Monday, October 06, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 18.1

Cami didn’t leave Millsap’s apartment until 5pm the next afternoon. She might still be there now if she didn’t have to report to work at the club in three hours.

I blame Millsap, Cami mused, not upset in the least about the delay as she drove home on that cloudy evening. The sated smile on her face confirmed her extremely good mood. So did the hot tingles that were currently attacking her body as she recalled the wonderful time she’d spent with Millsap.

Cami could never forget his fervor. How he acted like he couldn’t seem to get enough of her.

After keeping her up late last night with that healthy dose of thug passion, Millsap woke Cami up every two hours or so for even more loving. He alternated that loving between his gentleman side and his thug side. Cami relished them both and responded in kind.

Around 7am, they shared another joint shower, changed the linen on the bed, and finally prepared for sleep. Cami remembered how close and how tenderly a silent Millsap held her in that bed. How lovingly he kept stroking the left side of her face as the morning rays spilled into the room from the high window above. How she sighed in utter contentment in his arms before finally surrendering to sleep.

Cami also remembered waking up alone around 1pm. But not for long. Millsap had abandoned the bed an hour earlier in order to cook and bring her brunch in bed.

Even now Cami couldn’t believe that Millsap had actually cooked for her.


He didn’t prepare something simple like scrambled eggs and toast. No, the man made Belgian waffles topped with real whipped cream and strawberry syrup, sausage links, eggs over-easy, and a hot fruit compote. Millsap topped off the bodacious meal by serving her mimosa, made from the finest champagne and richest orange juice, in an elegant flute.

The food was as delicious as it smelled. The mimosa refreshing. Millsap’s kisses were delicious, too, which he gave Cami quite a lot of over that large meal they shared in bed. Those succulent kisses led to even more lovemaking. Sometimes it was slow and tender. Other times it was fast and furious. Whatever the mood required.

By the time Cami finally left Millsap’s apartment, she was confident that this would not be their last time together. How could it be? The man had cried from her loving. Shoot, she’d cried from his.

This thing might even turn into love one day, Cami mused, starting to hope for more with Millsap beyond financial security and great sex.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Joy said...

He stayed in bed with her... that is a good sign!

God Bless

Suprina said...

*Nerd Moment*

I have to confess, I didn’t know exactly what a Mimosa was until I did research for this book.

In case y’all didn’t know either, here’s the Wikipedia definition: A mimosa is a cocktail-styled drink that is made up of three parts champagne (or some other sparkling wine) and two parts thoroughly chilled orange juice. It’s usually served in a tall champagne flute with a morning brunch or to wedding guests.

Nerd moment officially over. *smile*


Suprina said...

Joy: Yep!

Subrina said...

Cami is beginning to know what if feels like to be loved, touched, kissed, caressed, and feed from the soul. Milsap is a goner because he's not gonna be able to stick to his own rules. Milsap is reminding me of Bonz when him and Aisha tore the bed down on there first time together and she had him hook, line, and sinker from then on. Cami and Aisha are alot alike in that department.

Suprina said...

Subrina: Yes, Cami is starting to know what if feels like to be all those great things.

Yes, Millsap is a goner, but perhaps not as gone as you think. You'll see why in a little while.

I guess Millsap is a lot like Bonz. That was his mentor, you know. He looked up to him a lot. Millsap got a bit of Kentucky in him, too, with the whole crying during sex thing. Except he only shed one tear because you know the brotha hard like that. lol.

Interesting that you would say that Cami and Aisha are alot alike. That's probably why they couldn't get along.