Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 21.3

I’m glad somebody’s having fun tonight, Millsap mused, feeling tormented by the sound of Cami’s laughter as it filtered over to him even above the music.

He stopped having fun the second he saw her in that sexy black dress. A dress that showed off her onion to a tee and those shapely legs.

Just seeing Cami look so good tonight made Millsap regret not coming to this party alone like Franco and Mike-Mike had done. That way, he could have kept his options open.

Open for whom?

For Cami, of course.

But no, Millsap just had to bring Leza tonight. He’d done that for the same reason he’d worn this shirt today – to get a rise out of Cami. Especially after she’d kept her distance from him all week long, still seething over his decision to date Leza and not wanting to give him the satisfaction of knowing it.

Now instead of getting a rise out of Cami, she was getting a rise out of him instead…literally. And without even trying to at the moment. Millsap had to keep thinking about baseball just to keep his body calm. And he could not, could not allow his gaze too linger too long in Cami’s direction.

“Man, stop frontin’ and go get that,” Mike-Mike leaned over to whisper in his ear after seeing Millsap cut his eyes at Cami for the second time in five minutes.

As usual, Mike-Mike was very in tuned to his partner’s moods. Plus, he really didn’t like Leza, no matter how hard he tried to. Although she wasn’t a gold-digger like Cami, Leza was more than a bit on the arrogant side. Thought she was smarter than the average bear even though she had yet to graduate from college because she couldn’t seem to pass certain core requirements.

“Nah. I’m good right here,” Millsap insisted in a discreet tone, before facing forward again.

“A’ight, but don’t get mad if somebody else makes a move on that instead,” Mike-Mike cautioned, nodding to the left.

Millsap turned to the left just in time to see Franco make his way over to where Cami and her friend were. Scowling, he muttered a curse underneath his breath.

Leza’s ears picked up on that curse, drawing her away from the conversation she was having with Tonja, who’d come alone tonight, as well. “What’s wrong, baby?” Leza asked, behaving super-familiar with him now that they’d been intimate.

“Nothing,” Millsap replied, facing forward again. “I was just thinking about how nobody has touched the water yet, even though everybody out here has on some type of swim gear underneath their clothes or somewhere close. About how we could have had the party inside after all and avoided all these mosquitoes.” He swatted a bug even as he spoke.

Leza chuckled. “I know I’m not touching a drop of water. I paid too much at the salon today to ruin my hair in some pool.” As she spoke, she threaded her long nails through her even longer hair weave.

Millsap wanted to say, ‘What hair?’

Everybody knew that Leza’s natural hair barely reached the tops of her ears. She had even less hair than Cami, who proudly wore her locks short and styled to perfection. Not like Leza, who wore short natural hair one day and long straight weave hair the next, as if she was confused, unsure what to do with herself.

Leza had worn three different wigs the night they’d had sex. She told him that she wanted to give him the experience of being with a blonde, a redhead, and a brunette all in the same night. Millsap would have rather had a V-8. Or better yet, Cami, who hadn’t cared a thing about how her hair looked as they made love. Why else would she have been so willing to sweat out her perm with him? So many times.

Instead of saying what he really wanted to say to Leza, Millsap turned to her with a question. “You want anything else to drink? I know I do.” Then not even waiting for her to reply, he stood to his feet and headed for the outdoor bar.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

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Joy said...

I really like the way this post was written. Quite vivid and I really could relate to all that Millsap felt.

God Bless