Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 21.2

The location of tonight’s party was at the Enfield club. The owners allotted a big enough budget that the employees were able to go all out for it. They even opened up the private pool in the back of the club.

The Urban Revue’s pool was added when ownership of the club switched hands. It was only used for special occasions. This was one of them.

Tonight’s event was a buffet styled affair so there was no need for waitresses or waiters. Even Phil, the DJ, had the night off. There was live entertainment instead, featuring a talented band, three local rap groups and four R&B singers.

The only person on duty was Stefan the bartender. Because he volunteered to forfeit his day off for the party, he was going to be generously compensation and given three nights off next week.

Cami was pleased to see that Tonja, who’d been responsible for planning the event with other club managers, had incorporated her body painting advice. They even used the artist Cami researched on Mama Ingram’s computer.

What Cami was not happy about was Millsap’s arrival with none other than Leza Cunningham, the waitress that quit last week.

Wearing a see-through black mesh dress that showed off all her curves, Leza gave Cami a look that reeked of triumph. A look that said, ‘I’ve got Millsap and you don’t’.

“I knew I should have worn something skimpier,” Cami said under her breath as she and Towanna slowly strolled along the line of buffet tables. They’d already made their social rounds, danced with a couple of guys, and had one drink apiece. Now it was time to eat.

Towanna glanced over at her with an arched left brow. “Anything skimpier and you’ll be naked.”

Cami looked down at herself and realized that her friend was right. The black halter-top dress had so many O rings and cutout details that it barely covered her curves.

“Who got you wanting to be naked out here?” Towanna asked, turning to see where Cami’s attention had gone again. “Oh, my,” she said seconds later as her eyes lit upon a gorgeous man with thick dreadlocks and a muscular frame that could win bodybuilding contests.

“Oh, my indeed,” Cami replied, licking her lips at just the sight of Millsap’s body in that turquoise polo shirt and black dress slacks. She wanted to believe that he’d worn that shirt because he knew how much she liked that color on him.

“I hope you’re not returning to your old ways, Cami. That man looks like he’s already spoken for to me,” Towanna cautioned, noting the mocha-skinned woman standing next to him.

“Believe me, Millsap is as single as they come. No kids, no girlfriends or wives. In fact, I’ve seen him at the club with a different woman every night this week.”

“And you want to join that harem?”

“I’ll join his anything,” Cami replied honestly, despite the fact that she was narrowing her eyes at the competition.

Towanna frowned. “Not me. I don’t care how fine a man is. I’m not sharing him,” she said, returning her attention to the shrimp at the buffet table they currently stood in front of. “And if your self-esteem wasn’t so low, you’d see that sharing isn’t really for you either. If it was, you wouldn’t be looking at that woman he’s with now as if you want to claw her eyes out.”

At that mentioning of her jealousy issues, Cami turned back to the current buffet table, as well. “Okay, so I want him for myself. Big deal. Who wouldn’t want a fine brotha like that?” As she talked, she loaded a few shrimp onto her own plate.

“I wouldn’t. He’s got too many muscles for me. I like my men on the slim side.” Towanna looked briefly back over her shoulder in the direction of the generals, before moving to sit down at an empty table nearby. “Now that Jon B looking brotha in the green that is standing next to Millsap is more my type.”

Cami looked back, too. “Franco?” she said, referring to the only non-employee who’d been personally invited by the club owners. “He’s cute and all, but entirely too skinny for my tastes.” She turned back around and sat down beside her friend at the round table. “The last pretty boy I liked was Bonz and even he had to have muscles.”

“Girl, I love a slim man,” Towanna said, not looking surprised to hear about Cami’s former crush on their landlord. Mama Ingram told her about that piece of Cami’s history, as well. Not to gossip, but to explain the noticeable frost between Aisha and Cami. A frost that has since thawed completely after that meeting they had.

“Please explain that to me,” Cami said, looking to her heavyset friend for clarification. “Why is it that big girls always seem to like skinny guys?”

Towanna chuckled, not at all offended by the question. “I don’t know about all the other big girls out there, but I like a man I can break in two if he steps out of line.” She broke a bread stick from her plate in half for emphasis.

Cami burst out laughing, unaware that she’d just made it even harder for Millsap to avoid looking her way…which is what he’d been trying to do since he arrived.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

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