Friday, October 03, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 13.2

Fresh from another dreadlock appointment at the hair salon that he still patronized in Littleview, Millsap exited traffic and pulled over to get gas before he went to visit his father nearby. As he did, he couldn’t help but notice a voluptuous woman in a gray and burgundy work uniform already at a gas pump. The sight of her leaning slightly forward as she pumped gas into her tank had desire pumping through his veins in hot waves that had nothing to do with today’s heat.

“Ooo…wee! Look at that onion on her!” Millsap exclaimed under his breath, still partial to bottoms capable of making a grown man cry. “I got to meet this woman.”

Oh, yeah. I need to see how I can get some of that, Millsap mused lustfully, ready to woo this mystery woman relentlessly if he had to. That’s just how attracted he was to her at first sight.

As he guided his vehicle in the mystery woman’s direction, he mentally switched from slang-talking thug to the articulate college man that he also was. Millsap knew that some women were either turned off or felt intimidated by too much thuggishness at first. He was flexible. He could be what she needed him to be today.

Fortunately, Millsap wasn’t dressed like a thug today either thanks to his impending parental visit. He always wore slacks, dress shirts, and dress shoes when visiting his college professor of a father. It helped to avoid long lectures with attached statistics about the importance of dressing for success.

Around his mother, Millsap could act and dress as thuggish as he chose. Bonnie accepted everybody just the way they were. Those she rejected were people who had personally got on her bad side. Such widespread tolerance was one of the few things he actually liked about his mother these days, who was behaving even greedier with each passing year.

“How are you doing today, Miss Lady?” Millsap asked, bringing his car to a stop right beside the mystery woman’s.

The woman’s slightly bowed head shot up as if she’d just heard a familiar voice. She promptly released the gas hose lever and turned around. “Millsap?”

“Ca…Cami?!” Millsap’s eyes bucked in shock.

As their gaze locked and held that thing happened again. That thing where time suddenly stands still and everything around them fades into the background. That thing where that wild and untamed part of her tugged on the same thing inside of him.

As volcanic desire singed his arteries and veins, Millsap quickly realized that he was in trouble. Big trouble. Now he had to find some way to back paddle out of it.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

Sorry for leaving y'all on a hook like this, but I really need to take a break. Hubby just got home from work, dinner needs to be cook, niece and nephew coming over after school, etc... Y'all get the drill.

Be back in about 2 hours or so.


Joy said...

Interesting problem for Millsap. I think I will be able to learn alot from what he does in this book.

From personal experience I can truly relate to being attracted to a person, when you HATE what they do. When their selfish manipulative ways cause so much pain an anguish. It can be hard to trust them. Hard to believe that the old ugly evil nature is not lurking somewhere ready to pounce when you are not looking. How do you trust their motives? How do you trust thier very WORDS!! It is not that you WANT to believe that they can't change (because you love them) but only a FOOL plays with fire and hope not to be burned. ONE TIME IS UNDERSTANDABLE.... BUT TWICE!? Now way!!

But on the otherhand you don't want to condem them for life. Don't we ALL make mistakes? Don't we ALL deserve to be forgiven? It is one thing for Deila and the others because they are just family, it is easier to walk away... but for a lover; for a mate... that is as CLOSE as two people can ever get.

And then there is your BODY (your flesh) which BETRAYS you when ever they are near! Ahhhh! It is like you want to SHOUT to your inner man... "shut up! don't feel that!" If there were a surgical instrument that could remove what ever it is that pulls you to them... YOU WOULD CUT IT OFF IN A HEARTBEAT!!

[Wish i owned the patent on that product. I would make BILLIONS!]

Okay... I finished

God Bless

Suprina said...

Joy: Girl, you said a mouthful there. I don't even know how to respond other than to say that I agree with everything you just said. Romantic love can be so frustrating at times!

Btw, when you ready to invent that product, let me know. I want in on that money-maker. LOL!