Friday, October 03, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 13.3

Breaking gaze with Cami, Millsap couldn’t seem to stop his rebellious eyes from traveling down her shapely frame. He didn’t want to look. But then again he did.

Like everything else in life, the most dominant side won. And so the journey began in earnest as Millsap’s eyes took in exactly how much Cami had changed behind bars and what had remained the same.

What used to be shoulder-length black hair now stopped at her neck in a feathered bobb that flipped up in the back.

Her bronze skin was still smooth and blemish free. It looked like butter in the evening sunlight.

Her face, which still had the features of Aaliyah, was fuller now from all the weight she’d gained in prison. Each pound had gone in the right place, too, giving her the voluptuous figure of actress Tracee Ellis Ross.

Franco was right. She is fine, Millsap admitted, noting Cami’s fuller bosom and decidedly plumper bottom. And yet her waist was still just as narrow as before.

Now he really wanted her.

But Millsap didn’t want to want Cami. He didn’t even like her, remember? Besides, she was bad news for any hustler. Probably bad news for any man.

If all of that was still true, why didn’t Millsap just quickly conclude the conversation he’d started and drive away?

Because he didn’t want to do that either. Because that wild and untamed part of him wanted to be around a kindred spirit. Because…

The man just wasn’t strong enough to leave right now. With no spiritual anchor in place, Millsap only had his willpower to count on. And with that at an all-time low, he was almost defenseless to fight against his attraction to Cami.

Talk about a dilemma!

Seeing where Millsap’s gaze had settled, Cami decided to milk this opportunity like a Jersey cow. Her flirtatious side kicked in.

Game on.

“Yeah, it’s me, Millsap,” Cami said, deliberately swinging her hips as she returned the gas hose to its resting place, causing her ample bottom to jiggle.

Millsap forcibly snatched his gaze away even as his body hardened to distraction in his seat. He found himself now wanting Cami more than he’d ever wanted Delia. How was that possible? Delia had been his ideal woman, not Cami.

“I didn’t recognize you at first,” Millsap replied, chancing another look her way. This time at her face, although he was careful to avoid direct eye contact.

If only his gaze hadn’t settled upon her mouth. Upon that light sheen of pink lip-gloss in particular as it highlighted the fullness of her lips.

I bet she can work a brotha over with them lips, Millsap mused, licking his own lips at that delicious thought.

“Yes, I have changed a lot. Blame it on all those potatoes they fed us in the joint.” Cami chuckled, deliberately keeping her slang turned on low. Even though she knew for a fact that Millsap spoke a lot of slang at times, she also knew that if she was going to convince him that she had changed, she had to talk and act like a changed woman.

“What do you think? Should I keep the new weight? Or go back down to my old size?” Cami continued, slowly turning around so that he could see her body from all angles.

“Keep it,” Millsap quickly replied, unable to keep the huskiness out of his voice as he got a full view of her backside.

Oh, baby, you are beyond fine! Millsap mused, thoroughly inundated with lust now. Sweat beaded on his forehead and not just from the hot day, either. Even the full blast of the car’s a/c wasn’t helping.

Okay, it was time to do something. Now! Lest Millsap break every rule he had about women and about Cami in particular.

“I heard you were looking for me. I hope it was about a job since we really need another weekend waitress,” Millsap said, thinking quick on his feet. Or rather in his seat since he was still sitting down. He wasn’t stupid enough to get out of his car, needing all the barriers he could find between him and Cami.

The employment barrier that Millsap just erected was another wise move on his part. He knew that if he hired Cami, there was no way he would sleep with her on account of his strict no-fraternizing rule. Millsap also knew that if he didn’t hire her, he was going to seek her out…

Whether he liked her or not.

Whether he trusted her or not.

Whether she was good for him or not.

Bottom line, Cami would end up in his bed if she turned down this employment opportunity. Possibly even tonight.

Cami’s eyes lit up at the thought of not only having a second job, but also being in such close proximity to Millsap on a regular basis. “I’d love to be one of your weekend waitresses,” she accepted, unaware that she could have had him tonight if she’d only rejected the job.

Millsap smiled, skillfully hiding his relief. “Come by on Friday to fill out your paperwork and to set up a time to be trained.”

“What time on Friday? I do have a weekday job, you know.” Cami pointed to the Solace Hotel logo on her shirt. “So I may not be able to make it back to Enfield before 6 o’clock.”

“Anytime after six is fine,” Millsap replied, looking impressed that Cami was so proud of her custodial job. He didn’t expect that from her. “I’ll tell our head night manager Tonja to be on the lookout for you,” he said, making a mental note of that even as he spoke.

