Saturday, October 04, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 14.2

Up in the VIP skybox, Millsap nearly spilled his drink when he saw Cami’s hearty bounce. The jiggle that ensued had him feeling a bit weak in the knees. He quickly moved to a nearby recliner, dragging his eyes away from Cami in the process.

That girl is just too distracting for her own good, Millsap mused, settling into his seat.

“I told you she was fine,” Franco said, having seen Millsap’s reaction to Cami.

“You ain’t never lied,” Mike-Mike said, speaking before Millsap could. He’d been watching Cami, too…and Tonja on the sly. “Is that why you hired her?”

“Partly. A woman that fine will bring in more male customers,” Millsap explained, looking down at his expensive shirt to see how much damage Cami made him do to it. “Having Cami work for me will also keep me from tryna holla at her and vice versa,” he added.

“Which means I can’t holla at her either. Why did I ever agree to that stupid no-fraternizing rule?” Mike-Mike cursed in irritation, not necessarily about being unable to date Cami either.

“Because you know sleeping with the help is just asking for trouble in the workplace,” Millsap reminded his friend.

“Right,” Franco agreed, even though he didn’t own a share in the club. He owned a local barbecue chain. “Remember how I almost had to close my downtown restaurant because of them two servers I was sleeping with? How I was foolish enough to get them both pregnant at the same time.”

Nodding simultaneously, Millsap and Mike-Mike burst out laughing. They remembered that incident very well. The police had to be called to the restaurant because the two women in question started fighting in the presence of a dining area full of customers.

Barbecue sauce and ribs were flung everywhere. Mashed potatoes and other side dishes were smeared across the floor, the walls, and stuck to the ceiling. That hilarious incident even made it to the local news stations, giving everybody in Enfield a laugh, except for the two women involved and of course, the owner.

“I still have trouble with sales and employee turnover at that location, even though I stopped sleeping with my female crew a long time ago,” Franco concluded, reminding them just how dangerous fraternizing in the workplace could be.

“Well, y’all ain’t got to worry about me having that kind of drama over here,” Millsap assured them. “I’m staying as far away from Cami as I can possibly get.”

“It’s a good thing I don’t own a share in this joint, because I definitely want a piece of that,” Franco said, once again expressing open interest in Cami. “If only I can get her to stop crushing on Millsap so much.” He chuckled, despite his frustration at Cami’s continual rejection of him. Franco had gone downstairs and tried to get her phone number three times tonight. She’d told him no every single time.

Millsap laughed, pushing past the twinge of jealousy he felt about Franco’s interest in a woman he wouldn’t allow himself to have. “I told ya light-skinned brothas done went out of style. Sistas into that dark chocolate now,” he teased.

“Nah. I got too many chicks for that to be true,” Franco said, conceitedly stroking both sides of his handsome olive face with one hand. “But in Cami’s case, I think it’s the muscles that got her crushing on you so strong,” he said, referring to Millsap’s muscular build. “Maybe I ought to start lifting weights.”

“Representing for the mocha playas, I think y’all both wrong,” Mike-Mike said, inserting his two cents worth. “With me, ladies get the best of both worlds.”

“They also get a little extra blubber,” Franco said, teasing Mike-Mike about his wide girth.

“Teddy bears trump pencil necks any day,” Mike-Mike countered, revealing no cracks in his self-esteem as he teased Franco about his lean frame. Except this time that confidence went bone deep thanks in large part to Tonja’s good loving, which she gave Mike-Mike as often as she could get away from Reno.

“Plus, my rap is stronger than yours. In fact, women find my words lyrical and irresistible,” Mike-Mike continued, popping his collar when he said that last part.

“He got you on that, Franco. The brotha can rap strong, on or off stage,” Millsap agreed, denoting their friend’s ability to sprout a good rhyme to an audience of one or an audience of many.

Franco smirked. “So he’s a great rapper. Big deal. All I got to be is pretty to get the ladies legs up in a V,” he said, conceitedly stroking his handsome face again.

“Looks obviously can’t be everything,” Millsap countered. “Remember my cousin Kenny?” he said, referring to the muscular relative who’d gotten him interested in weight training in the first place. The same older cousin who was instrumental in Millsap building a home in peaceful Village Square, Georgia.

“Kenny as in Kentucky Jones?” Mike-Mike said, calling the man by his unusual first name.

“The same cousin with that fine Salli Richardson looking wife?” Franco asked, remembering the man’s wife better.

Millsap chuckled. “Yeah, that’s him. Well, Kenny won’t ever win a beauty contest himself, but that didn’t stop him from snagging one of the prettiest and finest chicks in Florida. He even took Giada from that R & B dude Fabian. The same pretty boy that all the ladies were crazy about some years back before they saw how much of a punk he really was.”

