Saturday, October 04, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 13.4

When Cami finally made it back to the boarding house, she got even more good news. This news involved Bonz and Aisha.

The Forsyths had come to the boarding house to visit Mama Ingram as they often did during the week. While they were there, they requested a private meeting with Cami in the spacious living room of the large house.

Mama Ingram promptly volunteered to watch the three Forsyth children while the meeting took place. She escorted the little ones to where Towanna and a few older residents were grilling out in the backyard.

With her nerves on edge, Cami sat rigidly on the brown and blue striped sofa on the west wall of the living room. In contrast, Bonz and Aisha sat relaxed on the solid navy-blue loveseat on the east wall. They all waited until Mama Ingram and the kids were out of earshot before speaking.

“Cami, after much prayer, God laid it on my heart to extend five years of free room and board to you at this house,” Bonz said, leading the discussion.

“What?” Cami’s eyes bucked at that unexpected announcement. “Really?”

“Yes. God showed me that that was the least I could do after you kept your mouth shut about things that are still better left unsaid,” Bonz explained, referring to his ties to illegal activities in the past.

Cami wasn’t stupid. She knew the penalties of snitching in the drug game. She also knew that despite his salvation, Bonz still knew people that could bring awful things to pass against his enemies. Even if those enemies were in jail. Thus, Cami had kept her mouth closed mostly out of fear.

To her credit, Cami’s silence had also come with some remorse concerning Bonz. After all, she did help E-Blade set the man up. The least she could do was not heap anymore pain upon Bonz by squealing like a pig.

“Thanks,” Cami said, opening her mouth now in gratitude. Her body finally relaxed in her seat.

“You’re welcome,” Bonz replied with a smile. “Just continue to follow the rules of the house and you should be good to go.”

“I will,” Cami replied. Then she turned curious eyes to Aisha, who was sitting on the pillow-back sofa beside her husband. “And you’re actually okay with this?” Cami asked. It was no secret that the two women had bad blood between them.

“My husband is a prayer warrior,” Aisha replied. “If Greg says God told him something, I make myself be okay with whatever it is, because I trust him.”

“The same way I was okay with my wife’s God-said when it came to you living in this house in the first place,” Bonz inserted.

“Her God-said?” Cami’s brow wrinkled in confusion at that unfamiliar terminology.

“That’s what we call Rhema words, which are simply prophetic words God tailor makes to you concerning a specific situation,” Bonz explained.

“Oh, I see,” Cami replied, feeling a little jealous that God would love the Forsyths enough to get involved in their everyday lives and decisions.

She completely missed the fact that God obviously loved her, too. Why else would He give her so much favor with people that she thought were enemies? People whom she’d done awful things to, but who were yet displaying an amazing amount of forgiveness today.

“Either way, I appreciate the free room and board,” Cami went on to say, bypassing her envy in order to make the most of yet another opportunity. “It couldn’t have come at a better time. Not having to worry about food and shelter means that I’ll have more money to save for other things, namely a house for me and Little Man. So thanks again.”

Bonz and Aisha smiled with approval at the fact that she was being so level-headed now by putting her son first.

“You’re welcome again.” Aisha chuckled, displaying her usual wit. Then she became serious again. “Cami, God also dealt with me about you. Particularly about me finally removing that bad blood that’s still between us. Let me be the first to apologize for my part in our issues. I was just as sneaky and conniving as you back then, just for different reasons.”

Cami’s eyes bucked again, this time at that unexpected apology. An apology that she never thought she’d ever receive from Aisha…or necessarily deserved considering what she’d done in return. Was this a day for miracles or what?

“I apologize for my part, too,” Cami replied. “Any fool can see that Bonz is a better man with you in his life. I would have just drained his pockets,” she added honestly, actually feeling lighter for having made those admissions.

“You think you would have drained my pockets,” Bonz corrected with a chuckle. “I knew what you were about back then, Cami. You wouldn’t have gotten much.”

“Dang, was I that transparent?” Cami laughed, hoping to be a little bit more subtle with Millsap.

“Yep!” Bonz and Aisha said simultaneously.

Cami laughed that off, too. There was such freedom in being able to laugh at oneself, particularly at one’s past mistakes.

“Well, now that that is taken care of, we need to have a little word with Towanna. See if she can fit my stressed wife into her schedule first thing in the morning,” Bonz concluded, standing to his feet. He extended a hand to his wife to help her up, as well.

“No, Greg.” Aisha shook her head at his hand and remained in her seat. “You go talk to Towanna alone. I want to chill in here with Cami for a little while longer.”

This time Bonz joined Cami in shock. “You sure, baby girl?” he asked, fully aware that these two women couldn’t be left alone in the same building together a few years back, much less in the same room.

“Yes.” Aisha smiled reassuringly. "We just settled our differences with Cami, remember? Everything will be all right in here. Now go on, man." She waved a pleasant goodbye to him.

“All right,” Bonz conceded, before leaving the room. His lips moved in a hushed prayer as he went, praying that all would still be well when he returned.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Joy said...

I bet Aisha wants to talk to Cami about Millsap! (giggle)

I am glad that Aisha fully understand they way she was back then.

God Bless

Suprina said...

Joy: I'm not telling. You'll just have to see like everybody else.

Btw, I told you Aisha wasn't as bad as you thought.

For everybody that don't know, Joy was the only reader (outspoken reader, that is) that didn't like Aisha. I mean, the sista was vehement whenever we discussed Aisha. *chuckling* She was even more tolerant of Cami, whom the rest of us loathed. lol.

I think everybody is starting to get on one accord now though. I hope.


Prettybrowneyz said...

This is a great start for Cami. Even if she doesn't recognize it right now, the hand of God is moving on her behalf, and He loves her more than she will ever know.