“Thanks, Millsap,” Cami replied, putting aside her flirtations for the moment as she focused on more important things. “Having this second job will help me get my son back even faster now.”

Millsap looked impressed again. He’d pegged Cami too selfish to be a good mother. “How old is your boy now?” he asked, having a soft spot for children.

“Little Man is ten and almost as tall as me.” Cami beamed at even the mention of her son. “I’m saving up to get us a place that we can call our own. Which means I’m willing to work some weeknights at the club, too, if you need me.”

Oh, I need you, baby. You have no idea how much, Millsap mused, allowing his mind to get off track again in the presence of this new and improved Cami.

Had prison really rehabilitated her? If so, how much?

“I’ll make sure to let Tonja know that you’re free a few days during the week so she can work you into the schedule,” Millsap finally replied, blinking rapidly to refocus. He had to fight to stay focused. He couldn’t let her onion or her new attitude get him off track again.

“Cool. Thanks again, Millsap.” Cami smiled wider. “By the way, I love how long your dreads have gotten, that goatee you got now, and that blue polo you’re rocking today. That color looks great against your skin,” she added, noting a few things that had changed about him, too.

The old Millsap’s hair wasn’t that long. Nor did he look so polished and refined. The man was dressed almost preppy today.

“Thanks.” Millsap fought not to like those words. He fought not to like how good those words made him feel. “Well, I’ll see you later, Cami. I need to gas up before I ease on down the road to see my father.”

“Cool. By the way, I love The Wiz, too,” Cami said, chuckling at the clever reference he’d used from one of her favorite movies. Then after waving goodbye to him, she walked to the driver’s side door of her car, switching her hips all the way there.

Cami knew Millsap was watching her. Knew that the power of the onion had him mesmerized, probably ready to cry tears of joy right now. He wasn’t still parked in the same place for nothing. Plus, she could see his gawking eyes glued to her bottom from the reflection on the side panel of her car.

Okay, you got his attention again, girl. Don’t blow it this time, Cami mused, determined to make the most out of every opportunity that presented itself to her.

I still can’t believe Dee was so right about all this, she thought, remembering how impressed Millsap appeared to be by her job and by her obvious love for her son.

I wonder if Towanna might want to go out and celebrate with me, Cami mused, concerning her new friend, who was always ready to party just like her.

At her car door, Cami turned to smile and wave goodbye to Millsap again. “See you later, boss man,” she cooed, interrupting that daze he’d been in by the sway of her hips and hearty jiggle.

Millsap nodded. Then he pulled off without ever getting gas. Halfway up the road, he realized what he neglected to do and let out a loud expletive.

Man, that girl got you trippin’ already, Millsap thought, starting to wish that he had never laid eyes on Cami today. Do you just ‘want’ to end up like your daddy? he scolded himself, using his father as a stark reminder of how the wrong woman could emasculate a man.

But it was too late to turn back now, personally or professionally. Personally, Millsap was already two-thirds of the way to his father’s house. Professionally, he’d already offered Cami the job. He couldn’t renege on that. Not when she clearly needed it to help get her son back.

Man, you can handle this, Millsap told himself, sitting straighter in his seat. You already put up one barrier by hiring her. Just keep putting up more and everything will be just fine.

At least he hoped everything would be fine.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

I tried to give y'all a long post this time to make up for the wait. Out of town guests (family members) unexpectedly came over tonight and you know how that goes. Although they disrupted my posting schedule, I still enjoyed fellowshipping with them.

They gone now, y'all, which means this sista is going to be posting until she get tired.

Stay tuned...


PS. I'm going to respond to all the new comments first though.

Suprina said...

* Nerd Moment*

Jersey cows are actually not from New Jersey at all, but rather from the Isle of Jersey. Their milk is higher in calcium, protein, butterfat, and nonfat milk solids than most other cows.

Which means Cami was putting her best foot forward in order to reap the best results from her flirting. It got her a’s gonna eventually get her the man, too. But will she be able to keep him?

That's to be seen.

Okay, nerd moment officially over. lol.


Anonymous said...

haha thanx for the nerd moment--- will sista's hate a sista' if i was singing go cami go cami?!! haha i couldn't believe it myself but i actually like the little baby steps of improvement i see in her but i wonder is it only skin deep? at least she's got good reasons for having now 2 jobs!! little man and her project of a house go gurl.
but i'm in dread knowing that eventually that gold digger will jump out again...

Suprina said...

Anon: Nobody will hate you for cheering Cami on. At this point, others are starting to like her too.