Monday, October 06, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 17.2

Contrary to popular belief, thug passion did not involve any rough stuff like hard biting, slapping, clawing, choking, and crushing. No, it involved lesser acts of aggression like minor hair pulling, love bites/nibbling, love taps/light spanking, and power driving/riding that was forceful enough to dislocate a mattress at times.

Thug passion was also a major athletic event. A couple had to be physically fit to engage in it for their endurance would definitely be tested.

Cami didn’t miss a beat as Millsap proceeded to transform the moment from tender chivalry to outright thug passion in a matter of seconds. She embraced that thuggish side of him just as much as she had his gentlemanly side. Her body embraced his dimensions as if he was a welcome friend.

Cami went every place Millsap led and then some, matching his fervor in every way. And those love taps on the bottom had her ready to explode again. They’d been hard enough to make her jiggle, but gentle enough not to cause any pain, which told her that Millsap could be trusted not to hurt her. That made her relax and immerse herself in the moment all the more.

When it was Cami’s turn to lead the parade, she did so with flair. Using two handfuls of Millsap’s long hair as her reins, she sizzled with passion as she rode him to ecstasy.

With his scalp tingling deliciously from her yanks, Millsap eyes rolled in the back of his head at Cami’s aggression. At her fearlessness.

Instead of being afraid of his rowdiness, she was hungry for more. The woman was downright greedy, snatching at him like she hadn’t had sex in years instead of just months.

Cami was also very snug. Though most women were snug to Millsap due to his above average width, this one was the snuggest. It was almost like being with a virgin again, which hadn’t happened since he was in high school.

Since Millsap knew that Cami wasn’t a virgin on account of the child she had, that could only mean one thing…

She’s a snapper, he quickly deduced, referring to Cami’s extreme control over her internal muscles. Even now she was squeezing him like a vise.

Unable to handle that continual squeezing and snatching any longer, Millsap closed his eyes and went over the edge with a loud howl. Once again the same word flashed in his mind – MINE, causing him to give her bottom a possessive squeeze in response.

Cami relished Millsap’s howl. She joined him in ecstasy a few seconds later. And then she saw it.

A tear!

A lone tear trickled out of the corner of Millsap’s left eye and started towards his temple as his body continued to spasm with a powerful release. Bending forward, Cami licked that tear away. Then she planted tender kisses upon his closed eyelids.

At the last kiss, Millsap’s eyes flew open. He stared up at her, convinced that she could see into his soul in that pivotal moment.

Would she find a trace of the same weakness that was in his father? A weakness for mind-blowing sex that made a man forget every care he had in the world. If so, would Cami be like his mother and take advantage of that weakness?

Distracting them both with a long kiss, Millsap used that time to rein in his composure. When the kiss was finally over, he pulled Cami close and just held her in silence for the longest time as Tyrese’s Sweet Lady now played on the stereo in the background.

Is one night gonna be enough for me? Millsap wondered, wanting Cami more now than ever before.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

* * *

To hear the first and last songs from Cami’s long mixtape/CD, click on the links below:

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Suprina said...

Okay, my eyes are tired. I'm going to bed now. Leave lots of comments for me, okay?

Also check my "tasteful" radar when it comes to the love scenes. As of now this book is still Inspirational, but if y'all think I'm getting too steamy, I may consider taking it Secular. Especially since Cami and Millsap still have a ways to go before either of them get saved (which means more love scenes between them).

I hope I expressed myself well just then. I seem to be rambling even to myself. Yep, this sista is tired.

Going to bed now.


Jrboss said...

I personally wanted more description but hay that's just me LOL - the scene was very tasteful and I loved how you explained about thug passion. I never knew that's what I'd been doing all this time (just kidding).

But seriously, I feel all your stories have a wonderful message and it's amazing how you can hit on something going on in my life just at the right time. Girl you bad (in a good way) :)

Suprina said...

Jrboss: You are wild, girl! You wanted even MORE description?! LOL!

I put that explanation of thug passion in there because I recognize that I have international readers and that they might not be up on all of the regional slang on this side of the pond. Plus, I wanted everybody to know that Millsap wasn't doing anything violent to Cami.

Thanks for those words of encouragement. I'm glad God used me to touch your life in any way. HE definitely used you to touch mine...even today.

Much luv.


Carmel Beauty said...


I am going to put it to you like this my 6month anniversary is coming up and I wanted to do something that will surprise even myself so you keep writing and I will keep using the ideas.


Suprina said...

Carmel B: I got one better for you. Tell me what your anniversary theme is/might be in an email and I can tailor make a romantic idea for you. For some reason my mind seems to open up when it comes to love stuff.

And for the record, there are several more marital tips to come in Cami's book.

Be back soon with more posts.


caja said...

No siree bub, that will not be enough for you my brotha'. Cami is going to make that brother change his name to "Slinky" cause he is so sprung.

Suprina said...

Caja: LOL. Your comments are too funny!