Monday, October 06, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 16.1

You better be worth all this trouble, man, Cami thought as she drove to Millsap’s apartment after work on Friday night.

In a week’s time she’d jumped through all kinds of hoops just to appease this man. She’d gotten another physical even though her last one was barely eight months ago. She’d requested the morning off from her day job to get her hair and nails done. Cami had also played stalker chick one night by following Millsap home from the club just to find out where he lived. She even made a mix-tape/CD with some of her favorite slow jams for tonight’s event.

“Oh, yeah, you better be worth it, brotha,” Cami reiterated aloud in her empty car.

* * *

Millsap heard Cami pull up outside of his apartment complex around 2am. He couldn’t help but hear her since he was on the bottom level and since there weren’t usually many cars coming or going in his quiet weekday neighborhood around this time.

Millsap usually was the only one on his block riding out at this hour on a Friday night. That was when he normally made his way to his home in the country.

There would be no Friday night commute this weekend. Millsap lingered in town a day longer just to keep his date with Cami.


What date?

This wasn’t a date. This was a booty-call, plain and simple. The timing confirmed that. The fact that there would be no movie, no meal, no walk in the park or some other meaningful social interaction added even more confirmation to what tonight’s event actually was.

Going over to the window, Millsap peeked out the white vertical blinds, anxious to see what Cami had on tonight. Anxious to see her period.

On Cami’s feet was a pair of 6” caramel brown stilettos. They were open-toed shoes, so Millsap got to see just how pretty her feet were. He smiled, fond of women with pretty feet.

Cami’s shapely legs and most of her thighs were on display in the matching brown mini-dress she wore. The tightness of the halter-styled garment hugged her hips to a tee, causing her to take tinier steps as she walked, lest it ride too far up with longer strides.

Millsap smiled about that, too. He licked his lips at all that exposed female flesh. His body instantly became granite.

Sending his gaze higher, Millsap moaned at the deep frontal plunge in that dress. He could see clear down to Cami’s navel. He could also see that her stomach was washboard flat, because that dress would have been unforgiving on a woman with even the slightest pudge in the belly area.

Further upwards, the inner side crests of Cami’s supple breasts could be seen through that seductive plunge. Millsap moaned again, licked his lips, and reached down to try to rub out some of the ache that just the sight of her had created in his body.

When his gaze rose higher, past her elegant neck, delicious full mouth, and cute nose, he encountered her eyes. Eyes that were now staring right back at him.

Having felt Millsap’s hot gaze upon her, Cami had stopped in her tracks and perused his windows until she located the source of all that heat. Now meeting his gaze head-on, a knowing smile spread across her lips. A gleam of triumph flashed briefly in her eyes.

Giving her a quick nod of acknowledgement, Millsap stepped away from the window feeling like a punk for being caught gawking and…touching himself.

How utterly embarrassing!

The girl wasn’t even in his apartment yet and already he was under her spell. Doing things he’d never done before. Could a person get arrested for being a peeping tom from his own window?

Just call it off, man, Millsap told himself, moving to his white leather couch to sit down. It’s not too late.

But it was too late…for him.

With Cami being so close by and looking so fine, there was no way Millsap was going to call anything off tonight. She was one woman he had to have…just once.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

* * *

Here’s the link to see a picture of Cami’s dress:


Suprina said...

*Nerd Moment*

The technique I just used to describe Cami is called panning. Similar to a photographer using a camera, writers focus their words on one thing at a time as they lead the reader's imagination up, down, or side to side in a scene.

Interestingly enough, I learned how to pan, not from writer conferences/seminars/lectures. Nor even that much from other writers. No, I learned the panning technique from the Bible.

You heard right – the Bible!

Check out SOS Chapter 7. Verses 1-5 pans up the length of a woman’s body from a man’s POV. I sought to follow a similar pattern (from feet to head) when I described Cami through Millsap’s eyes.

Look it up for yourselves. It’s quite fascinating.

To the aspiring writers out there, I encourage you to learn your craft from every avenue you can: conferences, seminars, lectures, online workshops, other writers, and even the Bible. Hopefully you will discover what I did - that it greatly enhances the reading experience. At least it did for me.

Okay, Nerd moment officially over now. lol


Joy said...

Is that a dress??? Okay.
God bless

Suprina said...

Joy: It ain't a long shirt. LOL!!!! Too funny.


Jrboss said...

I wish a sista could wear something like that...Weh

Suprina said...

Jrboss: Me, too. But just around the house though. A dress like that is too dangerous to walk around outside in. Hubby would probably have to carry a shotgun, because the men in our city can be too bold for comfort sometimes.