Thursday, October 02, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 12.2

As usual, Mike-Mike was one of the last generals to leave the club. Franco usually left early in order to meet up with some woman. Millsap to make his weekend commute to his home in the country.

Mike-Mike used to leave early to go check on his grandmother. But ever since he had to put her in a nursing home because she now required around the clock care, he didn’t rush home anymore.

There were no women to rush home to either. That was by choice.

Mike-Mike was tired of the types of females he’d been attracting lately. He was bone tired of all the women who only wanted him for his money. Who thought that he should be privileged to have them because of his weight.

Before Mike-Mike got in the drug game and started making all this money, few women wanted to give him the time of day. Yes, they thought he was nice, talented as an urban lyricist, and certainly not ugly, but none saw him as a potential boyfriend. As a result, his sex life was next to extinct.

Now that Mike-Mike has had more beautiful women than he could count on his fingers and toes, he found himself still unhappy with his sex life. He craved quality sex now, not just quantity.

“Quality sex.

Is better than.

Quantity sex.

With the first you win.

With the other there’s only ‘next’.”

Mike-Mike wrote those words on the small handy notepad that he kept in his back pocket for times of inspiration like this. His grandmother called him a poet. People on the street knew him to be an aspiring rapper. He’d even been featured on a few popular mix-tapes in the area.

However, Mike-Mike put any hopes of having a major recording career on the backburner for now. Too much time in the spotlight might draw undue attention his way and interfere with his illegal activities. Activities that he wasn’t ready to give up just yet because they paid better than legal ones. Plus, he didn’t like to travel too far from his grandmother these days.

Just then, Mike-Mike heard something that unexpectedly pulled on his heartstrings. It was the sound of a woman crying. Looking left, he saw Tonja sitting in her car sobbing against the steering wheel. The window was down and he could hear each heartrending sob clearly.

Tonja had been at the club for years, even when Bonz and Racker still owned the club. Because she was another true go-getter, Mike-Mike and Millsap kept her on. Tonja quickly went from being in charge of the whole wait staff to being one of the night managers. The club ran as smoothly as it did because of her.

“What’s wrong, Tonja?” Mike-Mike asked, upon approaching her vehicle, which was the only other car in the parking lot besides his. The rest of the employees had already gone home.

“Everything,” Tonja replied. Though she lifted her head from the steering wheel, she was too ashamed to face him.

“Everything like what?” Mike-Mike gently prompted, discerning deep pain in her voice.

“This stupid car for one thing. It stopped working on the same day as my stupid boyfriend,” Tonja raged, revealing anger and frustration on multiple levels in that statement. “He wouldn’t even keep our daughter tonight while I worked. I had to get my mother to baby-sit. Now he ain’t even answering his cell phone to come pick me up.”

Mike-Mike frowned. He despised dead-beat dads. He had one of his own and thus knew how much harder it made a mother’s job. In fact, his own mother worked herself into an early grave trying to take care of him by herself.

Unwilling to allow his grandmother to do the same when she gained custody of him, Mike-Mike had turned to street commerce in order to give them both a better life. Now that she was even older in years, he was getting his grandmother the best medical care money could buy. Especially after that heart attack she had.

As for his father Big Mike, who still happened to be living, Mike-Mike didn’t give him a brown cent. And he better not ask for one either. Not after extending no financial support to him from the day he was born until now.

With an above average salary from his job as a long distance truck driver, Big Mike had no excuse for not doing better in the child support area. Mike-Mike knew that and despised his father all the more for his deliberate negligence.

“Pop the hood,” Mike-Mike told Tonja in a take-charge tone as he put his notepad back in his pocket.

Tonja immediately did as he indicated, mentally kicking herself for not asking him to have a look at her car sooner tonight. Like so many others, she knew that Mike-Mike was gifted with cars. In fact, he got as far as he did in his other activities because of his gift with all things mobile.

Mike-Mike’s knowledge of all things technological evolved as a direct result of the new crew’s security needs. At Millsap’s urging, he even enrolled in continuing education classes at a local technical school to keep his skills sharp and up to date.

