Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 19.3

“What’s so important that you had to drag me away from the game?” Millsap asked as he stood in Mike-Mike’s basement/top-notch recording studio.

Their Wednesday night poker game was still going on upstairs in the den. Incidentally, this weekly game involved no money. It was instituted so that Franco could experience the thrill of gambling without actually losing any real money. Sort of like giving him a placebo in order to help him get over a drug addiction.

“I want to know if you broke your own rule and got up in that chick Cami,” Mike-Mike bluntly asked.

Millsap’s nostrils flared. He cursed under his breath. “Is it that obvious?” he replied, unwilling to lie to his friend.

“To me it is ‘cause I know ya, playa.” Mike-Mike grinned. “It must’ve been good, too, because you can’t stop licking yo’ lips whenever you around Cami now.”

Millsap took a deep breath and then blew it out. “It was real good, man. The best I ever had and that’s on the real. On top of having that nice onion, Cami knows how to twerk, she’s a rainer and a snapper, too.” He left out the fact that Cami could handle him at his rowdiest. That not even Daysha could do that.

“A rainer and a snapper?” Mike-Mike sucked air in through his teeth. “Ooo…wee. That combination is rare.”

“Tell me about it,” Millsap replied, licking his lips even now.

“Snappers alone are seldom allowed to roam free. Most men try to hold on to those for life,” Mike-Mike said. “I’m dealing with a snapper on the down low right now. She got a man who ain’t tryna let her go,” he added, covertly referring to Reno’s hold on Tonja.

Just when Mike-Mike thought she was close to rethinking her broken home philosophy, Reno would give her some song and dance about how happy their daughter was in their two-parent home. A home that he was barely paying the bills at. Mike-Mike was secretly helping Tonja with her household bills by dropping large deposits in her bank account twice a month. He wasn’t fond of helping out a sorry man in the process, but he couldn’t stand to see Tonja and her daughter suffer.

“So you ain’t mad about me breaking my own rule at the club?” Millsap asked, noting how casually his partner was taking the news.

Mike-Mike smiled. “Man, I break that rule on the regular with Tonja,” he confessed, needing to tell on himself.

“What?!” Millsap’s eyes widened. “Tonja’s yo’ snapper?” This was a first. Mike-Mike usually dated his women openly.

Mike-Mike grinned. “Yeah, man. We been undercover since June because of your stupid rule and a few other things.”

“You sly dawg.” Millsap chuckled, relieved that he wasn’t the only weak one in the bunch.

“Long as you say that with affection, I’m cool.” Mike-Mike grinned. “Anyway, I ain’t gonna give you no grief about Cami as long as y’all keep it on the DL, too, and don’t let it interfere with business. Now the second it does, she got to go, same as I told Tonja.”

“Tonja goes along with that?”

“Yeah. Like Cami, she needs this job to take care of her child since her sorry baby-daddy can’t seem to keep a job to save his life.” Mike-Mike frowned. “The only reason she still with that fool is because she got some complex about raising her child in a two-parent home. A biological two-parent home, no stepparents allowed.” He shook his head, shaking his frown away in the process. “Anyway, since Tonja still living with that dude, she don’t cut up about me bringing other ladies in the club, even though she says she don’t like it.”

Millsap shook his head. “That kind of setup might work for you and Tonja, but I don’t think it will work with me and Cami. First of all, as far as I know, Cami don’t have a man. Plus, from what I personally know about her past, she can be very jealous-hearted and downright vindictive when she wants to be. Look at how she tried to bust me out last Saturday by singing that Xscape song around Daysha. If I crank things back up with Cami and she gets hot with me again, she might do something even worse like betray me to my enemies. I can’t have that.”

“Yeah. I forgot about the old Cami,” Mike-Mike acknowledged with a frown. He suddenly brightened up, chuckled and added, “I guess I was temporarily blinded by that big juicy onion on the new Cami.”

Millsap involuntarily licked his lips again at even the mentioning of Cami’s impressive bottom. “I wish she was new in every way. If she was, I would definitely hook back up with her. Like I said before, that girl can twerk like no other. She left a brotha satisfied that’s for sho’.”

“And yet craving for more,” Mike-Mike added with a knowing smile.

“You ain’t never lied,” Millsap admitted, recalling how he had to mail Cami’s mixtape/CD to her before he left town on Monday. He hadn’t trusted himself to go anywhere near her on Sunday. Shoot, he wouldn’t trust himself to go near her today. That’s how bad he still wanted Cami.

“Now if you’re done interrogating me, let’s get back upstairs before Franco talks the other fellas into playing with real money,” Millsap continued, successfully bringing the Cami conversation to an end, although it was far from over in his mind.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

Okay, going to answer some comments and then take a break. Be back later this evening after my dinnertime to post more.


Jrboss said...

I got issues. Why he running scared. I have a great amount of faith in Cami and her abilities and the fact that she's changed (alot) for the better. I would like to see her hook him up again and just mess his mind all up ;)

Suprina said...

Jrboss: WE might have faith in Cami, but Millsap just ain't there yet. The old Cami is still too fresh in his mind. And although he can push past a few things in order to give her a job and even that chance to share his bed, Millsap can't let his guard down enough to let her close to his heart. Especially after recognizing how weak he can be for her. The man needs to see her walk the walk a little longer first...unless he pops first from wanting her so bad. LOL!

Did that take care of some of your issues, Jrboss?


Joy said...

AHMEN! Prina, I am with Millsap on this one. Wanting to change and ACTUALLY changing are two completely different things. And from personal experience I can say that it only takes one burn to stay away from fire. Millsap needs some 'sho' nuff P-R-O-O-F that Cami is a better woman before he should let his guard down. She can twitch that produce all she wants. Do Not Give In....

God Bless

Jrboss said...

Yeah, I understand but you know how WE are when it comes to wanting things to happen on our time. That's how alot of us get burned in the first place. But he'll come around when the time is right so keep on twitching Cami and eventually he will give in.

And yes that did take care of a few of my issues - the others are just craziness LOL :)

Carmel Beauty said...

I personally don't think that Millsap or Cami are ready yet. They both have a long way to go. I know Millsap said he was going to put his momma on a budget and stop catering to her in a way that is harmful to him he also needs to think about getting out the game. Cami needs to prove herself more and realize that she needs more than just money to survive. They both need to find Jesus. So I am sure something life altering is going to happen in both there lives.

Suprina said...

Joy: You got that right, sista. Millsap does need proof that Cami has really changed.

Whether or not he's going to be able to resist that twitching produce is to be seen...keep in mind that he's depending on his own strength. The man ain't anchor in God yet, which means he really has an uphill battle to resist temptation.

Now that I think about it, what's the excuse of Christian men who supposedly 'are' anchored in Christ? Why are they giving in to temptation so much?

Just wondering...


Suprina said...

Jrboss: Yes, Millsap will eventually come around. This wouldn't be a romance novel (with HEA) if he didn't. lol.


Suprina said...

Carmel B: You make solid points, girl. I don't think they're ready yet either. Their bodies are though. lol. Which is just like real life, ain't it? I mean, our bodies are ready to have sex long before we are emotionally and financially able to deal with the consequences of having sex. Amazing!