Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 21.4

Across the pool area, Cami excused herself from Franco and Towanna’s presence and headed for the restroom. She lost her appetite the second Millsap looked over and scowled at her for talking to his partner.

Although she knew Millsap didn’t have any right to be angry with her for talking to any man while he was with another woman, she still found herself wanting to assuage his ire. Especially now that she was no longer mad about the Leza situation, but instead saw it as yet another challenge to her ultimate goals.

But how would Cami build a bridge back to Millsap?

On the way to the restroom, which she really didn’t have to use, Cami paused by the artist booth where the body painting was supposed to take place. While chatting with the female artist who went by the name Cricket, she learned that no one was utilizing the woman’s considerable talents yet, perhaps out of shyness.

As a result, Cami volunteered to be the first patron. She would soon become Cricket’s walking advertisement, as well.

Stepping inside the booth, Cami disrobed down to the black thong bikini that she’d worn underneath her dress. Thinking about a few things she’d seen at Millsap’s apartment, she requested that her new ‘outfit’ contain race track colors and themes.

Cricket smiled with an excited gleam in her eyes as ideas formed in her head. Then she began to airbrush and hand paint a faux outfit upon Cami’s body.

Thirty minutes later, the talented artist was done. Cami emerged from the booth with red, white, and black body paint that looked like she had on a midriff shirt that tied in the front and a pair of cutoff Daisy Duke shorts with the zipper seductively open. The black stilettos Cami had on complimented her new look to perfection.

“You look stunning.” Cricket smiled, clearly proud of her work as she took several pictures of it from various angles.

“I agree.” Cami giggled, admiring the masterpiece in the full-length mirror of the booth. “Wow! You really do great work.”

“Thanks, and you’ve been a most excellent model,” Cricket replied. “Now go strut your stuff around the pool area so I can really earn my keep around here tonight. Maybe even get asked back at some future date.”

“I’m on it.” Cami grinned. “Keep track of my dress, okay? I paid a pretty penny for it,” she said, handing over the wooden hanger that held her dress.

“I’m going to hang it up in the back right now.” Cricket received the dress with a wide smile.

I can’t wait for Millsap to see me now, Cami mused, eager to see his reaction. She was just as eager to take Leza down from her high horse tonight.

Game on again.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

* * *

Author note:

At first I was not going to give the link to the website where I got the idea for Cami’s body painting scene. Especially since some of the pictures are very racy. But then as I thought more about it, I realized that you’ve probably seen more nudity at museums, the movies, on television, or even in lingerie catalogs.

I also thought about the fact that y’all are grown and don’t need anybody to coddle you. At least you should be grown if you’re reading this blog.

For those under 18, please EXIT THE BLOG NOW and DO NOT RETURN until you are old enough for the content.

For those that are 18 and older, I think once you visit the site, you’ll probably say, “Suprina, that wasn’t offensive at all.”

Even so, I had to issue this disclaimer for those that might be offended in order to give them the option of NOT visiting the site at their own discretion. Without further ado:

* * *

P.S. If I was more in shape and toned, I would probably do this body paint thing for my hubby on his next birthday. lol. But hey, that’s just me. I know, I know, TMI. lol.


Suprina said...

Going to bed now. Btw, I combined Cami's body paint outfit from two of the pictures that I saw on the site I referenced in the post.

Next up, D-R-A-M-A!!!!


Paula said...

It looks like clothes........

They were actually NOT offensive but rather tasteful designs. I agree with you, if I was SLIMMER and TONED I would DEFINITELY do this. LOL

Jrboss said...


You're amazing. I could see the two you combined and they are awesome. Now, you know this is going to stir up some stuff because with the body Cami has oh girl is lieible to knock her in the pool. Can't wait.

P.S. I'm with you, if I had the body I'd get painted up for my hubby too LOL

Joy said...

RE: body painting...
I hate to sound ignorant, but I am going to have to ask anyway...

It the purpose for painting clothes on a nakid body rather then actually wearing the clothes is so that you can have sex in you outfits? I though half the fun was removing the clothes (like a Christams present).

any way... the artzy flowery ones were kind of nice.

God Bless

Paula said...

Is that Cami Edison with a conscious?

WOW, I never thought this day would actually come. I mean here is Cami do-what-you-want Edison feeling like she is betraying her beloved.

I wonder if Cami even realizes that she is a very talented young lady. She has never experienced unconditional love from anyone, not even her parents. With a military father and a promiscuous mother most have made for a difficult life.

