Monday, October 06, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 18.2

Back at Millsap’s apartment, he was also mentally reviewing their time together. As he cleaned up the kitchen, he could feel his body stir with arousal again as images of their last tryst flashed in his mind.

Even though he promised himself that he wouldn’t take Cami again before she left to keep from getting even more attached to her, Millsap had made love to her again anyway after their meal. Then he told himself that he was going to keep it slow and gentle because she might be sore, but he ended up in the thug passion zone anyway…more than once.

Fortunately and amazingly, Cami wasn’t sore in the least. She still moved with agility and her sexy walk wasn’t any different than before. Of equal fortune is the fact that she was the one that initiated the thug passion during that last encounter.

What Millsap hadn’t counted on was Cami becoming so in tune with his varying degrees of passion by this time that she actually took the lead from him. Instead of him using his trademark conquering technique of slow withdrawals followed by quick advances, she reversed it to her advantage.

Millsap moaned even now at the memory of Cami’s quick withdrawals almost to the point of disconnect, followed by snail pace advances. Those slow advances came with vise-like squeezes that literally snatched an orgasm right out of his body.

And the slang.

Cami had talked more slang than him during intimacy, using electrifying urban terminology to tell Millsap everything she wanted him to do to her. Everything she intended to do to him. He’d understood every word, relished every word, and reciprocated with colorful urban terms of his own. And that was when he wasn’t cursing from the sheer bliss of being with such a dynamic woman. A woman that his mind kept trying to claim as his own throughout their whole encounter.

“Okay, I think I need to call Daysha now,” Millsap said aloud, halting his trip down memory lane and his loading of the dishwasher. "Right now," he reiterated more firmly, quickly making his way over to the house phone.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Paula said...

T-Pain song "I'm Sprung" was definitely made for Millsap.


Suprina said...

Paula: Tee-hee. Unfortunately that boy is gonna fight that thing tooth and nail (spoiler) you can probably already see.


Paula said...

Just like Bonz tried and fail so will he. It will be nice to see how Cami react to his attitude.

he should have know to not mess with the onion or the snapper. LOL

Subrina said...

How can he get with another woman after Cami just rocked his world. It's gonna be fun watching him trying to fight his feelings for

P.S. Those two books were off the chain...Do you have anymore for sale?


Jrboss said...

See, he wrong for that. Just because Cami got him singing soprano and thangs, he thinks he gotta call oh girl and try to get her off his mind. But he won' yo thang girl

Just a little slang for ya LOL

Suprina said...

Paula: Cami's reaction is coming up next.

Subrina: Even I have to confess that Millsap is acting trifling now, getting with another woman after Cami just rocked his world. No matter what his reasons are fro doing it.

I'll have to get back to you on what else is for sale. I plan to do inventory this weekend and also update my reader log to see who has read what so that I can know what recommendations to make.

Glad you liked those other two books.

Jrboss: LOL! Thanks for all the slang, girl. I really liked that part about how Cami got him "singing soprano and thangs"


Anonymous said...




Suprina said...

Sharon: LOL!!!!