Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 22.3

The attention got off of Cami as soon as Leza and some of the other women came out of the artist’s booth. Now the men had faux leopards, cheetahs, playboy bunnies, and various other masterpieces to look at. Some of the men got involved and had their faces painted featuring their favorite monsters and even some superheroes.

None of the generals had their bodies painted, but they did offer cash prizes for the best painted outfit. Hands down, Cami won on the female side. One of the managers from an Atlanta club won on the male side because he actually looked like a gargoyle.

After Cami’s win, she did the most unexpected thing. She jumped in the nearby pool, taking her money and Millsap, who’d handed her the cash prize, with her.


Down they sank together. Together they swam to the top again, side by side.

Instead of being angry with Cami, Millsap had a wide smile on his face when his head resurfaced. He flung a mass of wet dreadlocks out of his face, wiping his eyes clear in the process. Grinning mischievously, he then used the palm of his right hand to propel a spray of water towards Cami’s face.

She gasped in shock even as her fake eyelashes peeled away and floated on top of the water. After releasing the excess liquid in her mouth, Cami asked, “What did you do that for?” She chuckled, wiping her eyes free of water with her right hand.

“That’s for pulling me down with you.” Millsap grinned, pleased by her jovial reaction to his brand of playfulness. “This one is for getting me all wet again,” he added, sending his left palm on the same mission as his right.

Cami squealed in fun and returned the favor with both hands, inadvertently releasing the money in her left hand in the process. Soon they were having a bonafide water fight.

Towanna jumped in next to help her friend out, fully clothed in her stylish black short set, but wisely without her shoes. Other attendees quickly joined in, too.

Only Leza and a few other sadiddy women stayed on the sidelines and just watched the fun. Cami had gone too far this time. She’d gone somewhere they were not willing to follow.

Millsap might be worth quitting a job over, Leza mused, remembering their night of passion. But no man is worth ruining an expensive hairdo over, she thought, unwittingly revealing one of the reasons it was so hard for her to keep a man.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Joy said...


God Bless

Paula said...

Is Leza for REAL? A Hairdo? LOL

Suprina you have got to stop it. You are making my sides hurt with laughter. I know it is serious business with a Black woman hair but dang. She obviously will always just be a lay and a form of lust for a man.

Suprina said...

Joy: Glad to see you having so much fun on the blog.

Paula: Yep, Leza is one of THEM kind of black women - the hair comes before anything else...even the proper upkeep of their children. I've personally seen women with fly hairstyles of their own and chicken-headed kids following behind them. That's just shameful to me.

Glad I made you laugh, too, Paula. I hope others are having just as much fun on the blog.