Saturday, October 04, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 13.5

When Bonz left the room, Cami turned to Aisha with wide eyes and said, “You’re stressed?”

“Unfortunately, yes.” Aisha chuckled at her shocked expression. “But only just a little,” she said, indicating how much with her right thumb and index finger. “Greg tends to overreact if I’m feeling the slightest distress.”

“What in the world would you have to be stressed or distressed about?” Cami truly looked puzzled now. As she recalled, few things ever rattled Aisha. She’d always been one cool cucumber under all kinds of adversarial heat.

“You’re married to the man you love, have no financial worries, and have three beautiful kids,” Cami continued, naming things that Aisha should be happy about instead of sad. “In short, you have a life to be envied.”

“And I’m appreciative of that life, believe me. In fact, I thank God everyday for the blessings I have,” Aisha replied. “You remember what I told you about how my husband overreacts when it comes to me?”


“Well, earlier today Greg found me standing in the closet crying—”

“Standing in the closet crying?” Cami interrupted, trying to make sure she was hearing correctly.

“Yes. I was bawling, girl.” Aisha chuckled. “My feelings were so hurt, because today was the day I realized that I couldn’t wear any of the new clothes I just bought in New York two months ago.”

“You were crying over clothes?”

“Yep. Clothes that I won’t be able to wear again for eight months because I just found out that I’m pregnant again,” Aisha replied. “Which also explains why I’ve been so emotional lately and which served to make my husband overreact even more to my tears today.”

Cami’s eyes bucked yet again. This was truly a day of miracles and surprises. “You’re pregnant again?”

“Oh, yes.” Aisha smiled down at her stomach and patted it lovingly. “And I blame it all on your cousin.” She grinned back up at Cami. “That marital tip Delia told me and Alexis about on our New York shopping trip got us both knocked up.”

“Alexis is pregnant, too?” Cami asked with her interest thoroughly piqued now.

What kind of marital tip did Delia give? When had her cousin become so wise? Cami would have to call Delia tonight and find out.

“Yes, and your aunt Valena is, too, despite the fact that she’s in her late forties now,” Aisha shared, continuing to make a serious effort to befriend Cami like she recently promised Delia she would. “Delia told me about her mother just today, but I don’t know if that marital tip got to her, too.”

Cami’s eyes were huge now. “I had no idea Aunt Valena was pregnant again. I really need to call my family more often,” she said more to herself than Aisha. She would call her aunt tonight, too. The same aunt that had written to Cami in prison, despite what she’d done to Delia.

“I know Delia would love to hear from you more often,” Aisha encouraged. “It would certainly keep me from having to give her constant updates about you every time we talk on the phone.” She chuckled. “Updates that consisted mainly of, ‘Yes, Delia, Cami is still working at the hotel. Yes, Delia, she is still living at the boarding house’,” Aisha said in a starchy British accent, displaying her acting talent. “I don’t know what else she expected to hear. Especially since we barely even spoke to each other before today, though I’m hoping things will be different from now on,” she concluded, speaking in her normal voice now.

“Things will be very different between us from now on,” Cami promised, laughing at Aisha’s dramatics.

Go figure, Cami marveled silently, amazed by how in the absence of jealousy, she actually found her former rival extremely likeable. Now that was definitely something to write to Navina about.

* * *

Later that night, Cami learned all about Delia’s marital tip. It consisted of not only getting one’s husband to pray over your body, but to get him to ask God to give the two of you the ultimate pleasure in your marital bed, as well.

Delia went on to say how that prayer worked even on nights that her husband didn’t pray over her. As if God deliberately remembered the last prayer and perpetuated the blessing simply because He was good like that.

Though amazed by that tip, Cami seriously doubted if it would ever be used on her. No Christian man wanted her. That fact had been proven in Florida at the church carnival she attended.

The only type of man Cami could hope to get now was the kind of man whose life wasn’t squeaky clean, either. A man that wasn’t looking for a woman with a wholesome past, present, or future. A man like…Millsap.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

Tired. Going to bed now. Hopefully you guys enjoyed all the long posts. I certainly enjoyed closing the door on Aisha and Cami's rivalry. It was so necessary too, because Cami is about to get a whole new set of rivals.

Much drama ahead.


Paula said...

I cannot say that I am surprised by Aisha and Bonz attitude towards Cami. They have truly been blessed to have the presence of GOD in their lives.

I also see that Cami has only been able to nibble on the humble pie. Please give her the strength to face her demons and stop being trifling.

She needs to embrace herself, LOVE herself and believe that she DESERVES to be LOVED also.