Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 20.3

When Millsap turned away, Cami snapped out of her daze and quickly made her way to the ladies room, leaving the rest of the women to finish up the last two minutes of the song. She had to throw up like no other.

Was Cami pregnant?

She wished.

Millsap had been too thorough with their protection for that to happen.

No, Cami was disgusted and nauseated by how far she’d lowered herself just to get Millsap’s attention tonight. No man was worth her becoming just like her mother. She’d known that truth when she refused to get Bonz’s attention that way. It was confirmed even more so now.

If I’m gonna pole dance, I might as well quit the club and become a stripper, Cami thought, flushing the toilet after she was done retching. The money is better and I would be open to date Millsap free and clear, she mused, going over to the sink to rinse her mouth out.

But Cami knew she wouldn’t quit the club. She didn’t want Millsap bad enough to step all the way into her mother’s shoes. She was walking in Cat’s oppressive shadow enough as it was.

Game over.

* * *

Back in the heart of the club, Leza boldly did what Cami didn’t have the heart to do. She walked up to Millsap at the bar, told him that she quit the club, and then asked him out on a date right there in front of everybody.

Stunned and also highly turned on by Leza’s aggressiveness, Millsap agreed to go out on a date with the gutsy woman.

Stefan and several of the other waitresses clapped. Mike-Mike and Tonja refrained from clapping and just looked at each other. Like everyone else, they knew that Cami was not going to appreciate this piece of news, considering her own not-so-secret on Millsap. Unlike everyone else, they actually cared about her feelings.

“What’s all the clapping about?” Cami asked, entering the dance floor area at that exact moment. She popped a mint from her pocket into her mouth.

“My ex-boss just agreed to go out on a date with me,” Leza replied, smiling wide in triumph.

Which ex-boss?” Cami forced out, noting how close the woman stood next to Millsap. Surely it couldn’t be him?

“Millsap of course,” Leza replied.

“Of course,” Cami said, turning to give Millsap a hard look. “Y’all have fun,” she added flippantly, before turning to go back to the bathroom. She had a few more things to get off her stomach.

Millsap’s nostrils flared at Cami’s casual reaction to that news. He expected more emotion from her, had strangely wanted more. Yet he remained silent.

“DJ, crank the music back up,” Tonja hollered, discerning the need for a major distraction right about now.

Mike-Mike just shook his head and returned to the club menu discussion at the bar. He’d teased Millsap about how his life was starting to turn into a soap opera later.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Paula said...

I am very proud of Cami for acting like the bigger person. I am glad that Millsap did not get the reaction he was looking for. LOL

I think Cami needs to talk to someone about the issues concerning her mom. It seems like just the thought of becoming her mother is disgusting.

Suprina said...

Paula: Cami does need to talk to somebody, but she won't...not now anyway. The hurt is so deeply buried even though it bubbles up at times like these.

I think it's sweet how concerned you are about her now. And to think, you nearly hated her guts at the start of this story (me, too). lol.


PS. Did anybody else wonder why Daysha from a few posts ago seemed so upset about Millsap liking Cami? I mean, she knows that she ain't the only one he is dating, so why get mad about his interest in another woman.

Do y'all think Daysha is afraid of Cami taking her spot as favorite? Or of Cami taking over the whole spot by becoming his one and only?

I'm asking because I'm still working out Daysha's character in my head and I was wondering what y'all thought of her.

Paula said...

I think she is afraid of both of those things.

She was in a room with this man and he did not even see her walk across the room. He has tunnel vision when MY GIRL CAMI is around!

She knows she is his favorite but not his only one. Once she settled for less she will never get anymore no matter what she tries to do.

Daysha will always be second fiddle to Cami because she reaches Millsap where no one else has.....The Bedroom.

I do not think that she stands a chance.

Suprina said...

Paula: Your 9:27 post is loaded with stuff. Some I can't talk about right now because it would be telling the story. Others I can.

For instance, Millsap certainly does seem to have tunnel vision when Cami is on the scene.

Ooo...that was deep what you said about how once Daysha settled for less, she would never get anymore than that. I would like to add that even if she tried, it would be like pulling wisdom teeth - very painful.

Good stuff.


Joy said...

Normally, I would support Millsap, but what he did in this chapter was way to vendictive to me.

God Bless

Suprina said...

Joy: Yep!