Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 20.2

“Looks like you got a not-so-secret admirer,” Stefan told Millsap as all three men paused from their task to watch the women dance on stage.

“Who? Cami?” Millsap asked, assuming the obvious.

“No. I’m talking about Leza. Everybody knows Cami is crushing on you,” Stefan clarified. “She watches you like a hawk whenever you’re in the same room with her, making it pretty hard not to know about her crush.”

“Oh really?” Millsap replied, filing that information away in his mind for more reasons than one. He also filed away the look Stefan had, as if he wished Cami had that crush on him instead.

“Yes, really,” Mike-Mike confirmed about Cami, even though he knew that that crush had gotten her all the way to Millsap’s bedroom recently. “As for Leza, I saw that crush awhile back, too. I thought she’d gotten over it though. Guess not.”

“Interesting,” Millsap said, looking at Leza through new eyes now. Although he was not going to make an exception with her as he had Cami, he was not against watching Leza work that fine body of hers for his attention.

And what a body it was, too. Leza had an impressive onion just like Cami. Yet she was nowhere near as fine as Cami. At least not to Millsap.

Cami’s waist was smaller, her hips wider, and her breasts were bigger than Leza’s. In short, her proportions were in a more balanced pear shape.

Speaking of Cami, she was currently treating that pole as if it was her most favorite lover. Keeping in sync with the slow song that was on, she sensually moved her body up and down, all around that pole.

With that kind of expertise, it was no wonder that Cami eventually stole Millsap’s attention and everyone else’s. Had she displayed this kind of sexual prowess back in the day, she might have given Aisha a longer run for her money. But that was in the past. Cami was out to get a new man now.

Back across the room, Millsap, Mike-Mike, and Stefan all let out the same expletive as Cami slowly slid down that pole head-first and then gracefully landed in a sexy split on the stage. Those were the kind of moves women got paid top dollar for at strip clubs. The kind of moves men flocked to see and made special requests for.

“I didn’t know Cami had that in her,” Mike-Mike said, breaking the stunned silence that had settled upon them at the bar.

“Me neither,” Stefan said, licking his lips. “Wow!”

I knew, Millsap mused, having firsthand knowledge of what Cami could do with her sexy agile body. After seeing her with that pole, he wanted another night with her even more now.

Turning away from the dancing women, Millsap said, “Enough chick watching. Let’s get back to the business at hand.” He pointed to the flute on the right. “I personally like this purple drink, not the blue.”

Mike-Mike gave his partner a knowing smile. “Yes, let’s do get back to the business at hand,” he consented, reluctantly turning away from the dancing women also.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

* * *

Here’s who Leza looks like (Tangie Ambrose – a very good actress in my opinion):


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