Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 19.2

Cami silently fumed all the way back downstairs. By the end of the night, she was furious with Millsap for treating her like yesterday’s news. She was even more furious with herself for letting him.

Deciding to get back at him by throwing a monkey wrench in his plans with Daysha tonight, Cami slipped the DJ a twenty-spot from her tip stash. Then she headed back upstairs to help Tonja put the skybox back in reasonable order now that the last few patrons downstairs were leaving.

Cami and Tonja didn’t have to do any major cleaning upstairs. A janitorial crew came in every morning to clean the club from top to bottom. However, the waitresses were responsible for making sure all the VIP rooms were clutter free and for retrieving the glassware from the various places they’d been left. The bartenders were responsible for cleaning the glassware in the club’s commercial dishwasher.

When Cami entered the skybox, it was just as she thought it would be – less two people. Franco and his date had already left thirty minutes ago, probably for some quiet time at his place. Cami had seen them leave personally. Had even waved goodbye to Franco on his way out, only to get a flirtatious wink in return.

Millsap and Mike-Mike were still in the skybox with their dates. They had last-minute club business to handle with Tonja before leaving. Cami knew about that club business because she was the one that initiated it. How? By sharing yet another creative idea with Tonja.

Cami’s idea involved the club adding food to their services. Her logic for this addition was simple. Why encourage their patrons to go elsewhere for food, when they could simply eat there?

If The Urban Revue served more than just chips, cheesy nachos, and nuts, the customers would stay longer to dine as well as drink, dance, and socialize. This meant more cash flow for the club. It could also mean more safety for their customers because the food would help to soak up some of the alcohol in their systems and they’d have more time to sober up before heading home.

Tonja had been very impressed with that idea. Particularly with Cami’s clear vision of how that food service could run and how it would quickly pay for itself and actually produce a hefty profit if it was done right. The girl even had real-life examples of other clubs who had done the same thing and how they’d fared. One of them was a club that Cami often visited in Littleview with her friend Towanna.

With the fire of Cami’s idea lit under her, Tonja called an impromptu meeting with the owners to discuss the matter tonight. She needed Millsap and Mike-Mike’s approval for large expenditures, which this one would be initially since it involved expanding the club’s kitchen, hiring all necessary personnel to man that kitchen, and the actual food items and related supplies. Since the owners were going out of town on Monday, the matter needed to be discussed before they left tonight.

While Tonja talked with the men in one corner of the room, their dates conversed in another corner about their children and other items of interest. Cami moved silently about the room gathering glassware, discarding empty bottles, and straightening up the general area.

Determined to make the most of her time in Millsap’s presence, Cami deliberately stuck her onion out even further as she walked extra sexy in those white hot pants and matching Go-Go boots. She made sure to let him see her voluptuous profile from all angles. She even stood a little pigeon-toed a time or two. Anything to get Millsap’s attention.

Well, Cami definitely had that tonight. The man couldn’t seem to stop looking at her…out of the corner of his eyes, of course, since Daysha was still in the room. Yet a few more minutes of Cami’s posturing and Millsap was going to forget all about his date. As it was now, he barely heard anything Tonja said.

Cami mischievously broke her silence when the song that she paid the DJ to play started up. Soon she began to sing parts of Xscape’s You’re My Little Secret. Not too loud, but certainly loud enough to be heard by others. One other in particular.

“I like being in the same room with you and your girlfriend.

The fact that she don’t know.

That really turns me on.

She’ll never guess in a million years.

That we’ve got this thing going on.”

Millsap’s gaze snapped in Cami’s direction once again when he heard her singing select verses from that song. He downright scowled when she began parts of the chorus.

“You’re my little secret.

And that’s how we should keep it.

We should never let ‘em know.

Never let it show.

If you know, like I know.

We should never let it go.”

Mike-Mike and Tonja were too busy trying not to look at each other to pay any attention to Millsap’s dilemma. But Daysha noticed. She noticed it all.

Beginning with the way Millsap kept cutting his eyes at the shapely waitress in the room to the way he was outright staring at that waitress now. Daysha seriously doubted if he even knew she was still in the room. Sadly, he didn’t. Cami had all of Millsap’s attention now.

