Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 22.2

Across the pool area, Millsap let out a string of muttered curses as desire slammed into his body in hot waves. He began to sweat profusely, despite the fact that he’d just gotten out of the pool five minutes ago and now only wore a black tank shirt and matching swim trunks. Plus, it was nighttime and all the lights were near the stage, not the owners’ table.

I must have been crazy to hire her, Millsap thought, unable to tear his eyes away from Cami’s stunning frame as the band reluctantly sparked up again. That girl is just too fine for her own good, he mused as Mike-Mike grinned beside him.

Franco, who’d returned to the owners’ table after talking with Towanna a while ago, nearly stumbled over his own feet as he rose from his seat. He headed straight for Cami’s table along with a lot of other guys. Even some of the managers from other clubs were among that group of admirers.

“I’m going to get my body painted next,” Leza said determinedly, unwilling to let Cami have all that attention by herself. She especially didn’t appreciate Cami having all of Millsap’s attention…again!

Other women must have had the same idea, because they quickly filed in line behind Leza at the artist’s booth. Tonja was one of the women that remained seated. She didn’t want to budge from her secret lover, which left only her, Mike-Mike, and Millsap at the owners’ table.

“I got to say one thing for Cami. She sure knows how to get a dude’s attention.” Mike-Mike chuckled. “I just hope she makes it home okay behind that outfit. Some of the fellas looking a little suspect right about now. Like they ready to attack a sista.”

“Over my dead body!” Millsap hissed in a menacing tone, still watching Cami like a hawk.

In all honesty, he wanted to attack her, too. Except Millsap knew that she would not see his aggression as violence. Cami would see it as thug passion and ride it out with him to the end. Oh, how he missed that girl!

Mike-Mike and Tonja exchanged knowing glances at Millsap’s heated outburst.

Although Mike-Mike had not shared a thing about his friend’s secret rendezvous with Cami, Tonja had long since suspected that Millsap was sweet on Cami, too, despite his best efforts to hide his true feelings. Now she had proof.

“Sounds like you done staked claim, my brotha,” Mike-Mike said, talking freely in front of Tonja, whom he now trusted with his life.

“No.” Millsap shook his head in denial, although that’s exactly what he had done in his heart. “I’m just saying that if Cami gives herself to one of them, fine. But nobody is gonna take her against her will. Not if I have anything to say ‘bout it,” he said, finally dragging his gaze away from Cami.

Is anybody else burning up? Or is it just me? Millsap wondered, wiping a whole handful of sweat from his forehead even as more poured from his scalp.

“But hey, I’d be just as protective of any of our female employees,” Millsap continued, turning to look at Tonja whom he suspected was now fully aware of his feelings towards Cami based on his reactions alone today. Strangely enough, Millsap was all right with that even if he was still in denial of those feelings.

“That’s good to know,” Tonja replied with a smile.

“Yes, it is. But something tells me that you would actually kill a brotha over that particular female employee, dude,” Mike-Mike noted. “I know I would if somebody messed with my lady,” he added, giving Tonja a look that spoke volumes.

“I ain’t saying all that now,” Millsap replied nonchalantly, still trying to deny the obvious as if saying it often enough would somehow make it true. Perhaps if he could get his heart to cooperate it might make a difference.

“Whatever, man.” Mike-Mike rolled his eyes upwards the same way his grandmother did when she was exasperated with something. “Since you ain’t ready to face the truth yet, I’m gonna help you stay out of trouble tonight by spreading the word that all of our female employees are to be treated with the utmost respect now and after the party.” He rose to his feet.

“Good idea.” Millsap took a long swig of his drink as his friend walked off. He was glad that somebody was being level-headed here. He honestly didn’t know himself these days. He’d never been so jealous or acted so possessively in his life.

What did that girl do to me? Millsap thought miserably, wiping even more sweat from his forehead. She let a brotha be free and put it on me just the way I like it, that’s what, he answered himself, feeling even more miserable inside. And that drink he just had hadn’t done anything to cool or calm him down.

“In the meantime, I’m going for another swim,” Millsap said, removing his shirt before starting for the water again. He needed to cool off in a hurry.

Nodding, Tonja got up soon thereafter. Except she headed upstairs to the skybox. She needed some time alone to think about a few things. That comment Mike-Mike said a while ago had her fearing for Reno’s safety.

Was it time to call things off now? Had Mike-Mike decided to claim her completely by murdering her child’s father?

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Joy said...


Okay... lost control for a moment. Sorry about that. I am calmer now.

God Bless

Suprina said...

*Nerd/Preachy Moment*

Ladies, we need to understand the power that we have as women. Power to influence men, to affect their decisions, to change their very lives.

Don't believe me? Check your Bibles. See Matthew 14:1-10.

Herodias' daughter danced, just DANCED for a powerful man and he ended up granting her 'whatsoever she would ask' (verse 7).

Now, ladies, we got to use our power the RIGHT WAY now. We can't be asking for somebody to be put to death or anything wicked like that (see Matt 14:8). No, we need to use that power for good...on our husbands and future husbands, not on every man that's interested in us.

Okay, nerd/preaching moment officially over. lol.

Much luv.


Suprina said...

Joy: All I can do is laugh at your comments. So honest, as usual.


Paula said...

I agree with Joy 100%. LOL

Millsap is a GONER..........

What is the matter with TONJA? This woman is unbelievable.......
After everything that Mike-Mike has shown her and done for her she think of him as a KILLER. This woman is blind to when a man say that he would protect her by any means necessary. She is so accustomed to accepting less that she is blinded to the MORE she can receive from a GOOD MAN!

Suprina said...

Paula: You are so right about Tonja. Can't say much more or I'll tell too much of the story.