Monday, October 06, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 17.1

Cami thoroughly enjoyed taking a shower with Millsap. Though no sex had occurred, the feel of his strong soapy hands on her body had been a major turn on for her. She enjoyed touching him, as well. He seemed to like it, too, because he kept moaning as her hands suds up his hard muscles.

And his kisses.

Millsap’s kisses were long and deep. Slow, too, as if he had all the time in the world to be with her instead of just one night. The man seemed to be savoring the taste of her, the feel of her.

Cami didn’t know if she was coming or going behind those hot smooches. She did know one thing though - Millsap was the king of French kissing in her book. No man had ever kissed her better.

After their shower, Millsap delayed drying his own body in order to dry hers first. Starting from her face, he slowly worked his way downward to the tune of Luther Vandross’ If Only For One Night, which was the first song on that mixtape/CD she brought along tonight.

Cami had never felt so pampered by a man in her life. By anyone.

When she was all dry, Millsap removed the black shower cap from her head and threaded his hands through her hair. Cami moaned and closed her eyes at the sensations he generated there, as well. Surely this man had the Midas touch.

“Go wait on the bed for me, sexy,” Millsap gently instructed a few seconds later. He kissed her on the right side of the neck before withdrawing from her completely.

“Okay,” Cami replied, ready to oblige him anything for how special he’d just treated her. No man had ever treated her like that before. Not Little Man’s father. Not E-Blade.

Only Bonz had behaved this gentle. Yet her time with him had been so short that they hadn’t gone past the kissing and touching stage before Aisha swooped down and took him for herself.

Cami planned to do everything with Millsap. There would be no interference from another woman this time. Not tonight. Only a fire in the building would get her out of this apartment tonight.

Sitting on the edge of the guest bed, Cami watched Millsap dry his own body with a separate towel. He seemed to like her watching him, because his body blossomed to full length behind her hot gaze.

“See what you do to me, girl?” Millsap chuckled huskily.

“Yes, I see.” Cami licked her lips as she gave him a ravenous look. “Want me to take care of that for you?”

Millsap moaned at that look, at the implications of her words. “Maybe later," he said, draping both towels over a closet door. "Right now I want to take care of you. Get you right first.”

And that’s exactly what he did.

Again starting from her face, Millsap kissed his way down Cami’s body as she lay on her back. She trembled beneath his ministrations. Every cell in her body was at attention.

Like Gilligan, Millsap stayed on Cami’s island for a long time, proving that he was a full service lover. She screamed her passion aloud as she quickly went over the edge. Her eyes were wide as if even she was surprised that she popped so fast.

She was.

“That’s right, baby. End that drought.” Millsap smiled, lifting his head from her body in time to watch her writhe in ecstasy. He drank in her reaction, looked intoxicated by it. This sight was better than any top shelf liquor at any of his clubs.

Cami’s body continued to tremble as Millsap gently rolled her over onto her stomach. She moaned when his lips made contact upon her frame again, this time at her bottom.

As if he was an onion worshipper, Millsap spanned the entire circumference of Cami’s vegetable with his large hands. He gently squeezed, kneaded, and kissed that ripe produce from top to bottom, pausing briefly to lick a trail up her spine and back down again.

Millsap talked to Cami the whole time, telling her how fine she was. How much he loved her smooth skin. How she had one of the softest bottoms he’d ever felt on a woman. How he couldn’t get enough of touching her.

Cami’s tarnished self-esteem seemed to rise from the dirt and brush itself off beneath his tender loving care and sincerely spoken compliments. She soon found herself going over the edge again. And the man hadn’t even entered her yet!

“Oh, Millsap,” Cami breathed out, looking back over her left shoulder. “I didn’t know it was going to be like this.” Tears glistened in her eyes.

“Like what, baby?” Millsap asked, continuing to touch her bottom with one hand, while his other hand went to her volcanic core to heighten this second release.

“So…wonderful,” Cami panted out as happy tears rolled down her cheeks.

Suddenly another powerful wave of ecstasy hit her, causing her to moan loudly as her body shuddered violently with yet another release. Burying her face in the pillow this time, she allowed it to muffle this scream of pleasure, lest she wake the whole building.

“I see you’re one of them,” Millsap said.

“One of what? Screamers?” Cami lifted her head and looked back at him again with passion glazed eyes.

Millsap chuckled. “You’re one of them, too. But I’m talking about rainers. You know, the kind of women that explode back to back,” he explained, referring to a small segment of women that were multi-orgasmic.

“Only with you, baby,” Cami whispered, starting to work her hips in tune with his hand. “Only you can make the rain fall like this.”

Millsap groaned with need at the combination of her words and actions. A growl bubbled up from his throat as her greedy hips grew forceful, communicating hot messages to his hand, calling forth that untamed side of him in the process.

“You sure know how to twerk them hips, girl. Let me see how you do when you got something to work around,” Millsap said, ready to finally answer that call of the wild. He withdrew briefly from her body to don their double protection.

Skilled at that task, Millsap was back within a short minute and ready to show Cami a less gentler side of him. The thug side of him that the wildness in her kept calling out. The side of him that he constantly held back because most women couldn’t handle him that way in the bedroom.

Would that thug side of Millsap intimidate Cami, too? Would it run her off for good?

Ready to find out, Millsap slowly joined Cami to the hilt, retreated just as slowly and then slammed into her with enough force to make the headboard bang against the wall.

As expected, she cried out.

In pain?

No. Cami cried out in extreme joy. Then arched her body towards him for more.

Who was afraid of the big bad wolf?

Not Cami Edison. That untamed side of her welcomed such a kindred spirit. Had been craving a man like this for years.

Millsap shook his head and rapidly blinked his eyes to refocus, unable to believe what he was seeing. What he’d just heard. Did Cami actually want more of his thug passion?

Apparently so, because when he slammed into her again, she actually said, “Yes, baby, give me more of that.”

Millsap complied, giving her much more. As he did, one word flashed in his mind like a green neon sign. That word was…MINE.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Jrboss said...

That's it him, work him...ha, haaa

Suprina said...

Jrboss: I...I don't know what to say to your comment. LOL.

Okay, yes, I do. I'm glad that you finally like SOMETHING about Cami. Even if it is her ability it.


caja said...

Ol' girl is gearing up to work them fleas off of fluffy and she is not skerd, ya herd me (lol). She is not playing. This is truly a "what a girl wants, what a girl needs" thing. Go ahead Cami, get your freak on.

Suprina said...

Caja: Yep! Thanks for all the extra slang. LOL!!!