Friday, October 03, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 12.3

As Tonight by Kem played in the background, Mike-Mike slowly undressed Tonja in his large master suite. That particular song seemed fitting for some reason. The lyrics matched what was happening between these unexpected lovers.

Mike-Mike and Tonja had both experienced loneliness and heartache in their lives. Their hearts had not only sought each other out tonight, but they needed each other. So did their bodies…tonight.

“You’re beautiful, baby,” Mike-Mike told Tonja as he looked at her gorgeous nude frame under full light. His hands ran along her voluptuous curves, tracing them from her neck to her hips. It gave him great pleasure to see and feel Tonja trembling beneath his touch. His ears soaked up the delicious sighs of pleasure she uttered.

“Go wait on the bed for me,” Mike-Mike instructed, ready to undress himself and really get this show on the road.

With a nod and a succulent parting kiss on his lips, Tonja complied with his wishes until…

Mike-Mike turned out the lights, too ashamed of his girth to let her see him undress.

Tonja sprung up from the bed, marched over to the light switch that he’d just turned off and flipped it back on.

“What are you doing?” Mike-Mike asked with wide eyes. He felt self-conscious with his shirt off in full light.

“I’m trying to see the man I’m about to make love to,” Tonja replied matter-of-factly. “The man I’ve wanted to make love to for at least three years now.”

“Are you sure you want to see me naked?” Mike-Mike’s eyes grew even wider. He had no idea she’d been just as attracted to him all this time.

“Every sweet mocha inch of you,” Tonja answered with a sensual smile, right before she literally attacked him with passion.

Surprise isn’t the word for how Mike-Mike felt as Tonja feasted upon his burly body. Treasured. Adored. Yeah, those adjectives were more on point.

It pleased Mike-Mike that Tonja didn’t seem to mind the extra belly fat or the rolls on his back. He shouted out that pleasure as she lapped at each and every roll, planted kisses from one end of his belly to the other, and rode him to ecstasy on his king-sized metal sleigh bed in full lighting.

Tonight Mike-Mike finally knew how it felt to make love to someone. To have someone make love to him in return. And above all else, to not be self-conscious of his naked body.

As for Tonja, she finally knew how it felt to have a man not only fill her body, but also her soul. Mike-Mike had whispered sonnets against her skin as he lingered over her frame with his lips. Groaned out free verse in her ear as she lay trembling with release beneath him.

No man had ever spoke poetry to Tonja while she was vertical, much less when she was horizontal. Yet Mike-Mike had done all that and more. Each advance, each retreat had been accompanied by beautiful words. And when she’d gone over the edge for the third time tonight, he’d held her close while she cried tears of joy.

The whole experience was so unexpected and a bit overwhelming for the both of them. It would not be one that either of them easily forgot.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

* * *

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Subrina said...

OMG that chapter was so beautiful with the music playing in the background brought tears to my eyes...It's a blessing to find someone to love you just as you are...I would write more but these tears are making the screen blurry *sniffling*

Suprina said...

Subrina: Yes, it was a beautiful chapter/scene. If I ever get this book made into a movie, I would want that song to go in that scene of the movie.

What you trying to do, girl? Make me cry too with all these tears.

On the other hand, I'm flattered that the story is pulling on you so deeply.


caja said...

OOoooh! That was off the chain. That was so beautiful and unconditional. It just goes to show that everyone deserves love and affection. Even us health ones.

Suprina said...

Caja: First of all, Carrie Jacobs is that you? lol

It certainly sounds like it "That was off the chain." lol.

And yes, that was a beautiful scene. Everyone does deserves love and affection, especially the health ones sometimes because the enemy seems to fight their self-esteems the most.