Mike-Mike and Franco laughed in remembrance of all the news coverage behind Fabian’s embarrassing encounter with Kentucky Jones. How the R & B singer was punked out by Millsap’s muscular cousin when Fabian dared to try to take the man’s wife before they moved to Georgia.

Had the situation just remained between the two men, it would have been fine. But millions of viewers saw that encounter after an eyewitness used a camera phone to tape the incident and upload it to the internet. The ensuing pictures of a photographer who was also on the scene didn’t help Fabian’s career much either.

“What is that dude doing now?” Mike-Mike asked, concerning Fabian. “I haven’t heard him crooning on anything for a while now.”

“Fabian’s singing jingles for radio ads last I heard,” Millsap replied, repeating what he’d been told by his mother who kept up with such things. “Meanwhile, Kenny and Giada are happier than ever, expanding their family as often as they can. When I last went to visit them, they had just had child number four.”

“Well, I say your cousin Kenny must be the exception to the rule then,” Franco advocated, picking back up their debate. “Pretty boys still get more women than average brothers overall.”

And so continued a light-hearted, yet never-ending debate that yielded no winners, but sure provided a welcome distraction from the subject of Cami Edison. At least it did for Millsap.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

For the record, that is the same Kentucky (Kenny) Jones and Giada from 'Pretty Packages' mentioned in this post. I wonder how many people remembered that little tidbit. Lol.


Paula said...

I did.........

I am still laughing at at the ribs and mashed potatoes flying all over the restaurants while people are eating. LOL

Millsap has got it BAD!

Paula said...

Even though Kenny was ugly I still think his personality made him Sexy and Good Looking TO ME!

Suprina said...

Paula: That food fight was funny. I put that in at the last minute. Glad it blessed you.

And yes, Millsap does have it bad.

As for Kentucky (Kenny), I thought he was rather cute. That charisma the man had was outstanding. I probably would have fallen in love with him, too. But then again, I've never been one to get too caught up on pretty boys since middle school. I need a man that can bring it beyond his looks. Keep them bills paid. Make a sista feel treasured. Encourage her in her gifts and calling.


Subrina said...

Kentucky and Milsap are cousins...When I got to that part my mouth fell open...Pretty Packages was a excellent love story and Kentucky was the bomb inside the bedroom and out...Pretty boys are out of season and Seal look-a-likes are in...rofl

Joy said...

Guess I need to read Pretty Packages now... (giggle) This Kentucky fellow sounds very interesting.

As for the food fight....
'I ain't laughing' (okay maybe a SMALL smile)... but I am much more irritated that Franco would be so disrespectful to women to sleep with two of them at the SAME JOB! ahhhh! I anticipate that Franco is more trouble then he is worth.

God Bless

Suprina said...

Subrina: I can't believe I surprised YOU of all people. What?! lol. I must be getting better at writing. lol.

And yes, Pretty Packages was a excellent love story if I do say so myself. *grinning*

Pretty boys are out of season? Seal look-a-likes are in? Probably so, girl. Tee-hee. By the way, I love Seal's Kiss From a Rose. Great song.


Suprina said...

Joy: Yes, you should read Pretty Packages. I think you will love Kentucky just like the rest of us did.

As for Franco, he is a unapologetic ladies man. He's also greedy, which means one woman is just not enough to satisfy him...yet (spoiler).


Jrboss said...

I remember Kenny. In my mind he was sexy as all get out. That was really cute how you added that in. That was a great story

Suprina said...

Jrboss: Thanks, girl. Pretty Packages was a great tale to write.


Anonymous said...

hearing about that crazy food fight was funny!!!

and gurl...Millsap has it somethin' awful-woowee

Cami is laying it on thick unknowingy and the dude is "being killed softly with not her song but dance!"

but i see some mean competition in Leza-uh oh
i'm glad Cami is zealous in her job(s)!! and oh let me say i was soo happy to see her make up with Aisha and Bonz and the blessings that came her way!! that made my day today!!


Suprina said...

Sharon: I know when you are back on the board - the posts get long. LOL!!! I love it though!

I got more giggles in store for y'all besides that crazy food fight.

Yep, Millsap has it somethin' awful. That Usher song goes to mine "You Got It Bad". Tee-hee. Yep, that's Millsap.

As for Leza, we'll all see what's up with her eventually.

I took a lot of pleasure with that make up scene between Cami, Aisha, and Bonz. I labored over it for a while, too, because I was trying to cover all bases and yet remain true to the characters. You know, keep Aisha as feisty as ever, Bonz as sharp-minded as ever, Cami as Cami, lol, yet with a few attitude adjustments.