hallway.” Her own eyes grew sad at that memory. “That night, I promised Little Man and myself that I wouldn’t ever get drunk again. I’ve kept that promise, which means all I’m getting tonight is a little buzzed, nothing more.”

“I hear you, girl. I think it’s great that your son is such a source of motivation for you.”

“Me, too. I just wish I had allowed him to be that five years ago. I could have avoided a whole lot of trouble,” Cami replied.

“That’s all in the past, girl. Leave it there,” Towanna soothingly advised. “Tonight we are shedding all of our troubles.” She chuckled and added, “I personally hope to shed another five pounds on the dance floor while we’re at it.”

Cami chuckled. “You’re fine just the way you are, Towanna.”

“Oh, I know that,” Towanna teased sassily, revealing confidence that so few plus-sized women had. “I’m just trying to get a little bit healthier for all those kids I want to have and live to see grow up.”

“I heard that,” Cami agreed, realizing that she was not the only one using children as a source of motivation.

Incidentally, Little Man had become his mother’s source of motivation in yet another way. After he praised her recent changes in speech, Cami decided to relegate her use of slang to close friendships and…Millsap since he seemed to like it so much.

Millsap, Cami mused, wondering what he was doing tonight.

* * *

Back in Enfield, Millsap was in his car en route to Daysha’s house. They had a date tonight. That date included dinner at a fancy restaurant, a movie, and then on to the club for a few relaxing drinks in the skybox.

Thinking about the club now, Millsap got on his cell phone and dialed its number.

Tonja answered the line on the second ring. “Good evening, you’ve reached The Urban Revue. How may I help you?” she said, issuing her usual pleasant greeting.

“It’s Millsap,” he said. “Did you do what I asked you to?”

“Oh, hey, Millsap. And yes, Cami has been given the night off,” Tonja replied.

“Good.” Millsap smiled, letting out a breath of relief. “Thanks, Tonja,” he said, glad that he didn’t have to worry about Cami blowing yet another date for him tonight.

“No problem,” Tonja replied, fighting not frown.

Then she quickly concluded the call before Millsap asked her to do something extreme like fire Cami. He’d already asked her to schedule Cami off on nights when he was bringing a date to the club and to restrict her from the skybox effective immediately.

To Millsap’s credit, he did authorize a significant raise for Cami and approve more work hours for her during the week so as not to reduce her earnings. But once again, those hours could not be during the times that he had dates at the club.

You can run from Cami all you want, Millsap, but you can’t run away from your feelings, Tonja mused, speaking from personal experience.

She tried her best not to fall in love with Mike-Mike, but it happened anyway. It was hard not to considering how thoughtful, benevolent, and downright lovable he was.

Although Tonja was one step above Millsap by at least admitting her feelings to herself, she wasn’t ready to admit them to anyone else right now. Not yet.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Joy said...

Okay, I irritation is increaing with Millsap now. Instead of DEALING with the way he feels about Cami, he is just avoiding it. That is no good.

God bless

Anonymous said...


Cami is generous!! see how she evenly split the money she made on her baody-painting (girl-went into that site and boy was that HOT STUFF really cool. i encourage y'all to tone up and do this for yo hubbies!!! they will absolutely roll over and die!! girl-- where do you get your ideas???!!!!) now i saw why cami was da bomb and all those reactions shoo'!
anyway!! she split the dought evenly with towanna and mama ingram- i found that soo sweet. am i liking her better with each post or what? am i getting madder with Millsap with each post or what! i understand him running but sheesh!
i repeat will someone give this due a run for his money???!!! HE THINK HE ALL DAT!!!

wonder what cami would do if she knew the real reason fof her night off...then wastin' her time thinkin' of Millsap who's havin' a good time with someone else!

i'm glad though that Mike-Mike and Tonja's relationship is developing slowly but surely.


Anonymous said...

i also like how you're showing us that beauty ain't just skin deep - mike and all his weight but he found someone to love him for him and his good qualities - which are surfacing more and more because thru Tonja his self esteem is returning...something good to see

Cami really needs self esteem to be free of her dependancy on men and money-- only Jesus. but Towanna is a real good friend that i LIKE and who;s putting her on the track bit by precious bit.


Suprina said...

Joy: I'm irritated with Millsap at this point myself. But the man has a will of steel. And to stay true to his character, I can't let him buckle so fast. After all, Cami's only been back in town since May. It's just August. Surely not enough time for Millsap to be totally convinced that she's changed. Plus he's only around her at the club. He hasn't observed her in her everyday life...yet.


Suprina said...

Sharon: Yes, Cami is generous now. I'm trying to strip that selfishness off of her slowly but surely. Being in that boarding house is helping her evolve faster, too.

I'm glad you liked that site. Thanks for the extra encouragement to tone up. Me and hubby was just talking about that last night. About exercising together, in fact.

My ideas come from a variety of places, Sharon. Mostly from things that are dropped in my spirit at the oddest times.

Glad you're liking Cami better with each post. Ain't mad at you for getting madder with Millsap with each post. lol. Me, too.

Hmmm...does Millsap think he all that? A little. lol. He's mostly just scared of Cami's hold on him.

Sharon, trust me when I say Millsap didn't have as good a time as you think. lol.

Right now, Mike-Mike and Tonja's relationship is the slow and steady romance in the story, despite the obstacles in their paths.