Cami still does not understand that she has already got HIM....Millsap. That brother nose so wide open I can see all the way in FL. LOL

If she only used what she got to get what she want.....her intelligent mind. She should stop being the old conniving Cami and be the well respected Cami. She already trapped him with her body so now she need to try and keep him with her mind.

Suprina said...

Paula: That bodypainting does look like clothes. Glad that the site didn't offend you. I thought it was tasteful too.

Jrboss: Thanks for the compliment. And yes, this is going to stir up some sho'stuff.

For both ladies: Maybe that bodypainting thing might be an incentive for us to at least tone up. I don't necessarily want to do a lot of slimming down because my hubby likes all the curves, but I would like to get rid of the pudge and love handles.


Suprina said...

Joy: You don't sound ignorant at all, just curious.

I'm sure there are many purposes for painting on the naked body, one of which might be to have sex in your clothes. Another might be to minister to that side of men that is very visual. In short, men get turned on quicker by what they see than women do.

Anyway, although it is fun removing the clothes like unwrapping Christmas presents, there are many men that want them to stay on. They want to do the DO sometimes while you're still in a few garments (don't ask how I know this). lol.

Hope that answered your question.


Suprina said...

Paula-2: Yes, Cami has a conscious. A bigger one that we might think these days.

Right now Cami doesn't realize a lot about herself that's special for obvious reasons - her past. For the record, her father did/does love her, but he was always gone with his job. He was never around long enough to really see what was going on with her. He was too ambitious and he foolishly trusted his ex-wife.

Cami really does already have Millsap now that I think about it. But he's so good at playing it off that she don't know it yet. I think if she was to just show up at his place unannounced one night, he wouldn't turn her away. No, that brotha would open that door as WIDE as you say his nose is open, Paula. LOL!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi suprina!

I really regret not being able to log in every day only every other day because I’m missing other live interaction but as long as I participate rite?

Millsap is really getting on my nerves with his disregard to Cami, in the sense that he’s quick to go out with so many women so fast – talking about Leza who sho’ ain’t all that either! But with Cami, Leza’s got a run fer her money like real soon especially with the body paint idea which seems like its going to be a blast! Lol

I think Towanna was on the bull’s eye when she told Cami her self-esteem is so low reason why she accepts (even if against her will ) sharing Millsap with other women. I am really glad that she has such a good friend like Towanna who is giving her sound advice even if she still has a different mindset, makes me look forward to Towanna going to church with Mama Ingram and maybe just maybe meeting up with Her Saviour sooner or later? Because if it happens to Towanna-Cami might just be influenced after seeing the good changes in her already good friend. Cami has so many issues that would be resolved with her getting saved especially the big one called wanting Millsap for herself. There her old ways would definitely go through an overhaul guaranteeing like nothing other Millsap’s attention for real. But I’m jumping way ahead with my wishes huhn?! I guess I’m mad that Cami has to go to such lengths some awful (like that pole dancing!) to snare his attention. She deserves better than that and and having a Christian character and qualities will certainly catch his attention! On the other hand, until that happens I wouldn’t mind another man to come in and give HIM a run for his money, shoot! He thinks he all that!

One thing that surprised me was Cami and her devious plans…that nite with Millsap she had a few tricks up her sleeve still!! Bad girl. I’m glad Millsap is SUPER vigilant! Sheesh!

Ok I’m talkin’ too much!
Can’t wait for the next post!

p.s. I’m sure if you were able to do the body paint for your hubby he’d go over the moon!


Suprina said...

Sharon: You sure know how to make up for lost time, girl. Okay, let me take your comments one part at a time.

1. I'm thankful that you're participating at all. So what if you can't log on everyday. I read each and every post comment and so you definitely have my attention. Probably some of the others, too, as they review back.

2. I think Joy was mad with Millsap for second too. Oh wait, maybe that was me. lol. Either way, I didn't like how quickly he went on to other women, either.

3. Towanna's character is being used as the voice of reason for Cami in this book. Or at least one of them. I plan to get a lot of folks saved in this book, but I have to get each and every one of them to a point of wanting that salvation since the whole act of getting saved involves a willing heart. So no matter how nice a person is, they still have to want God in order to get Him.

4. Yes, you are jumping ahead a bit. In fact, some of the things you mentioned, I can't even comment on because it would be giving too much of the story away.

All I can say now is stay tuned...


PS. Millsap can put some Christian men to shame in my opinion by how he keeps resisting Cami. And he's doing all that in his own strength. Imagine how strong he would be if he hooked up to God's strength. That boy would be able to resist fornicating altogether.