Saturday, October 04, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 14.1

Cami proved to be a natural waitress. She was friendly, sociable, and very attentive to her customers, particularly to those of the male persuasion. The fact that she caught on so quickly to the club routine also helped to make her first night go very smoothly.

Reminiscent of the way Tonja used to be during her waitressing days, Cami was also very aggressive in her work. She watched the door like a hawk all evening waiting for the big tippers, which she seemed to have the innate ability to discern upon sight. As soon as they arrived, Cami rushed over to their tables with her order pad in hand, ready to serve them in excellence.

In reward for her diligence, Cami got plenty of pre-drink and post-drink tips. At the end of the night, she had more tips than all of the other waitresses, including Tonja. But then again, Tonja only waited tables when it was extremely crowded in the club now that she was a manager. She usually just catered to the needs of the owners in the skybox.

The only thing that would have made this night better for Cami was if she had seen Millsap. But he had been missing from the scene all night. At least that’s what she thought.

Cami didn’t know that Millsap had entered the club through the back way tonight. That he’d stayed in the skybox all evening, having Tonja bring him and his crew the drinks they requested just to avoid running into her on her first night of work. That he would likely do that every night that she was scheduled to work.

“Do I get some kind of award or reward for getting the most tips on my first day of work?” Cami asked as she sat among her coworkers at a round table near the bar where they’d counted their tips.

“Yeah, the reward of taking your money home with you.” Tonja chuckled.

Cami laughed, too. “That’s the same reward everybody gets.” She grew thoughtful for a few seconds. “Maybe I could have my favorite song of the night played for me. Is the DJ still here? Do you think he’ll honor my request at this late stage?” She looked around for any sign of the heavyset man that not only played old and new hits, but also took care of the club’s music and sound system. When she saw Phil still in his booth, she smiled.

“I’m sure he will.” Tonja nodded with approval. “By the way, that’s a great idea, Cami. In fact, that’s something we should start doing every night. From now on, whoever makes the most tips, gets to have her favorite song of the night played for her,” she said, making an executive decision on the spot. “We don’t all have to dance with her, but we need to at least cheer her on. Agreed?” Tonja concluded, looking around the table at the other waitresses.

“Agreed,” everybody echoed.

Only one person’s response was reluctant. That person was Leza Cunningham.

A fourth-year student at the college Millsap’s father worked for, Leza had a fierce competitive streak. She did not like to be outdone in any way, which explains her current animosity towards Cami, who had excelled on her first night at the club and put the rest of them to shame.

While Leza made the proper adjustments in her mind, Tonja called up to the DJ with Cami’s song request. Soon a popular rap song was heard.

Cami led the way to the dance floor, forgetting all about her tired feet as she and her peers cut a fanciful rug. Every time the song called for her to get low, she did. When it called for her to bend over, touch her toes, and bounce her bottom, she did so with relish, embracing her sensuality to the full.

If only Millsap was watching, Cami mused, unaware that his eyes were fixed on her at that very moment.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Subrina said...

Your sure making Cami into a likeable person...I'm guessing that Leza spells trouble...Do she have her eyes on Milsap too? Her smell of money is a plus for her being a waitress.

Suprina said...

Subrina: Cami likable? lol. About time. lol.

You got Leza pegged right. Can't tell you about which thing though. lol.

*whispering* You doing that thing again, Subrina.

And yes, Cami's smell of money is a plus for her second occupation. It almost reminds me of Regine from Living Single, who could spot a rich man from a mile away.


Paula said...

Cami is going to see how Aisha and Delia felt. LOL

Leza is going to give Cami HELL. LOL

Suprina said...

Paula: Yep. What goes around comes around...but Cami's gonna get it double...maybe even triple (spoiler).