Saturday, October 04, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 15.1


Although Millsap kept his distance from Cami, she couldn’t seem to keep her distance from him. In the month she’d been working there, she impressed Tonja so much with her work ethics and creative tactics (that kept the other waitresses motivated) that Tonja increased Cami’s hours and now allowed her to bring drinks up to the VIP skybox. The same skybox where the generals hung out.

Every time Cami entered that skybox, she made a beeline straight for Millsap. She always, always served him first. Before she left, she always, always asked him if she could get him anything else.

Without fail, Millsap would always answer in the negative. Without fail, he would always want to answer in the positive.

Tonight Cami got even bolder since they were currently all alone in the skybox. Mike-Mike and Franco had gone downstairs to dance with their dates. Millsap’s date hadn’t arrived yet. His date was a nurse named Daysha Dixon, who had to work a little late at the hospital tonight.

“Can I get anything else for you, Millsap? And I do mean anything,” Cami said, placing the drinks he’d ordered for his crew on the round table in the center of the room.

Millsap turned away from the window and faced her. “Are you trying to make sure you keep the big tips coming from me, Cami? Is that what all this flirting has been about this past month? If it is, your service is great without all the extra effort, so you can just stop,” he said irritably, tired of her subtly offering herself to him. Tired of having to fight to deny her what they both clearly wanted. He felt tormented by her sexiness.

Sensing his deep irritation, Cami did another thing Delia advised her to do more often – tell the truth. “I flirt with you because I like you, Millsap,” she said, slowly walking towards him in a sexy strut. “You’re one of the finest brothas I know and I’m very attracted to you. A big part of me regrets not taking advantage of the chance I had to be with you over five years ago,” she continued, lapsing into a bit more slang.

Millsap frowned. “First of all, I’m not looking for a main squeeze, Cami,” he replied, not oblivious to what else she wanted from him besides sex. “I like having my total freedom to date who I want, when I want without all the drama. Secondly, five years ago, I was the same fine brotha that you see before you right now. My workout routine hasn’t changed one iota since we met,” he continued. “But I guess you couldn’t see that because I wasn’t a general back then. Didn’t have a general’s bankroll. Which leads me to believe that what you really find so attractive about me now is my new status, financial or otherwise.”

“You’re absolutely right, Millsap,” Cami said, remaining honest as she moved even closer to him. Why start lying now? The man obviously had her pegged to a tee.

“I was very shallow back then,” Cami continued. “I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t still have a little shallowness in me now. But what I am is more honest these days. And the honest truth is the fact that I want you, Millsap. You and only you in my bed,” she concluded, stopping directly in front of him.

Millsap suppressed a moan at her words, at the ravenous way she kept looking at him. At her nearness. At how sweet she smelled.

“We have a no-fraternizing rule here, remember?” Millsap reminded them both. “Meaning, I’d have to fire you in order to sleep with you. From what you told me, you need this extra job to save up for your son.”

“I do need this job,” Cami said, reaching up to trail one of his long dreadlocks. “But I also need to get laid, especially after the two and a half month drought I’ve had. Can’t we bend that rule for just one night, Millsap? Nobody has to know and we’ll go back to business as usual afterward,” she whispered seductively, casually twirling his dreadlock around her right index finger, like she wanted to do him.

“You can find any dude to have sex with you, Cami, as fine as you are,” Millsap replied unsmilingly, unable to keep the huskiness out of his voice. He was just too turned on right now, despite his current irritation.

What was it about this woman that bypassed all barriers? And why did her slightest touch affect him so deeply?

Cami smiled at his off-handed compliment. “Maybe so, but I want to get laid right,” she said, remembering how disappointed she’d been with her last lover. Cami leaned her head to the side and roamed Millsap’s muscular frame at will before adding, “And you look like just the man for the job, too.”

Millsap suppressed another moan. “You’re playing with fire here, Cami,” he warned in a husky whisper. “You’re putting your job on the line. Plus, you have absolutely no idea what you’re getting into by asking for even one night with me. I’m not your average brotha in any way. I’ll get you sprung, girl,” he admonished, dipping into thicker slang even as the air between them thickened.

Cami was tempted to come on even stronger at that not so subtle challenge. But she remembered her cousin’s advice about being too desperate and eager, so she decided to play it a little cooler now.

“You’re right, Millsap,” Cami finally replied, releasing his dreadlock as she moved behind him to face the window. “I don’t need to lose my job over one night of hot freaky sex. Just forget I ever said anything.”

Hot and Freaky? Millsap mused, turning towards the window, as well.

How was he going to forget her reference to the kind of sex that he liked most? The kind he specialized in.

Before Millsap could reply to what she just said, Cami did the strangest thing. She began to dance.

“Ooo…that’s my song,” Cami said, bouncing her bottom to the upbeat rap song that was filtering in through the skybox’s intercom system.

Sadly, she ignored the degrading lyrics towards women contained within that song. No, Cami was too busy concentrating on the snappy beat and on the fact that it was a good excuse for her to dance as freaky as she wanted to right now.

Besides, somebody had to show Millsap what he was going to be missing out on. An opportunist to the bone, Cami wasn’t about to let yet another chance to get him pass her by. Not tonight.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


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