“On second thought, maybe we should discuss this when you guys get back,” Tonja said, suddenly starting to feel very uncomfortable.

“I agree,” Mike-Mike quickly replied, anxious to end this awkward moment, as well. Especially since the woman he really wanted to be with tonight was going home to another man. Mike-Mike was settling for the date he had now out of pure loneliness. He couldn’t even recall the woman’s name. That’s why he’d been calling her ‘baby’ all night.

Millsap simply nodded his agreement, not trusting himself to say anything right now. He continued to scowl at Cami, who wore an innocent expression on her face even though she was the cause of all this sudden tension in the room.

Realizing that her time was short now that Tonja was suddenly so anxious to leave, Cami got in one last dig. “Millsap, when you’re done with my mixtape, let me know. It has sentimental value to me and I don’t want to lose track of it.”

One of Millsap’s brows rose. “You’ll get it back tomorrow,” he replied curtly, quite aware of what game she was playing. He wanted to fling that CD off a cliff now.

“Cool. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did,” Cami said, hiding a smirk. “Some of those songs can really bring a person to tears.”

Millsap’s frown deepened.

“I’d like to hear that mixtape. Maybe we can listen to it when we get to your place tonight,” Daysha said, making her presence known beside Millsap now. She’d walked all the way across the room without him even noticing.

“No,” Millsap quickly told Daysha, dragging his eyes away from Cami. “I’m a little tired tonight and so I’m going to go straight home and straight to sleep after I drop you off.”

You just ought to be tired after the night we just had, Cami mused, starting to feel a little tired herself, despite the triumph and elation she felt about rearranging Millsap’s plans for tonight. The lack of sleep, all that sex, working a full shift, and these emotional games were starting to take a toil on her. She was ready for a little shut-eye, as well.

“Awww,” Daysha uttered her disappointment. “Don’t tell me I got an all-night babysitter for nothing.”

On that note, Cami proceeded to leave the room with Tonja, leaving Millsap to deal with his disappointed date alone. At the door, she bent down to pick up a napkin Tonja had dropped in her hasty exit with the cart of glassware.

Feeling eyes on her, Cami looked back in time to see Millsap staring at her again. Although he was still frowning, the way he licked his lips told her that he had just enjoyed that backside view, despite his current ire. She gave him a knowing smile and left the room.

What Cami didn’t know was that in bending over a fair portion of her bottom was revealed in those white hot pants. That Millsap had just been given a stark reminder of their night together when he saw the small love-bite on her lower left cheek. A love-bite that he’d put there himself last night along with several others.

There was no way Millsap could sleep with Daysha tonight now. Not after being reminded of the kind of passion and intensity that he could have with a woman…if he only allowed himself to.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

* * *

Here's the link to hear You’re My Little Secret by Xscape



Suprina said...

Got over that hump. Whew! Thanks again for the prayer, Joy!

Jrboss said...

Girl, that was too funny. I laughed so hard when that song came on. I can remember some thangs with that song (oh TMI sorry)LOL but I like the way you think. And the love bite was an awesome touch. That's what he gets for playing with fire.

Suprina said...

Jrboss: I'm glad you thought it was funny, too. When I started writing it earlier, I laughed out loud at the computer...for a while. And I thought I was just tired. lol. So happy that it was actually humorous for real. lol.

And yes, that's what Millsap gets. I couldn't let Cami just take that mess he did by bringing Daysha to the club THE SAME DAY! Now that was just scandalous.


P.S. I put that love bite thing in there at the last minute. I'm so glad I'm following the flow on this story, because it seems to really be blessing y'all.

Joy said...

Wow, personally I can't stand games especially in romance, but I must say... CAMI IS AN EXPERT PLAYER!

God Bless

Paula said...

HA HA HA HA.......



Suprina said...

Joy: Yes, Cami is an expert. But even so she ain't got nothing on Aisha. Now that was a sho'nuff pro.

Paula: I see you have gotten riled up again on account of all those CAPS you're using. LOL!!!