Incidentally, only Tonja and the club DJ knew about their bosses’ other life. Neither one of them were going to say anything about it. Snitching was met with capital punishment in this part of Georgia. Tonja had too much to live for to do something stupid like that, particularly her daughter Rena who was the only joy in her world right now.

Though Tonja had shared certain things about her employers with her live-in boyfriend Reno, he knew not to open his mouth about those delicate matters as well. Plus with that information being at least five years old, Reno probably had forgotten all about it anyway.

When Mike-Mike finished checking Tonja’s car, he told her what she already knew. Her car engine was fried. Due to lack of oil, her engine had overheated, the metal had expanded, and now it was locked up tighter than the weave tracts in her hair.

“Can it be fixed?” Tonja asked with angry tears brimming in her eyes. She knew she should have taken the car to the shop to get the oil levels checked herself. But no, Reno claimed that he took care of that on the regular for her.


“At this point, you’d come out better getting a new car, because that engine is now ready for the junk pile,” Mike-Mike said truthfully, slamming the hood down.

Tonja burst into sobs for the second time tonight.

Mike-Mike instantly put his arms around her, uncaring if someone passed by and saw them. He especially didn’t care if her boyfriend saw them. After all he’d heard tonight, Mike-Mike wanted to twist Reno’s cap off anyway for not properly taking care of his woman and child. Another part of him wanted to do that simply because he secretly wanted Tonja for himself and wouldn’t mind making her his woman.

As Tonja’s sobs turned into silent tears, she lamented about how she barely had enough money to keep this car rolling, much less afford a new one right now. Not with her boyfriend out of work…again. She even talked about how the truck Reno drove belonged to his brother, who didn’t like her anyway.

Having heard enough, Mike-Mike said, “Go get your stuff out the car. I’m taking you home.”

Tonja reluctantly left his comforting embrace to obey. A rush of desire coursed through her veins, fueled by the take-charge attitude of a real man, the joy of being in Mike-Mike’s arms, and the secret crush she’d had on him for years.

“In the morning, come down to my dealership. I’m gonna hook you up with a new ride,” Mike-Mike continued, ready to help her out of at least one of her problems.

Tonja’s eyes widened with shock. They soon glossed over with renewed emotion.

Before Mike-Mike knew anything, Tonja was back in his arms again. Though the hug she gave him was out of gratitude, the kiss that followed soon thereafter was out of true passion.

When the long kiss was over, Mike-Mike and Tonja were both breathless. They both also knew that he would not be taking her home right away. If at all tonight.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Paula said...

Oh oh........

The things she told her boyfriend is going to comeback and haunt them isnt it?

This relationship is going to spark trouble! LOL

Suprina said...

Paula: I can't tell you that. You'll have to wait and see.

Okay, going to write this love scene now. I have no idea how hot it will be. I guess we'll all see soon enough, huh? lol.


Joy said...

Greetings 'Prina',
Greetings Bloggers, Nice to meet ya.

Prina, This book is REALLY good I am looking forward to reading the next chapter, and regretting that I have not read the second book yet :)

The way you have weaved these three stories together is nothing less then artistic! I am truly TRULY impressed.

I guess I am going to have to leave my computer screen up an open to keep up with all the developments.

God Bless

Carmel Beauty said...

I agree with paula boyfriend is not going to let go of his meal ticket willinly.

Suprina said...

Joy: Welcome abroad! I'm glad you're enjoying the story. And yes, you SHOULD finally read Delia's story. lol.

By the way, y'all, Joy is my best friend in real life, which is why she calls me 'Prina'. When she gets to know y'all better, she's probably going to shorten your names, too. lol. Joy REALLY likes the nicknames.

Anyhoo, Joy normally hears about my stories firsthand while I'm writing them. Even helps me with some plot points. Which means she seldom ever has to read the actual books when they come out. The fact that she wants to read this one is a huge boon for me.


PS. Thanks for the compliment, Joy. I really tried to weave the stories together just right.

Suprina said...

Carmel B: You ain't never lied, girl. Can't say much more because I'll be telling the story.